2 song 7” on Salad Days – € 4.50
Two songs of heavy and heartfelt Hardcore from Portugal. For fans of Rise And Fall and Unbroken. Comes on pink or clear vinyl. Limited to 200.
7 song 7” on State Of Mind - € 5
The third 7” of this Buffalo, NY straight edge band (after the vinyl edition of the Better Measures tape on Commitment Records and the vinyl edition of their 2011 demo on Press Gang Records) brings seven new songs of energetic youthcrew, stylish packed in an arigato style jacket with spine, on Long Island, NY State Of Mind Recordings. Limited to 210 copies on black vinyl and includes free digital download.
7 song 7” on Commitment - € 5
Hardhitting and heavy straight edge hardcore, that is what Clear Path from Rotterdam has to offer on their debut 7”. The band took their time to record their first official release (after a demo in 2011). A time used to play many shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, to tour the UK and to develop a sound of their own. A good dose of heavy 1990s hardcore, some metal riffs, a bit of 1980s youthcrew, a vocalist who litery spits out his lyrics and a lot of anger and agression. That is Clear Path on this 7”. A pack of wolves, ready to tear drugs, alcohol, fascists, homophobes, racist and money hunger capitalists apart. The seven songs were recorded at the local Duct Tape studios, and sound raw and in your face. The record comes on several different colours (old school black, clear green and solid yellow, plus in a special edition for Commitment UK, on white).
CONSTRICT: Carved In Stone
4 song 7" on Instilled - € 4
After their demo, this band from Barcelona is back with 4 tracks of angry and spiritual 90’s straight edge hardcore, for fans of 108, Strain or Unbroken.
4 song split 7” on Demons Run Amok / Ratel - € 4.50
It had to happen one day and long time friends from Paris and Warsaw give you those 4 tracks of quality hardcore on a 7" format. If you are still not familiar with REALITY CHECK, guys play a perfect mix of LA/NYHC while influences from Death Threat can also be found. xDIGx has released an LP last year at Street Survival and already established it's solid position on European Hardcore map.
DISAPPROVAL: El Monte Youth Authority
5 song 7” on Juggernaut - € 4.50
Fast Think I Care style straight edge hardcore from El Monte, California. This is the reissue on Juggernaut Records from Ukraine, of the original 7" that was released on Thick Skin Records.
8 song 7" on Peor Es Nada / Violent World / Pekinpah / In My Heart Empire - € 4
Old school hardcore from Ponferrada, Spain.
ENOUGH: Something We Can Build
5 song 7” on Assault - € 4,50
Five tracks of powerful straight edge hardcore from these Nashville, TN locals. The songs are direct and to the point, and you'll be fingerpointing and singing along in no time flat. If you're missing bands like THE FIRST STEP and YOUTH OF TODAY, look no further than ENOUGH. This urgent, no frills youth crew hardcore that leaves you wanting more. Second pressing. Copies on black and on yellow vinyl available.
ENOUGH: Discontent
4 song 7” on Assault - € 4,50
Proudly sticking out like a sore thumb in the sludge-saturated hardcore scene of the Southern United States, Nashville, TN's ENOUGH return with a new four song 7" EP of fast Straight Edge Hardcore. These are the band's tightest songs to date, and while they are undeniably influenced by genre pioneers such as Youth of Today, Bold and Turning Point, the material is executed with a sense of urgency and sincerity that sets it apart from the seemingly endless array of carbon copies. With the Discontent EP, ENOUGH are poised to not only breathe new life into Youth Crew the same way that In My Eyes and The First Step did in the not so distant past, but become the torch bearers of the genre for a new generation of X'ed up misfits.
ENVISION: Change Of Times
7 song 7” on No Comply - € 4
Envision is a straight edge band from Halifax, Canada. The band started out in the late 1990s, when the youth crew revival was storming through the international hardcore scene. After having been inactive for some years, the band got back together in the mid 2000s, and recorded seven songs for a EP in 2008. It took Envision a long time to put the EP out, as it turned out difficult to find a label willing to put out the EP. In the end, the band decided to release the EP themselves. The songs were mastered in 2010, and the EP was finally released in 2011. Seven songs of pure, classic and energetic straight edge youth crew hardcore!
11 song CD on Violent World / Fragment / Crusade - € 3
90s inspired political hardcore from Valencia. Lyrics in Spanish, but they come with English translations.
GAB DE LA VEGA: Death On The Shelf
2 song 7" on Alliance - € 4
Solo project by the guitarist/singer of the long running hc band The Smashrooms. Acoustic punk with consciousness, ambientalist and animalist lyrics. Contains a cover of 1000 more fools by Bad Religion.
IRON: Sex Positive Hardcore
5 song 7” on Assault / Judas Cradle / Instigate / Dempe - € 4,50
Five tracks of fast, catchy and sex positive Hardcore Punk from Malmφ, Sweden. These guys are pissed and passionate about bringing back the message into a hardcore scene that is more obsessed with shirts and colored vinyl than challenging the status quo. Their first recorded output serves to illustrate their collective political beliefs: sex positive, queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalistist. Wether it's the straight edge anthem "Mark My Hand",a scathing critique of the current state of the hardcore scene in "No Heart" or championing an unashamed and open sexuality in "Cum Out An Play", xIRONx proudly take a stand, hopefully creating a ripple effect motivating others to re-evaluate their role in this scene and life in general.
JUST DIE!: Since The Day We Were Born
6 song 7” on Goodwill - € 4,50
Just Die! come from Asheville, North Carolina, USA and have been around since 2006. After a handful of releases, they went into studio to record a 6 song 7" for Goodwill records. 6 HardCore blasts, all under 2 minutes each, that kick you in the teeth with their sheer energy, bring to memory bands like Have Heart, Ruiner and Paint It Black. With abrasive vocals and relentless rhythm section they create a wall of sound with underlying melancholic guitarwork that used to characterize some of the past Goodwill records bands like At Half-Mast or Day Of The Dead. On blood red vinyl!
NATURAL LAW: Spring Trash
4 song 7" on Hardware - € 4
These 4 songs originally came out in 2010 as a self-released tape. Hailing from the New Jersey and New York areas, NATURAL LAW cultivate a gritty, rough, superbly '80s sound on their "spring trash" demo. The songs which vary from frantic hardcore lunacy to floorboard rattling pounders usher for its rumbling 6min. existence.
6 song 7" on Violent World / Romantic Songs - € 4
Perras Salvajes is female fronted hardcore punk, while Bataalla is crust roll like Motφrhead, mixed with Tragedy.
8 song split 7” on Refuse - € 4.50
A Polish-American pact signed on this seven inch piece of plastic.While the governments are busy with spreading their poison, you can still find raw and loud disobedience in places like Warsaw or Chicago. This 8-track EP should be effective antidote against apathy, ignorance, helplessness and plain boredom. Gov Flu is 4 songs in the vein of 80s USHC and Poison Planet is fast raging political vegan straight edge HC from Chicago. Blue vinyl.
POWER PLAY: Roar Of The Street Dogz
4 song 7" on Juggernaut / Ratel - € 4
Vinyl version of the 2010 demo of this Polish hardcore band, with a sound mainly influenced by New York City hardcore. Black vinyl.