The Miracle was formed at the beginning of 2004 in Milan, Italy. The members of the band were all experienced musicians. Vocalist Fabio was in Shotgun Formation, guitarist Fabry played in both Shotgun Formation and straight edge band Fumbles In Life, Stizzo played drums in this last band, while bass-player Gio was in Frontline, all bands from the Milan area. As the band members were not really 100% satisfied with the bands they were playing in before, they decided to start the The Miracle, with the goal of playing classic old school hardcore with a modern and aggressive sound. In their lyrics, the band addressed scene-related issues as well as more social and political issues.

In April The Miracle went for the first time into the studio, and recorded 3 songs at the Avatara Studio in Milan, that were produced by Gianlu Amen. The songs were used for a promo-CD. In the meantime, Hurry Up Records from Italy had offered them to put out a MCD by the end of the year. Soon after that, they were also contacted by Commitment Records, who showed interest to do a 7" with the band. The band agreed to the offer of both labels, and was planning to first record for the 7", in September, and later in the year for the MCD. Besides that, The Miracle will also appear on the straight edge compilation the Die Hard Collective from Hungary is working on.

At the beginning of August, the band did a small tour of Europe, playing two festival in Germany (Positive Power Festival and Sucks 'n Summer Festival), and shows in Austria and Italy. Mauro, guitar player of No Mor Fear joined The Miracle on tour as second guitarist.


Fabio - vocals (2004-present)
Fabry - guitar (2004-present)
Gio - bass (2004-present)
Stizzo - drums (2004-present)


No releases yet.

No releases yet.