Royal Blood Records was started at the end of 2001, with the aim of releasing the ‘Maximaal Onthaal’ compilation. As this anti-monarchist compilation contains both sXe- and non-sXe-bands, I could not release it on Commitment Records, as Commitment Records is, and always will be, a Straight Edge label. So I decided to start a new label, to put out this compilation.

More information on the compilation can be found below.


25-song Compilation CD

MilkMan: ... En Brabant Had Als Eerste De Eer...
Anti-Soma: Inbred Geezer Meets Fascist Bird
Live Fast Die Young: Monarchie, Schmonarchie!!!
Seein Red: Yeah Right!
Hooftpijn: John Doe Vs The King
Skulls And Flames: Koninklijke Staat
The Shining: Lack Of Interest
Reaching Forward: Everything I Forget
Heros n Zeros: We're Gonna Fight
Bunnies On Strike: Royal Attire
Mihoen!: Hoera Hoera Hoera
The Guevaras: If You Love Your Country, You're Probably Rich
PCP: Demonarchie
Spirit 84: Once Upon A Show
Betercore: Reclaim The Crown
Uit De Sloot: Los Huevos De Guillermo
Shikari: Ons Land
Dandare: Behind Closed Doors
Fire It Up: Skate The State
Human Alert: Girl, You Really Got Me Now...
Vals: Democratic Monarchy
All Tensed Up: Fuck Your Tradition
Vitamin X: Better Than Me
Makiladoras: Elitemoraal
Brezhnev: The Disappeared

1000 copies on CD
release-date: January 17, 2002

25 Dutch punk and hardcore bands team up on this CD, that is released on the occasion of the Royal Wedding of the Dutch crownprince and his Argentinian fiancée Maxima. In the tradition of the resistance of underground culture against the monarchy (remember 1966 and 1980 ?), the bands on this CD make a clear and strong statement against the monarchy in general, and the royal wedding of February the 2nd, 2002, in particular. The CD, that is a benefit for two Argentinian human rights organizations, comes with a 40-page booklet. Bands that are included are among others Human Alert, Brezhnev, Seein Red, Uit De Sloot, Vitamin X, Reaching Forward, PCP, Shikari, Betercore, Spirit 84, MilkMan, Makiladoras and Mihoen.

$ 12 ppd world.


Direct Hit #3, Northern Ireland.
The punks speak out against the unification of Argentina and Holland, via a royal wedding. There's a huge booklet with this, which gives info on the royal family and all their ugliness - pretty much like the UK royals (ha, they're all the fucking same). Then there's a little history on the royals new sweetheart and her murderous (ha, don't quote me on that) father. Quite a mixture of musical styles on this too, as you'll see when I mention some of the names: VITAMIN X, HUMAN ALERT, SEEIN RED, MIHOEN, BETERCORE, BREZHNEV, SPIRIT 84 and loads more - all Dutch. Really nice package and it's a benefit. I'm sure the marriage has happened? And the blood is on their hands. Fuck 'em all.

Equalizing Distort #2.5, Canada.
A benefit comp raising awareness around the Dutch monarchy and the connection to a marriage of an Agentinian dictator's daughter. Although it sounds like a soap opera it is very serious matter regarding democracy and proceeds from this comp are being raised for humanitarian organizations set up to assist families who have had members go missing during the period of the junta. All Dutch bands here getting behind the cause. All the greats like SEEIN' RED, HUMAN ALERT, and BREZHNEV are found here. But the new school of political sXe bands like VITAMIN X, REACHING FORWARD, MIHOEN, BETERCORE, and MILKMAN are also found here. New bands from this comp to get excited about include: LIFE FAST DIE YOUNG and ALL TENSED UP for new school thrash revivalists, SKULLS AND FLAMES and MAKILADORAS for fans of youth crust, PCP and FIRE IT UP for grind crew enthousiasts, and SHIKARI for emo-violence fans. The sample of the SEX PISTOLS at the beginning of the BETERCORE track is sheer genius. Get a peek into how great and focused the Dutch scene is in it's ability to come together over something important.

Grobader Fanzine #6, France.
Même si ça se perd peut-être, il existe une tradition dans le punk / hardcore consistant à sortir des compilations en réaction à certains événements ou en soutien à certains mouvements ou organisations. Evidemment, je ne raconte pas ça par hasard : c’est le cas de cette compile. Vous en avez peut-être déjà entendu parler, Willem-Alexander, le prince héritier du trône batave s’est marié avec Maxima (d’où le titre), qui se trouve être la fille d’un des dignitaires de la junte militaire qui a saigné l’Argentine dans les années 70… En soi, c’est dérangeant mais après tout, on est pas responsable de ses parents. Mais le fait est que la couronne royale a choisi de faire de ce mariage un événement national de grande envergure et à moins d’être le Stéphane Bern du coin, on ne peut pas en ignorer le sens politique. C’est donc un instant crucial dont toute personne un minimum sensée devrait profiter pour dire : «à bas la monarchie !». Apparemment ça n’est pas plus évident aux Pays-Bas qu’en Angleterre… Mais c’est pourtant ce que s’efforcent de faire les 25 groupes hollandais présents sous la cover de Roel de HUMAN ALERT (morceaux inédits, me semble-t-il). Derrière Royal blood, créé pour l’occasion, se cache Commitment mais la compile est sensiblement différente des productions habituelles du label : ça va du punk rock au fast hardcore (des noms connus comme VITAMIN X, SEEIN RED, REACHING FORWARD, MILKMAN… et d’autres qui mériteraient de l’être, comme The SHINING ou MIHOEN). Le cd sort en soutien à deux organisations argentines. Je ne sais pas ce que signifie Maximaal onthaal en néerlandais mais ça doit pas être très gentil.

Maximum Rock n Roll #228, USA.
Brand new from Holland. 25 punk bands rocking out to hardcore in protest of the queen's son Willem-Alexander marrying Maxima Zorreguieta, the daughter of an Argentine minister who washed his hands in blood during that country's dirty war in the '80s. The CD features such bands as MILKMAN, SEEIN RED, HOOFTPIJN, BUNNIES ON STRIKE, UIT DE SLOOT, VITAMIN X, BREZHNEV and others. All the tracks blaze with intamed lyrics, plus the CD comes with a totally cool booklet with lots of info. This CD is some of the best punk I've heard in a while. So, fuck monarchy! And check it out.

Never Say Die #12, Singapore.
This is an anti-monarchist compilation released by Robert Commitment's second label called Royal Blood Records. This is an anti-monarchist compilation consist of 25 Dutch punk and hardcore bands in the protest of the marriage of their royal wedding of crown prince Willem-Alexander van Oranje and his Argentinean girlfriend Maxima Zorreguieta in 2002. Bands participated like Seein Red, Vitamin X, Mihoen, Reaching Forward, Betercore, Shikari, Spirit 84 and etc. In this comp stated clearly on why they had opposed to the Dutch monarchy. This comp is also a benefit for Madres de Plaza de Mayo and HIJOS which are an Argentinean human rights organization made of relatives of the people that had disappeared during the military junta era lead by general Videla. Fuck your tradition and we have the soundtrack to make you start fighting for your rights towards the Dutch monarchy.

Oops #12, Serbia.
As Robert of Commitment Records decided to release a compilation that will feature bands that will raise their voice against the stupid marriage between Willem-Alexandar and his girlfriend Maxima, he decided to start a second label called Royal Blood recs…So except for the great Commitment Records, he present us a new one …Another new thing is that this is on CD (we know Commitment releases are on 7”) and that there are some bands who are not sXe… First great thing I noticed is the great booklet that will closer introduce you why they are against this shitty monarchy, also will represent you closer bands/songs. Personally I never saw better booklet which is, believe it or not, almost on 40 pages. Here are included 25 bands, cool are: Milkman, LxFxDxIx, Seein’ Red, The Shinning, Reaching Forward, Heros n Zeros, Mihoen, Spirit 84…hey where leads us this counting? What it means? Ther are only 1-2 bands that I don’t like, so it means other 24-24 are great..Here you can find some bands that are longer on the scene and also the other that just coming. A part of the money from this release will be given to 2 NGO organizations from Argentina wich work is based on what happened in Argentina thru Maxima’s father leading (by the way he has “little bit” put his hands in blood when he killed thousands people). Also there are one thing that deserves to be mentioned that people that was against Maximas father politics found Yugoslavia as a place where they can save their life…Yes Maximum RnR wrote only a few words about this release…I understand them…cause it's great comp and sometimes it can leave you without a word….

Opcion Real #6, Chile.
Robert de commitment, hace posible otro sello con una buena iniciativa, este compilado es contra la monarquia de holanda y el dinero es a beneficio de las mujeres de la plaza de mayo (detenidos desaparecidos de Argentina). El compilado es de lujo, viene en una cajita, en cd, con un libro explicando el contenido, son 25 bandas, que pasan en su mayoria por bandas hardcore, old school, hc punk, punks, etc, esta por ejemplo Anti-Soma, Seein Red, Reaching Forward, Live Fast Die Young, Spirit 84, Betercore, Vitamin X, The Guevaras, etc.

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