One X More was started in 1996 in the small village Wortel in Belgium, a few kilometres from the border with the Netherlands. Two brothers and two friends got together to start an old school hardcore band, quite unique in a country known for it's many metal-orientated sXe and hardcore-bands. Brothers Sis and Jan took up guitar and bass, Tim became the vocalist and Krist the drummer.

After doing some shows in their own area, they were invited to play on the Return Of The X-Men festival in Amsterdam in June 1997 and to record a track for the compilation that would be part of the festival. Around the same time One X More was also asked by the people behind Animal Truth to contribute a song to an animal-benefit compilation, so in the spring of 1997 One X More went into the studio to record two songs. Their show on the X-Men festival was a big succes, not in the least because they brought a bus full of people from Belgium to Amsterdam. They were offered a deal for a 7" on Commitment, to which they agreed, but they prefered to wait for some months before recording, because they were not satisfied with the songs they had.

After having played around some months, One X More went into the studio in January 1998, to record 7 new songs, of which 6 were planned to appear on their debut-7" on Commitment Records. In August, Just before they went on a tour of one week in Spain, the 7" was released. The tour in Spain, where they played 4 shows, was a big success. A week after returning from the tour they opened the big three-day festival in Ieper, Belgium, the biggest hardcore-festival in Europe.

One X More, who play quite often, both in Belgium and Holland, has become one of the best European live-bands of the moment. In March 1999 they recorded 6 songs for a new 7", that has been released on Commitment in the beginning of July. The release was celebrated with two release-parties, on the 2nd of July in Amsterdam with Vitamin X, Mainstrike and some other bands and on the 3rd of July in Hoogstraten in Belgium, with Vitamin X and Building.

From the 14th of July till the beginning of August, 1999, On X More has done a highly succesful two week European tour, together with Building, that brought them to France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. The day that they returned in Belgium they played on the Goodlife Fest.

Another highlight in 1999 was the day that they played on the fair in their hometown Wortel. Probably the first hardcore-band ever to play on the Wortel fair, they got a great reaction of the crowd. The fact they sold some 40 t-shirts after the show is a clear proof how much the people liked them. So if you're visiting Belgium and you travel through a village where you meet all the time people that wear One X More t-shirts, you can be sure you're in Wortel.

In the beginning of November, One X More recorded one new song, that is going to appear on the wordlwide straight edge compilation on Commitment. Soon after that, the band crossed the Canal to play two shows in the UK for very enthousiastic crowds.

Also in the first months of 2000 One X More played a lot of shows. Two highlights from that period should be mentioned. The first one was the rebirth of Minor Threat, when One X More hit the stage on the cover-festival on February 26th, 2000, in Kontich, Belgium, playing a full set of Minor Threat- covers for a enthousiastic crowd that got totally wild during their show. If one band deserves the title 'the Minor Threat of the 21st Century', than it must be One X More. At the end of March 2000, One X More crossed the British Canel for the second time, for shows in Southampton and Sheffield - on both shows leaving a big impression on the people present.

In the Summer of 2000, One X More did a highly succesful Scandinavia-tour. Unfortunately, the shows in Finland were cancelled at the last moment, so One X More only did shows in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, leaving behind a big impression on the people that saw them. On October, 21, 2000, One X More did their last show as a four-piece and 'youth crew'-band at an Animal Truth Fest in Merksplas, Belgium.

In the meantime Jelle, former guitarplayer of Building, had been added to the band, while the name was changed to The Deadly Rhythm. A first (and only) gig was played for an enthousiastic homecrowd at a sold-out Cahier De Brouillon in Hoogstraten. After that show, Tim decided to quit the band. Mark from Rain was added as the new singer and the name was changed again, this time to The White Circle Crime Club. Tim became the new singer of The Stitch, playing thrashy speedrock. The White Circle Crime Club played hard indie-rock and got ‘signed’ to Conspiracy Records from Antwerp, home of Quetzal and also the European headquarter of Hydra Head Records (Cave In, Isis, Botch..). So keep an eye open for The White Circle Crime Club, because this band still rocks as hard as One X More always did. Musical styles may have changed, but the energy and honesty will always remain.

Check for more info about what is going on right now: The White City Crime Club


Tim - vocals (1996-2000)
Sis - guitar (1996-2000)
Jan - bass (1996-2000)
Krist - drums (1996-2000)


One X More 6-song 7" (Commitment Records, 1998)
They Say That You Sold Out 6-song 7" (Commitment Records, 1999)

The Return Of The X-Men double-7" (Commitment Records, 1997)
Animal Truth - Animal Rights Benefit Sampler CD (Sobermind Records, 1998)
Vort'n Vis Hardcore Festival 1998 CD (Genet Records, 1999)
The Return Of The X-Men 7" (Commitment Records, 1997/2000)
More Than The X On Our Hands 7"-box set (Commitment Records, 2000)
More Than The X On Our Hands 2-tape set (Refuse Records, 2002)
Forever In Our Hearts 7" (Commitment Records, 2004)