Product X started at the end of 1995 in Tilburg (a city in the south of Holland, famous for having a very big metal/punk-scene), as a project to play some songs on a cultural evening at school: all members of Product X were from the same school. In the beginning, Product X (they got the name from a Dutch commercial for washing powder) had two vocalists. After playing some shows in 1996, Product X recorded for a demo in the beginning of 1997, that was released in February 1997. On the demo Product X sounded like a rap-metal band, mixed with punk. After kicking out one of the vocalists, the sound of the band developed more and more in the direction of (old school) hardcore. The tough vocals gave it a NY-hardcore-feel. In december 1997 the band recorded a second demo, that was released with the aim of finding a label to put it out.

In the meantime, Product X continued to play around a lot, with bands like Travolta's, Undeclinable Ambuscade, I Against I and NRA. In the beginning of 1998 Commitment Records agreed to put out a 7" with new songs. In June 1998 Product X recorded five new songs. These five songs, with a remixed song from the second demo, were put out as the Hometown EP, that released in the beginning of 1998. The release party, where besides Product X also Building, Spirit 84 and One X More played, was a one of the best Dutch youth crew-shows in 1998.

Product X continued to play around a lot and some of the band members are also involved in setting up hardcore shows in their hometown Tilburg and are doing the Arm's Lenght fanzine. All members were also playing in other bands around that time (like Marcel and Ries, that had started a more poppy and melodic orientated hardcore-band with a female singer, Dear Alison [that was the name of the band, not of the singer]). In the beginning of August Product X returned to Studio 195 in Wernhout, to record for their second 7". This 7", released on Commitment at the end of October 1999, showed that Product X developed a real sound of their own in the last year.

Misfortune struck Product X in September, when the house in which all members of Product X, including some of their friends, lived, burned down. Some of the people in the house lost all their stuff in the fire. Thanx to their landlord, they found a new house.

In October 1999, Product X accompanied Reaching Forward on some dates of Reaching Forward's one week European tour, and played shows in The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria.

On November the 14th, 1999, the release-party of the 7" took place in the café Extase in Product X's hometown Tilburg, and besides Product X, also Effect, No Turning Back, True Blue and Reaching Forward played. The show ended when at the end of the Reaching Forward set, at the moment that Reaching Forward was halfway into their final song, one of the speaker towers collapsed, when the crowd got a little bit too wild.

Sad news came in January 2000. After 4 years, Product X decided to quit. Most important reason for breaking up was the fact that drummer Ries was planning to move to Amsterdam, and as Amsterdam is almost 2 hours travelling from Tilburg, it would be difficult to continue with Product X in the way the members were used to. Instead of letting the band drag on for a while, they decided to quit while the band was still going strong.

The last show of Product X was in their hometown Tilburg, on Friday January the 28th, in the Batcave of the big club 013. They played with the punkrock-band I Against I (this show was already planned before Product X decided to break up) and the show was totally sold out. Some 20 kids that specially had gone to Tilburg to see Product X couldn't get in. The band first refused to start, before all kids were inside, but the club kept refusing to let the kids without a ticket in (because of fire brigade-regulations). In the end, Product X decided to play after all, as they didn't want to disappoint their friends that already were inside. The show was one big party, with confetti flying around and the crowd getting wild - and like it should to be, Product X's last show was their best one...

On January the 30th, 2001, Product X did one reunion show, in 013 in their hometown, opening up for Sick Of It All, for all the people that missed the last Product X show.

Marcel and Matthijs went on to play in ONE IN A MILLION, Ries joined Vitamin X on their 2001 USA tour and later become the drummer of Reaching Forward. After Reaching Forward broke up, Ries played in various other bands, like The Uncontrollable and garagerockband The Spades, the last band also featuring Tony Nitwit of B.G.K.-fame.


Merlyn - vocals (1995-2000)
Marcel - guitar (1995-2000)
Matthijs - bass (1995-2000)
Ries - drums (1995-2000)


Warp demo (self-released, 1997)
True Persistence demo (self-released, 1998)
Hometeam EP 7" (Commitment Records, 1998)
Who Makes The Heroes ... 7" (Commitment Records, 1999)

Don't Be Afraid tape (1999)
Forever In Our Hearts 7" (Commitment Records, 2004)