The spark that lighted Spiknykter into existence was the discontent of two young punks who met in Linköping, Sweden, somewhere in 2006. The two, Jens and Tor, agreed about that the current hardcore punk scene lacked political commitment and was totally isolated from the socio-political movement that punk claimed to belong to. It took another four years, before this discontent translated itself in political straight edge band Spiknykter, when the two were joined by Jarkko of Lose The Life (one of Jens' other bands) and Par of Inquisition.With very outspoken political lyrics in Swedish and a sound that brought early 80s Swedish hardcore to mind, Spiknykter set itself apart from most other Swedish straight edge bands around. When Lose The Life was in the studio to record for side A of their album on Young & Proud Records, Spiknykter 'stole' some studiotime to record a seven song demo, entitled "Döda Politikers Sällskap" (Dead Politicians' Society), that they released through Bandcamp in January 2012, only a few days after recording. At the end of September 2012, the two bands did a small North European tour, playing shows in Sweden, Holland and the post-Edge Day show in Berlin. The tour brought the band to the attention of Berlin-based Refuse Records and Dutch Commitment Records, and both offered the band to release a 7”. Before the band started recording 10 songs for the 7” in March 2013, Ugly And Proud Records from Bulgaria joined the two labels. At the end of May 2013, the 7” was released.


Döda Politikers Sällskap Digital (self-released, 2012)
Spiknykter 7" (Commitment / Refuse / Ugly And Proud, 2013)