After the desmise of GuidingLine and X-Men, some members of these bands continued to play in more melodic bands like Crivits and Springrain. After some time, brothers Ray and Marc (ex-GuidingLine) and Sammy (ex- X-Men) decided that only talking about starting a new positive old school band would not bring about this band, and started searching for a singer and drummer. Through an internet ad (yes, this is the cyberage) they met two enthoustiastic kids, both from their hometown Rotterdam: Bjarne, who had been singing in a band called Impact, and Rene, who was drummer in local hardcore band La Guerra. After having met eachother, it turned out the five members not only shared a love of old school hardcore, but also an interest in Eastern philosphy. North was born.

The band started where GuidingLine had left off, and developed a melodic old school sound. The lyrics were written by Bjarne, who had developed an interest in Buddhism, which was reflected in the lyrics. Ray and Sammy were involved in Krishna Consciousness, and North choose to make positivy and spiritual self- development the main focus of their lyrics. The band played their first couple of shows in 2002 (among those a show with Shelter, one of the main inspirations for the band, at the Goudvishal in Arnhem), and their melodic old school hardcore was well received. They also appeared at the 2002 edition of the covers festival, playing a full Hands Tied set.

In 2003 they came to plan their first release, a 7", and got a deal with Commitment Records - as the label was more than happy to be able to work again with Ray, Marc and Sammy. And although North did not choose to be vocal about them being straight edge, still straight edge was an important element in the life philosphy of their members.

They choose the Bunt Studios to record 12 songs, including one (Hands Tied) cover song, with (of course) Menno Bakker handling the recording and, together with the band, the production. Six of the songs were supposed to be released on the debut-7", the rest was meant for various compilation - among those a sXe compilation that Porcell (ex-Youth Of Today) was planning to release on his label. At the end of Januari 2003, the twelve songs were recorded, and on one song they received the vocal accompaniment of former Fairfight singer Steven.

The 7" was officially released in June, 2003, with a release party in the Nighttown Theater, in their hometown Rotterdam, with also Killtraitors, Daily Fire and 88 Circles Above playing. The rest of 2003 was taken up by playing shows and writing new songs. The beginning of 2004 brought some good shows, among those one with Good Clean Fun, again in the Goudvishal in Arnhem. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the Summer of 2004, after it became clear that not all the band members had the same expectations about the band, the band decided to split up.


Bjarne - vocals (2001-2004)
Marc - guitar (2001-2004)
Ray - guitar (2001-2004)
Sammy - bass (2001-2004)
Rene - drums (2001-2004)


Perfect Body Perfect Mind 7" (Commitment Records, 2003)

Forever In Our Hearts 7" (Commitment Records, 2004)