Oil started in the spring of 1997 when Peter (aka Jean-Pierre), the drummer of Loi, a hardcore-punk band from the Bulb-region, in the West of Holland, Nicholas (who also ran Poisoned Youth Records) and Jasper, decided it was time to bring back positivy, fingerpointing and singalongs into hardcore. They asked Peter, one of the guitar players of Inrage from Haarlem, to play bass. After a few practices, having only 5 songs, Oil became part of 'The Return Of The X-Men'-festival, that took place at the end of June, 1997, in Amsterdam. They also recorded, in their practice room, a track for the compilation that was released as part of the festival.

The evening before the festival they had a try-out on a show in Zeeland, in the South-West of Holland. Oil opened the festival, all dressed in bataclaves, and took a militant stand, directed against posers, smoking and metal-attitudes in hardcore. Despite the fact they only had a few songs, Oil refused to play any covers.

In August 1997 Oil recorded 7 songs for their demo. After recording the demo, Peter, the drummer, left to study in the UK for one year, and Marcel, drummer of GuidingLine and X-Men, was asked to take Peter's place until he returned from England. Around the same time, Oil added a second guitarist, Robin. In december 1997 Commitment Records released 6 songs of the demo as a 7", that got very good reviews, although some people had problems with some of the lyrics, especially those that took a stand against collecting coloured vinyl records ('Fantastic Colors'), smoking ('Smoke And Choke') and metal-influences in hardcore ('Metal Free Youth').

With the new line-up, Oil played around a lot, especially in Holland, and their shows were always very funny. When Peter returned from the UK, it turned out his new study took so much time, that he decided not to return as drummer of Oil, so Marcel stayed as drummer. The songs Oil wrote in 1998 contained more and more melodic and 'rock' influences, without losing their hardcore-spirit. The newer lyrics are more personal than the older lyrics.

In March 1999 Oil did a one-week tour of the UK, playing in London, Manchester, Liverpool and some other cities. As a result of this tour, they were asked to return to the UK to play on the Evil Fest in London in June. On this festival, they played as second to last band, and they left a big impression on the people that where present, because of the energy and intensity of their set.

Oil recorded a promo-tape with 4 songs in the spring of 1999 to send around to labels, to see if any label was interested to put out their first full length. Little People Records from Rotterdam liked these recordings so much, that they asked Oil if it they could put them out. Oil agreed to release the songs as a limited one-sided 12" - limited, because Oil still wanted to use the songs for their full length, also to give people, who hadn't been able to watch the band live, the opportunity to hear the new sound of the band. The songs were remixed and mastered at the famous Bunt Studio's in Utrecht. Of the beautifully packaged 12", that was released just before Oil went on a one week tour to play shows in Austria, Italy, Spain and France, 350 copies were pressed. After returning from the European tour, Oil did an official release-party for the 12" at the Nightown Theatre in Rotterdam, with also Product X, Reaching Forward and Spirit 84 playing. The reactions to this 12" were very good and some American labels already showed interest to put out something by Oil. In 2002, finally Peterwalker Records from Albany, NY, USA, re-released the 12" on a white 7".

At the end of April 2000, Oil did two shows in Poland - one in Wroclaw and one on an anti-sexism and anti-homophobic festival in Warsaw and got a very enthousiastic crowd response on both shows. The Summer of 2000 was a Summer full of festivals for Oil. They have played at the beginning of July on the Kassel Festival in Germany, in the beginning of August on the 3-day Millenium Fest in the Czech Republic (this show was really well received by the crowd) and later in August on the biggest West-European festival, the Ieper Fest in Belgium.

In September 2000, Oil did a one-and-half-week Northern European tour, together with The Oath, a project band that, besides Marcel on drums, features former members of Mainstrike, Charles Bronson and Devoid Of Faith. Both bands did shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Live, Oil also uses keyboards, adding to their original sound. Oil also recorded for a full-length album in the Bunt Studios in Utrecht, that was released in the beginning of 2001 on Coalition Records.

In 2001, Oil played the big free Metropolis fest in Rotterdam, and their CD received a lot of attention in the Dutch music media. At the end of 2001, Peter had to leave the band, because he could not combine the band any longer with his work and because he was also not really happy with the new musical direction the band took. Robin switched to bass, and Arnaud, guitar player of The Solo Man Only, replaced Robin on second guitar. In the spring Oil did a 5 week European tour, bringing them in almost all corners of Europe. In August 2002 this was followed by another, smaller, tour through Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

In December 2002, Oil recorded five new songs, that were released spring 2003 as the Electric Tongue 10"/MCD by Coalition Records and also on Level Plane Records in the USA. The new EP was supported by another European tour, together with NRA, with shows France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. At the end of 2003 Oil recorded four new songs in the Yland Studios in Amsterdam, used for a promo-CD.

In the beginning of 2004 Oil played on the Noorderslag Festival in Groningen and in the Summer of 2004, Oil will play Holland's biggest alternative festival, Lowlands, after winning an Essent Award. Oil also has done several radio sessions and interviews, for example on the national VPRO Radio Station in Holland.

In the Summer of 2004, Oil reentered the Bunt studios, to record for their second full length album.

First drummer Peter is still involved with the band, now as manager.


Nicholas - vocals (1997-present)
Jasper - guitar (1997-present)
Arnaud - guitar (2001-present)
Robin - guitar (autumn 1997-2001) bass (2001-present)
Peter - bass (1997-2001)
Peter - drums (spring 1997-autumn 1997)
Marcel - drums (autumn 1997-present)


Demo '97 (Poisoned Youth Records, 1997)
Oil 6-song 7" (Commitment Records, 1997)
Better Get It In Your Soul 4-song 12" (Little People Records, 1999)
Definition Delta LP/CD (Coalition Records, 2001)
Electronic Tongue EP 10"/MCD (Coalition Records, 2003)
Electronic Tongue EP 10"/MCD (Level Plane Records, 2003)

The Return Of The X-Men double-7" (Commitment Records, 1997)
Walked In Line CD (Walked In Line Records, 1999)
Heel Erg Punk 3 CD (Tocado Records, 1999)
The Return Of The X-Men 7" (Commitment Records, 1997/2000)

Oil c/o Nicholas van den Doel
Vlaggemanstraat 38a
3038 LG Rotterdam
The Netherlands