On A Solid Rock started as the one-man project of Tume Mäkinen, who used to do vocals for the Finnish hardcore band Defend and was later drummer of icehockey-core band Rebound. Tume had been writing new songs for a while, that lyrically reflected his interest in spiritual self-development and Krishna consciousness, and found Rebound guitar player Tapi willing to help him out to record a first promo-tape, on which Tume did all other instruments.

This promo-tape was send to Robert of Commitment Record, who had been in contact with Tume from the time on that he was searching for a Finnish band for the 'More Than The X On Our Hands'-compilation, and as they both shared many of the same interests, they had stayed in contact since then. Robert liked it - both musically and lyrically, and he offered Tume to release a 7" by his project, as soon as it had evolved into a real band. That moment came not much later, as bass player Jussi (who also studied cello) and drummer Pete were added to the line-up. The band started gigging and their highly original sound - a mixture of old school, some metallic influences and even some emo, set even more apart from the mainstream by the special vocal delivery of Tume - met with much enthousiasm from the local Finnish crowd.

In the Summer of 2002, the band entered the studio to record seven songs, of which six ended up at the debut 7", that was released in December 2002 on Commitment Records.

The release party took place in Helsinki, January 2003. Shortly after the release party, the band was on a halt for a while, because guitar player Tapi moved to England for half a year. In the meantime, the band worked on new songs, and from the Summer of 2003 started playing shows again.

On A Solid Rock entered the studio again in February 2004, to record a seven song mini-CD, that was released by the Finish label Combat Rock Industry (home to among others Endstand) in July 2004.

At the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 the band underwent some line-up changes, and, from July 2004 on, became a five piece.


Tume - vocals (2001-present)
Tapi - guitar (2001-2004)
Jussi - bass (2001-2003)
Kalle - bass (2003-2004)
Miikka - bass (2004) guitar (2004-present) MarkusXXX - bass (2004-present)
Pete - drums (2001-present)


Where Kids Don't Play 7" (Commitment Records, 2002)
Steal It Back (Combat Rock Industry, 2004)

None yet.

On A Solid Rock c/o Mäkinen
Paavonpolku 7 a 6
40200 Jyväskylä