6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3,50
Take Control, from Cedar Falls, Iowa, has already been making a name for themself in the Midwest hardcore scene by touring like crazy. The band brings their straight edge message packed in hardhitting fast and heavy hardcore, that both sounds firmly rooted in the past, but also very much 2008. The bitter lyrics fit in very well with the aggressiveness of the music – bitter about the destruction that is happening all around. The band may sound bitter, but brings with their music also a message of hope. As powerful and angry as hardcore should sound!
39 song compilation on Boisleve / Refuse / Take 4 etc. - € 3
8 labels are involved in this compilation, and among those some of my favourite, like Refuse, Kids For Life and Take 4 - so you know you will get a quality release here ! The infamous Yann Boisleve was the driving force behind this international hardcore compilation that features 10 hardcore bands from all over the world: Pointing Finger (Portugal), Razlog Za (Croatia), No Violence (Brazil), Feud (Philippines), Only Way Out (Poland), Crickbat (Spain), The Mutiny (USA), Sincerity (Germany), Cita Attieksme (Latvia) and Second Combat (Malaysia) - so a really allstar line-up of great bands that all already left their mark on the hardcore scene. With the exception of No Violence, that have more of a crusty sound, all bands play fast old school / youthcrew hardcore, and most of the bands also have something worthwhile to say. The compilation comes in a nice package… if you want to support hardcore, buy this ! Highly recommended !
THESE HANDS ARE FISTS: Peace Is Bad For Business
8 song CD on Refuse - € 3
These Hands Are Fists features many veterans from the Portugese straight edge scene, with members who have earned a good reputation by playing in bands like Time X, New Winds and Fight For Change. The sounds of These Hands Are Fists is in line of Time X and Fight For Change – youthcrew with modern hardcore influences, with a top notch production; their politics are clearly in the line of New Winds. The band is vegan, straight edge and political, so it should not come as a surprise that their lyrics are very political. The title of the CD is also very clear about the side they are on. One of the best records I have heard recently from the Portugese sXe scene.
THIS SHIP WILL BURN: Servant Of Servants
5 song 7" on Thrashbastard - € 4
This new band from Sudbury, Ontario toured early 2007 with I Refuse in Canada. The record contains five songs of melodic punkrock in the vein of Fucked Up, with mostly personal lyrics.
11 song 7” on Offside - € 3,50
A compilation of Brazilian thrash bands on a new French label. Bandanos, Vinganca, Satanaiz, Nerds Attack!, Justica and B.U.S.H., probably the most wellknown band of the bunch, all deliver fast and furious hardcore.
14 song compilation 7” on Demo-Lition, Vinyl Remains - € 4
A 4-way split between Worker & Parasite, Brain Dead, Valhalla Pacifists and Patient Zero. Four English bands from up and down the country playing harsh and fast hardcore punk, skull bursting violence, thinking-mans thrash and just plain balls out thrash. Yes, it’s all fast and thrashy.
7 song 7” on Out Of Vogue and many other labels - € 3,50
Killin‘It! (3 songs) from New Jersey paly raging thrashy hardcore in the vein of Tear It Up and Cut The Shit and are from New Jersey. Thrashington D.C. (4 songs) play sick rock'n'roll thrashcore, and are from France!
TO SEE YOU BROKEN: A Thief, A Poet, An Enemy
4 song 7” on Excursion - € 4.50
To See You Broken play Straight Edge style hardcore (4 out of 5 members claim the Edge) with a fresh take on the sound, which is not surprising considering the lack of female influence in traditionally male dominated HC. This is their second 7”, after their debut on Agitprop! Records and it was released at the end of 2002.
6 song 7" on Mad At The World - € 3,50
Early 80s style HxC from this NYC band- the music is fast, raw and noisy, while the lyrics are pissed-off and somewhat nihilistic. As if you've entered a time machine, that brought you back twenty years in time... but the name of the band is very 21st Century.
TRIBUTE: Torch Songs
2 song 7" on Day After - € 1
Mixture between emo, melodic hardcore and alternative rock. Side A skips one or two times, for the rest the record plays okay. White vinyl. From 1996.
5 track 7” on Ugly And Proud - € 4
Truth Inside from Florida put out a strong demo in 2010. That demo was supposed to be re-released by Just Another Day Records. When Just Another Day Records threw the towel in the ring, fortunately, Truth Inside found a new home at Bulgaria’s Ugly And Proud Records. The band decided to re-record the songs of the demo, and here is the result: 5 songs of pure 80s youthcrew energy!
TURN THE TIDE: What’s Behind These Eyes
5 song 7” on Commitment - € 3,50
Turn The Tide started out as a project in Ocotber 2006, when people involved in several other Finish hardcore bands, decided it was time for a straight edge band playing traditional hardcore in Finland again, as such a band had been lacking since the breakup of On A Solid Rock. Although Turn The Tide take the inspiration for their sound clearly from the classic youthcrew bands, their sound also contains elements of melodic punkrock and even classic rock, with raw production adding an extra sting. Shouted by a voice that sometimes brings Ian MacKaye to mind, the lyrics on their debut-7” are reflections of everyday life and relations with other people: greed, love, self-confidence and personal choices and growth.
3 song 7" on Moo Cow - € 3
23rd Chapter from New Carlisle, Ohio, play slow, thriving, metal influenced hardcore.
6 song 7” on Fistfight - € 3
Raging old school punk from West Chester, PA. Lots of fast and speedy parts, heavy beats with emotional and angry lyrics. Youthful hardcore, eastcoast style. From 1997.
7 song 7” on Ugly And Proud - € 4
Farewell 7” of this Belgian straight edge band. 8 songs of modern yet old school straight edge hardcore. They draw influences from Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice and Insted, but their approach is totally new and up to date. Everything you need is here: fast parts, sing-along parts, 2 step parts, everything a good youthcrew record should have. Only 200 copies made, so get a copy while you can!
UNDONE: The Other Side
4 song 7" on Stonehenge - € 3
Being one of the more well known bands from France, Undone mixes emo and hardcore. A lot of things to read in the booklet, accompanying the record. Surely a band that has a lot to say. From 1996.
UNDRESSED ARMY: Hier Ist Alles Geil
9 song 7” on Rising Riot / Unkraut / Dreckchords - € 3,50
Straight outta germany's coalchamber, here is the UNDRESSED ARMY with their first 7". The guys released some really fine demos in the past. The UNDRESSED ARMY is hardcore 'fucking' punk, political, cynical, critical, no bullshit, no macho-attitudes, no Hatebreed-tshirts and muscle-posing. Singalongs, Circlepits, fast hardcore and lyrics in German! Comes on very green vinyl.
UNFORCE: Keep On Struggling
4 song demo CD-R on Think Positive - € 3
Unforce is a youthcrew straightedge band from The Philippines. The band started out in 1998, as a positive old school hardcore band, then broke up for a couple of years, but was reborn as a straight edge band in 2009. On this demo, the band plays 4 energetic youthcrew influences songs, including a cover of ´X On My Hand´ of their fellow-country men Feud.
UNFORCE: Time For Change
10 song CD on Think Positive / Conviction / TxGxOx / MYO - € 5
Unforce is a straight edge band from The Philippines. The band started to play in the 1990s, broke up for some time and got back together around 2006, this time with a full straight edge line-up. After a CD EP, this is the first official full length of the band. 10 songs of youthcrew-inspired hardcore, including a cover of Feud. Includes a video.
5 song 7" on Surrounded - € 3
This record contains the first demo of Until Today. More raw, straightforward and fast than their later 7"'s two of the songs were later rerecorded and appeared on the 'Hit The Line Hard'-compilation.
UNTIL TODAY : In The Distance...
5 song 7" on Third Party - € 3,50
Debut-7" of this North Carolina sXe-band, that features some members of Reinforce. Their sound is in the same style as Reinforce - youth crew hardcore, but with some melodies and some orginal ideas. Their second 7" will be out soon on Underestimated Records and they are also featured on the 'Hit The Line Hard'-compilation on Commitment.
UNVEIL: Destruction Wherever I Go
4 song 7” on Start A Fire - € 3,50
This is the debut-7” of this vegan straight edge band from Switzerland on the German label Start A Fire. Unveil plays heavy new school hardcore, without being too metal. A powerful production, good songs and lyrics that cover importants subjects like the unequality in this world, pollution, the meat industry and the Chinese occupation of Tibet. One of the best European straight edge records from 2009 so far.
UNVEIL: Hypnopaedia
4 song 7” on Take It Back / Start A Fire - € 4
Inspired by the heritage of the political 90s hardcore community, this vegan straight edge powerhouse combines influences by bands such as Unbroken, Undertow and Trial with elements of modern hardcore, yet going a way of its own. Positive, political, powerful.
UP RIGHTS: Old School Revenge
6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3,50
Debut-7” of Up Rights, a straight edge band from Toulouse, France. Uprights is not exactly new on the scene, as they played their first show in October 1996, being formed that same year after the break-up of Conform Choice. Mainly inspired by the late 1990s wave of European straight edge bands, Up Rights play fast, energetic and melodic old school hardcore and couple it with a message of drugfree pride and positivity, while taking a stand against the evils of today’s hardcore scene, like violent attitudes, fashion slavery and MySpace addicts.
UPPERCUT : What Comes First
7 song 7” on New Day - € 3
Although this is the first (!) 7” of Zeeland’s Uppercut, the band can be considered as the veterans of the Dutch old school scene, having released their first CD in 1997. That release was totally DIY, these days Uppercut belong to the I Scream stable of bands. This record was released on Rotterdam’s New Day Records, and contains seven songs of aggressive rawly produced old school hardcore. Common theme in almost all the songs on this record is staying true and not changing your ways as time moves on, critizing those who don’t. It’s nice to finally be able to hear Uppercut pressed into vinyl. Comes on white vinyl.
15 song CD on Take 4 - € 3
Urbanos from Argentina lay 8 tracks of energetic late ‘90s NYHC inspired tunes with strong female vocals and some South American flavour added to it. Lyrics are in Spanish, but come with an English translation. All-female Choke Cocoi from The Philippines unleash a barrage of some of ferious and frantic female fronted hardcore punk tunes. Lyrics deal with militarism, media portrayel of women, money and discrimination based on gender.
10 song 7” on Thrashbastard - € 4
First release of probably the best Croatian band at the moment. Vaseline Children play highly energetic fast and thrashy straight edge hardcore with angry vocals and an in your face attitude. Lyrics deal with life in general, politics and the hardcore scene.
VITAMIN X : See Thru Their Lies
17 song CD on S.O.A. - € 3
Finally it's done - the first full length of Amsterdam sXe-ers Vitamin X. After two 7"'s on Commitment, Italy's S.O.A. Records has the honor to present us 17 songs of fast trashy/youth crew hardcore songs with a strong political message. The new Vitamin X songs are on the average faster than the songs on the two 7"'s and the production (in the legendary Koeieverhuur studio - where Negazione and BGK and other legendary 80s European HxC bands have recorded) adds to the overall result. I guess I'm not objective, but when you ask me, Vitamin X has become one of the best Dutch HxC bands ever.
VITAMIN X: Down The Drain
23 song CD on Havoc - € 3
Second full length by this hyperactive Dutch SE fast core band. They've moved from youth crew style to a more fast hardcore sound similar to DS13 or Life's Halt. Great political SE lyrics and high energy hardcore.
VITAMIN X : Pissed Off: A VX Collection
36 song CD on Take Four / Delusion Of Terror / Avoid Fate - € 3
The Philippines version of the Vitamin X discography, released on occasion of the 2005 South-East Asian tour. Contains exactly the same songs at the Malaysian version, but comes in different artwork.
10 song aplit-7”on Kawaii - € 4
Fastcore from Puerto Rico and Japan! Puerto Ricans TROPIEZO continue with a new split EP. As usual, Latin fastpunk that blasts away! Vivisick is from Japan and is already active for almost 15 years. Manic and hysterical fastcore!
VOETSEK: Tinea Cruris
12 song 7” on Six Weeks - € 4
That means "Piss Off" to you!! Debut-7” from VOETSEK from 2002, part of the Bay Area hardcore scene dishing out the ultra-violent thrashcore! This EP marked their first release on an unsuspecting world. Made up of three parts female and one part male these punks fill the much needed void of female aggression in the hardcore scene. These 11 songs are filled with blistering thrash with a dark disturbing edge and cynical razor-sharp lyrical terror. Add to that a relentless studio session recorded by Noah Landis (NEUROSIS, CHRIST ON PARADE), artwork by Mike Vinatieri (CAPITALIST CASUALTIES), and you get the maximum dose of hardcore allowed by law!!!.
VOLVER: Guatemala Está Muerta
4 song 7” on Hard Press - € 4
Debut 7" of this hardcore band from Guatemala - four tracks of modern sounding youthcrew-inspired hardcore. Clear vinyl. From 2010.
13 song 7" on Murder - € 3
Two French grind/powerviolence bands that make lots of (very fast) noise - the most extreme record in the list.
4 song 7” on Dead And Gone - € 3
A straightedge supergroup, if ever was one, this band from Seattle features John Pettibone (Undertow, Himsa), Chris Williams (Champion), Aram Arslanian (Champion, Betrayed), Ryan Murphy (Undertow, Ten Yard Fight, Ensign and currently The Helm) and Rob Moran (Unbroken, Over My Dead Body and Some Girls). This EP is made up of four tracks of fast, positive hardcore proving that the passion for hardcore is still alive within these individuals. Fans of those ex bands will not be disappointed with 4 tracks of heavy west coast straightedge hardcore. Highly recommended!
Straight edge zine from Portugal, done by Diogo, the singer of Pointer Finger. The sixth issue contains interviews with Insted, A Step Apart, Betrayed, I Object and Soulfire, columns, review and a Day Of The Dead American tour report. It also reprints an interview with Porcell from a couple of years ago.
3 song 7” on Solution Records - € 3
This band from mass play emo/indie rock in the vein of Discount, Jejune, Rainer Maria and Velocity Girl. Split female/male vocals w/ catchy music that leaves you wanting more.
WASTED : Heroes Among Thieves
12 song CD on Combat Rock Industry - € 3
The third album of Wasted, from the Finnish city of Tampere. Wasted have already been around for some time, and still play a raw but well-produced mixture of hardcore and punk. In the well written lyrics Wasted – that seems to be made up by two pairs of brothers (that is, we have two Rönkkö’s and two Järvinen’s in the band) – deals with the consequences of the focus our society puts upon achieving a ‘success’ in society, consumption, war, TV, music as an inspiration to do something with your life and more.
WE’LL FACE: What Can I Gain?
8 song CD on Youthcrew - € 3
The second release on Italian label Youthcrew Records. Eight songs of pure 88-style youthcrew hardcore from this band from the Milan area. Members later ended up in The Miracle!
7 song CD on Invisible - € 4
Weight Of Government, who are from Spain, mix hardcore and oi! Energetic playing and lyrics in both English and Spanish make up for a powerful CD!
6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3
When Seasons Change is a brand new band from the north-east of Italy. Formed in 2004 as Nothing To Hide, the band changed its name to When Seasons Change a year later and now have their debut-7” out on Commitment Records. Six songs of powerful, energetic and melodic hardcore, fusing the late 1980s and late 1990s styles of positive straight edge hardcore with some 21st century influences. In their lyrics, WSC adress with both personal and politics topics, like having pride within yourself, taking a stand against fascism and refusing to give in to this materialist society we are living in.
5 song 7” on Sa Mob - € 4.50
This is the 2007 debut EP of South Carolina straight edge band Where It Ends. The band has perfected a nice blend of 90s hardcore mixed with a modern edge to it. Where It Ends can deliver heavy and aggressive music without being perceived as mindless or dumbed-down. You can hear influences from classic bands like Trial, Strife and Judge but could still picture them on bills with bands such as Verse, The First Step, & Die Young TX. Guest vocals by Chris McClane from Stretch Arm Strong.
WHILE YOU WAIT: My End My Rebirth
8 song 7” on Indelirium, Defiant Hearts, False Idols Fall - € 4
The labels say: “Hardcore inspired by refusal to accept the system of values of the modern world and voice of anger travelling through melodies of HC new school, fueled with old school energy. One time pressing of 300 copies.”
4 song 7” on Striving For Togetherness - € 3
New York City hardcore. From 1993.
XTRA VOMIT – TROPIEZO: International Split 7”
10 song split 7” on Kawaii and other labels - € 3
Fastcore from USA and Puerto Rico! Tropiezo is from Puerto Rico, is already around for a long time, and plays fast hardcore. Xtra Vomit is from Michigan, USA, and also plays fastcore. Five songs of each band.
12 song CD on Spaghetti - € 3
Youngang is a skinhead band from Torino, Italy, who play typical midtempo oi! with lyrics in Italian. Fortunately, a translation in English of the lyrics is included, and Youngang sing about the usual oi-subjects (drinking beer, soccer and being a skinhead). As their political stance, it seems a bit complicated - they state to be apolitical, but at the same time put a poem of a Italian anarchist to music and I see many black stars (sign of anarchism) between the buttons that are showed on the backcover... anyway, for sure Youngang is no rightwing band. A great record to singalong to in a football stadium !
6 song MCD on Light The Fuse - € 3
Your Mistake from The Netherlands feature some founding members of No Turning Back and Shattered and play hardhitting moshcore. Crown of Thornz and Biohazard come to mind, but Your Mistake clearly has a sound of its own.
YOUR NEW FRIEND : Smoke ‘n Thunder
4 song 7” on Revenge Therapy - € 3
Recorded in 2001, but only recently (at the end of 2003) rereleased – this 7” by Your New Friend from Northern Ireland. Your New Friend features former members of Circle Again, although the music of Your New Friend is much more polished – somewhere between (later) Dagnasty and poppunk. No lyric sheet included, but they get extra points for the song title ‘David Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak! (sic)’. Comes on mint blue vinyl.
24 song CD on Amp!/Deifer - € 3
Sampler on two labels from Argentina, featuring bands from all over the world: Loquero (Argentina), 2227 (Slovenia), Donfango (Chili), Stinkaholic (USA), White Frogs (Brazil), 720o (Argentina), The Throw Down (USA), Resisenza (Italy), Discourage Youth (Argentina), Junto! (Canada), Nos-Independencia (Chili) and Dios Hastio (Peru).
7 song 7” on Build Me A Bomb a.o. - € 4
The label says: Vinyl press of their 2010 demo tape, these songs had a lot of good feedback so we thought they deserve to exist on a 7" piece of wax. This is four Parisian guys playing hardcore with a power-pop touch that could be compared to Dean Dirg, Idle Hands and some Observers and Autistic Youth vibes.
16 song CD on Refuse / Emancypunx - € 3
Z.R. is a band from Poland, that mix emo, hardcore and punk into a interesting sound of their own. Lyrics are in Polish, but translations in English, German and Spanish are included. The two last songs are dance versions (trip hop-style) of two songs of the album.