Soberesponse was started at the end of 1995, when 4 friends that had learned to know each other at school, got together with the idea of doing a straight edge hardcore band. Marko, who originally came from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, would take up the vocals, Johan-X, originally from Finland, would play guitar, and brothers Nikita and Alex, from Moscow, Russia, would play drums and bass respectively. After practicing for some time Soberesponse played their first gig in the Coffeeshop De Graal in Amsterdam (a Coffeeshop is a place where soft drugs are being sold - so it's the right place for a sXe-band to play !). Their music and message was heavy influenced by 80s sXe-bands like Chain Of Strenght and Youth Of Today, so it was no suprise that they covered 'True Till Death' and 'A Time We'll Remember'. In 1997 they did some more shows, and in May 1997, they recorded 4 songs, of which one was going to appear on the Return Of The X-Men compilation 7", and later all 4 songs were released as a split-demo with their brother-band Vitamin X.

In October 1997 Soberesponse recorded 7 songs for a 7", that was planned to be released on Commitment. Unfortunately, because of some mistakes in the mixing, the release of the 7" was delayed, and by problems with the layout, delayed even further into 1998.

At the end of 1997 the people of Soberesponse became more and more involved in the International Socialists, an international left-wing organization, and in their lyrics they switched from sXe- and scene-related themes to more politically orientated themes. In February 1998 Soberesponse added Floris as second guitarist (to add to the international character of the band: he is half Polish, half Dutch), and the release-party of the first GuidingLine 7" was the first show on which Soberesponse played as a five-piece. In their new songs, Soberesponse put more powerviolence influences, and when singer Marko decided to give up his being straight edge in the Summer of 1998, Soberesponse didn't label themselves anymore as a sXe-band.

On August, 15, 1998 at last the release-party of the 7" (with artwork done by Bart from Deadstoolpigeon and Manliftingbanner-fame) took place, with, besides Soberesponse, also Point Of Few, We're Not 13 Anymore, Ebola and Stack playing.

Soberesponse played some more shows after that, with bands like One X More, Endstand, Outcold, Outlast, Driven and Manliftingbanner. In May 1999 Soberesponse recorded 9 new songs in the famous Bunt Studios in Utrecht. Those songs were first supposed to appear on a new 7", but the band decided to put the songs on a 4-way split LP with Betercore, Point Of Few and Office Killer. This LP was released, after much delays, in the autumn of 2000.

At the release-party of the 4-way Split, on October 21, 2000, Soberesponse played with among others Betercore and Point Of Few, and did 'Drop Out' by Vitamin X (they show a sense of humor, with 4 of the 5 band members being 'sXe-dropouts' themselves), and broke up shortly after that show.

Marko Response and Nikita had in the meantime joined, as guitar player and drummer, Heros & Zeros, an oi-band that also featured Marko, the singer of Vitamin X, on vocals. Nikita was also playing drums for a rockabilly band. Floris sang and played guitar in the 'screamo'-band Tempers Rise, that also featured members of Betercore and We're Not 13 Anymore and in the thrash band Beer For Breakfast, while Johannes and Alex were involved with two former members of We're Not 13 Anymore in Tresspass, a Fugazi-styled band, that did their first show in de Kalenderpanden in Amsterdam in September, 2000. At the end of 1999, Alex joined Vitamin X to become their bassplayer.


Marko Response - vocals (1995-2000)
Johannes - guitar (1995-2000)
Floris - guitar (1998-2000)
Alex - bass (1995-2000)
Nikita - drums (1995-2000)


Split-demo with Vitamin X (self-released, 1997)
Different Path 7-song 7" (Commitment Records, 1998)
Sturm Und Drang 4-way split 12" (Wasted Youth Power Records, 2000)

The Return Of The X-Men double-7" (Commitment Records, 1997)
The Return Of The X-Men 7" (Commitment Records, 1997/2000)