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It took more than 5 years, Commitment Records finally released a 7" by a Dutch straight edge band again. In February 2014, the debut 7" of Rotterdam's Clear Path was released. Clear Path is also the most heavy band on Commitment ever - expect some superheavy metal riffs when you put the record on your turntable! But of course, there is enough speed, youthful energy and agression to make it a genuine Commitment release! The record comes on four different colours - on black, green, yellow and, as a Commitment UK exclusive, white vinyl.

In May 2013, two Commitment releases have been released.
The first, the debut-7" of Spiknykter, with catalogue number COM 45, is a co-release with Refuse Records from Berlin (originally Warsaw), run by my good friend Robert Matusiak and Ugly And Proud Records from Sofia, Bulgaria, run by another good friend, Nikolay Gankov. It is the first time Commitment Records has released a record as a co-release, and I was very happy that it is with two so cool labels. Spiknykter is from Sweden, and has a sound that is as much inspired by traditional fast hardcore as it is by the typical Swedish hardcore sound of the 1980s. With lyrics sung in their native Swedish language, Spiknykter storms through 10 songs of fast, raw and angry political hardcore. The band is very outspoken about their politics, not only inspired by animal rights (all members are vegan) and straight edge, but also by anarchism. Their lyrics deal with the current political culture in Sweden, the conflict between Israel and Palestine and police opression among others. Collectors information: the first pressing of the record is 130 copies on green and 396 copies on red vinyl.
The second new release, with catalogue number COM 46, is by Kid Armor, from Mission Viejo, California. Kid Armor is from Orange County, a area known for having a strong hardcore scene, especially in the 1980s. Kid Armor was started to bring back straight edge to Orange County. Musically, the band mixes both the sound of Orange County hardcore bands like Agent Orange and Adolescents and the youthcrew sound of the late 1980s. In January 2013, the band recorded 10 songs, of which 7 are featured on their first official release. Commitment is very happy to work with such a talented band, a band that is also very outspoken in their lyrics about their straight edge message. The record comes on black, crystal clear and (of course!) orange vinyl.

Older news:

At the end of August 2012, Buffalo straight edge band Better Times released their debut 7" on Commitment. After Resolve and Take Control Better Times is the third band from the USA with a 7" on Commitment. The songs on this 7" were originally released on a tape on Florida label Like Glue Records, were remastered and now appear on a nice 45! The record comes in two colours: the traditional black and green! 400 pressed, so pick up a copy before they are gone!
Bad news is that both Critical Point and Currahee have broken up. Currahee played their last show on September 21, in Leeds. Both Currahee's Commitment 7"'s are still available. If you still want a copy of the first Commitment 7", 'Why We Fight', you should hurry, as there are less than 10 copies of that 7" left!
Critical Point drummer Rafael is driving touring bands all over the world, so can't find the time anymore to do Critical Point. David is still playing in Pressure, and is planning to start a new sXe band soon.

Good news for those of you who like CD's (or don't have a vinyl record player): I have decided to do a big CD sale - all CD's (with the expection of a few newer ones) will be sold for 3 euro each! Check out the mailorder catalogue to see which CD's I have to offer. I only have a few copies of most of the CD's, so be quick, because if the CD's are gone, they are gone!

Older news:
At the end of February, 2012, a new Commitment release saw the light of way: the 3-way split, 'One Common Goal In Sight', with Currahee (Manchester, England), Truth Inside (Panama City, Florida, USA) and Unforce (Lucena City The Philippines) joining forces to bring you 8 songs of powerful straight edge hardcore. It came in three different colour of vinyl, and the sleeve can be folded in three different ways, so that everyone can choose his/her favorite front cover!

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As I've got loads of records around my house collecting dust, I decided to do a clearance action.

If you do a order, I will check how many extra records I can add to your order, without having to pay more postage. That's the number of records you will get for free. I will choose the records, but will try to take your taste into account.
As for Commitment releases, I will apply the following rule - for every 2 Commitment releases you'll order, you can choose one Commitment release for free - you can choose any from the following releases: COM 5, COM 13, COM 14, COM 15, COM 16, COM 18, COM 19, COM 20, COM 22, COM 24, COM 25, COM 26, COM 27, COM 28, COM 29, COM 31, COM 33, COM 34, COM 36, COM 37, COM 38 and COM 42.

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