NADA QUEDA – IT'S NOW: Split (Added September 2011)
10 song split CD on True Spirit - € 3
This is a split between Nada Queda from Argentina and It's Now from Mexico, on Brazilian label True Spirit Records. Both bands are political and vegan straight edge. The three songs of Nada Queda have more of a screamo-metal style, while It's Now mix classic Latinamerican hardcore and youthcrew hardcore. The It's Now songs have also been released on 7” on Commitment Records.
NAMES FOR GRAVES : Version 2.1
5 song 7” on Refuse - € 3
Cleveland Straight Edge! Arosen from the ashes of Commited, In The Red and The Final Plan. Keeping the spirit of fast positive straight edge-hardcore alive. Names For Graves deliver heartfelt and passionate old school hardcore with enough hooks, melodies and dance parts. Their 7” contains 5 songs, mastered by Issa of Good Clean Fun in The Black House Studio, Washington DC. Red vinyl.
13 song 7” on Carpoulet a.o. - € 3,50
German band Napoleon Dynamite play a mixture of thrash, 80s hardcore and German funpunk, and do it well. Thirteen songs full of fun and energy. Lyrics in German, and some of the titles should say enough: “Koks, Kaviar Und Kot”, “Trash Heil!” and “Emos Sind Doch Ganz Cool”. Coloured vinyl.
NATURAL LAW: Spring Trash
4 song 7" on Hardware - € 4
These 4 songs originally came out in 2010 as a self-released tape. Hailing from the New Jersey and New York areas, NATURAL LAW cultivate a gritty, rough, superbly '80s sound on their "spring trash" demo. The songs which vary from frantic hardcore lunacy to floorboard rattling pounders usher for its rumbling 6min. existence.
6 song 7” on Council / Abiology - € 5
Political powerviolence / hardcore from the USA. Hand screened cover, several inserts. From 1996.
8 song 7" on Face Reality - € 4
Limited edition Insted ripoff cover. # 05 of 15. Features some of the best old school hardcore bands from the early 2000s: Supersleuth, Strength Approach, Cross Me, Full Of Life, Embrace Today, High Hopes and Strikepoint.
Picture disc 7” and CD - € 3
The label says: Never Face Defeat from the suburbs of Koblenz comes along with their new output called “Convicted”! Three years on from their previous effort “Changing Times”, Demons Run Amok will release this as a limited Picture 7” Disc with bonus CD for free!!! The layout is absolutely awesome and the 7” is limited to 300 pieces. Never Face Defeat is raging influences from bands like Kickback, Merauder or Agents Of Man! Powerful and passionate NY styled Hardcore.
NK6: Yellow Beauty
6 song 7” on Thrashbastard / Yellow Dog - € 3,50
Great new tour 7" from one of Japans finest - NK 6. This 7" has 6 songs of manic japanese hardcore-trash. They’re mix their classic japanese style with some of melody and a totally crazed approach. Think of bands like GAUZE, DON DON, BLAZE, and GOGOOL PLEX.
NO BALANCE : Between Us
2 song 7' on Cannonball 666 - € 3
No Balance is the first Greek HxC/punk band in my distro list, put out by a new label that was set up to support the Greek DIY punk/hardcore scene. No Balance plays melodic emopop, with sung vocals. Lyrics are also quite emo. One of the members is called Vangelis, but I don't think he was in Aphrodites Child and writes movie soundtracks...
NO CONTEST: Fuck Everyone
6 song 7” on Special Forces - € 4
Another winner from Special Forces - a mix between rough hardcore, youth crew and NYC-hardcore by this angry band from New Jersey. Green vinyl. From 1997.
NO CONTEST: Where Do We Go From Here?
7 song 7" on Mad At The World - € 3,50
Second 7" by this New Jersey hardcore band, playing NYC-influenced hardcore.
4 song compilation 7” on Nemesis - € 5
This live 7” documents what is mentioned at the last great West Coast hardcore show of the '80s, and features live tracks by Carry Nation, Visual Discrimation, Insted and Bad Religion. This is #3 in the Nemesis Live Series, from 1990. Black vinyl.
2 song split 7” on Jet Black / Filler - € 1
One song each of this two postpunk-inspired bands. No Knife from the States is featured with 'Flechette', Sunshine from the Czech Republic with 'The Doll And The Midnight Sushi Orgy'. Comes without a sleeve, only with a white inner sleeve. Record is perfect. From 2000.
NO TIME TO LOSE : Free-Edge Hardcore
11 song CD on Lean On Me! - € 3
Debut-CD of No Time To Lose from France, not to be mixed up with the band with the same name from Italy - although the styles of both bands are very comparable: fast old school/youthcrew. The lyrics of this No Time To Lose are political, personal and scene related.
NORTH : Perfect Body Perfect Soul
6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3
The debut-7” of North from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. North, in which we recognize some former members of GuidingLine, X-Men and Crivits, labels itself as ‘positive old school’ and that is exactly what this band is about. Musically, North also mixes some rock-influences into their music, and there are a lot of guitar melodies to be found in their songs. The lyrics not only reflect the positive outlook on life of the band, but also the interest the band members take in eastern philosophy.
7 song compilation on Cabaret Voltaire a.o. - € 3.50
Compilation with 6 bands from the northern part of the Czech Republic, documenting the scene in that area, circa. 2004. The bands played a varied style of hardcore/punk, from youthcrew (X-Wing!), to powerviolence (Kobra XI) and emo (Behind The Lines). Other bands are Action, Still Strong and Not.
8 song 7” on Open Letter / Break Out - € 3,50
Not Astray are from Germany and their debut 7" delivers 8 peerless tracks of fast to slow, violent and explosive hardcore with pissed vocals. If your into the new line of german bands, like A.Y.S., NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, ITALIAN STALLION etc. you should check this well done piece of vinyl. Lyrics deal with hardcore, sXe being a personal choice and not a fashion statement, rock star attitudes in hardcore and being yourself.
NOT SORRY: Moving On
6 song 7” on Salad Days Records - € 4
This is the European version of the debut-7” of MA sXe band Not Sorry, released in the USA on Lifeline Records. Six songs of powerful youthcrew hardcore that made me want to singalong and jumparound. One of the best hardcore EP's of 2010 so far!
4 song 7” on Lone Wolf Records - € 4
Between alternative rock and melodic hardcore/punk, this Canadian band present 4 thriving songs. From 1987.
N.V. BOYS: Rebellion
6 song 7" on My Eyes - € 6
7" by this Dutch punk/oi/hardcore bands that features members of 1980s political oi-band NV Le Anderen. From 1992.
10 song 7” on Sly Actions - € 2.50
Thrashcore from Italy. From 2000.
OLD GHOSTS: Drowning
4 song 7” on Press Gang / State Of Mind / Assault - € 4
"Drowning" is a 4 song follow to their LP "Caskets". With 3/5ths of Dead Hearts behind the wheel you can have a false perception of what this will sound like. Take DEAD HEARTS and strip the melodies and add harder heavier riffs and you'll have an idea of what OLD GHOSTS will sound like. This time around the lyrics have more political undertones. Musically, the songs vary from groove heavy mid tempo to fast motorhead type hardcore. The songs will hit you hard and leave you wanting more. For fans of UNBROKEN / DEAD HEARTS / THE SUICIDE FILE.
ON A SOLID ROCK : Where Kids Don’t Play
6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3
The debut-7” of On A Solid Rock from Finland. This band, that features former members of bands like Defend and Rebound, started out at the end of 2001and by the time this record was released - at the end of 2002 - they had already built a large following in their native country. Musically, it is difficult to compare On A Solid Rock with any other band - some late 80s, early 90s bands like Outspoken and Absolution come to mind, also their fellow-countrymen Endstand, but first and foremost, On A Solid Rock is just On A Solid Rock. Thriving, emotional hardcore, sometimes midtempo, sometimes fast, with enough singalongs and catchy hooks to have the kids dancing and singing along at the same time. In the lyrics, On A Solid Rock focus on personal development, fueled by a drugfree lifestyle and the teachings of both acient and modern philosophies. A record that will grow on you with evertime you play it.
ON DISPLAY #3 - € 1,50
Third issue of this Danish fanzine, that can be seen as the follow up to the Join Kao fanzine of several years ago. Interviews with Active Minds, Snapcase, Cornucopia, Sir Charles Bascomb, punk rock stripper Jane Graham, plus many interesting columns and a lot of record and zine reviews.
ON MY SIDE: Redefinition
7 song MCD on Words Of War - € 3
This is the CD-version of the 7”, with three extra songs.
6 song 7" on Flat Earth - Nabate - € 4
Political hardcore band in Conflict-style with dual male/female vocals, from the North-East of England, sharing members with bands like Suffer and Ebola. From 1993.
ONE FINE DAY: Vladimir Ilich Ulianov's Failure
4 song 7" on Cycle - € 3
Emo-agression from Italy. Like Swing Kids. Voice reminds me of Die Kreuzen on their first album. From 1998.
5-song compilation 7” on Cycle - € 3
This record come with the first issue of the now-sold out One Kind Word fanzine from Barcelona. The compilation contains one song each of Damage Control (Norway), The Defense (Barcelona), Force Of Change (Germany), The Legacy (UK) and The Change (Sweden) and gives a good overview of some of the best European old school hardcore bands around at the moment. All songs on the 7” rule!
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Co-Cord Control
5 song 7" on HG Fact - € 3.50
Fast and thrashy Japanese hardcore from 1999 - listen to it here:
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
The debut-7" from a very powerful and fast sXe hardcore band from Belgium. One More sets themselves apart of most of the other youth crew bands by their aggressive vocals and their insightful lyrics - it's clear One More is a band that looks beyond the sXe-scene. One of the best bands of the 1998 generation
ONE X MORE : They Say That You Sold Out
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
Second 7' by these XWortelX youthcrew-stars: on this 7" they still have the aggression and speed of the first 7", but mix it with Atari-style melodic guitar parts and very strong youthcrew backups. The best 7" of 1999 so far ?
4 song 7" on Crisis - € 3
Melodic hardcore from the USA, on this sub-label of Revelation Records. From 1991.
OPEN CLOSE MY EYES : El Nuevo Milenio
6 song 7" on Prawda - € / $ 3
O.C.M.E. is already around for a few years - they started out as a more new school orientated band, but after some line-up changes they reincarnated as a youth crew version of By The Grace Of God (especially because of the vocals, that totally remind me of Rob of BTGOG). This 7" is full-on-energy old school, Limited edition cover, numbered, # 115. From 2000.
OPPOSITE FORCE : Against My Desire
4 song 7" on Cane - € 4
First vinyl release on Cane Records (after the Fratellanza demo) and at the same time last release of Opposite Force, who are already for years part of the Rome sXe Legion. Self-described as metal meet rock 'n' roll and I guess that's a good description - it has a lot of metal influences, but despite that, it's still hardcore and the metal parts sound more like the traditional 80s metal than black or death metal, which is a pro, as far as I am concerned. This copy is the limited Timebomb tour edition, #88 of 100, with a 7 Second ripoff cover.
ÖPSTAND: No More Police Brutality
12 song 7” on Praxis - € 4
Classic French powerviolence. 2nd pressing from 1997.
6 song 7” on Lokos a.o. - € 3
Opus Dead are a hardcore band from Madrid, Spain, who sound like a cross between mid-80s hardcore and crustpunk. Lyrics are in Spanish, but come with English translations, and deal with playing thrash, the link between terrorism and religion and repressing sexual feelings. Tear Me Down is from Italy, and play fast hardcore. Italian lyrics (more Italian bands should do so!) about fighting the state, being stabbed in the back and how important punk is for them.
OPUS DEAD - TROPIEZO : Chicas De Hoy - Cuerdas Nuevas Para Vieja Marionetas
6 song 7” on Opus Dead - € 3
Madrid’s crossover kings share this split-7” with Tropiezo from Puerto Rico. Tropiezo is the more hardcore of the two - fast old school hardcore with lyrics in Spanish. Opus Dead also sing in their native language, and both bands have a clearly political agenda.
4 song 7” on SunSpot - € 3
Melodic hardcore from Virginia, USA. From 1991.
32 song compilation CD on Still Life / Youth Crew - € 3
This compilation documents the start of the Italian positive and straight edge hardcore scene, 1989-1995. It contains the debut 7”’s of Growing Concern, Think Twice, Open Season, Maze, Creepshow and Reality.
4 song 7” on Thrashbastard / Destination Unknown - € 4
The label says: First 7” of this Chemnitz based new band out of the ashes of VIDEO VIOLENCE. Four songs of raw, wavy punk with a little melancholy desperate prevailing mood. Without any question there is some Wipers-influence. Cover-Artwork by Alex Cuervo from HEX DISPENSERS.
OUT TO SEA: The Soul Of Mankind
6 song 7” on Just Another Day - €4
Hailing from Outside of Dallas, this Texas hardcore Outfit delivers six tracks of premium melodic hardcore with a slightly metallic edge. Musically their sound reminds one of Shai Hulud, but a little bit more melodic, perhaps Kid Dynamite-esque at points. They've got it all, good sing-along parts, some fast-paced two-stepping parts, and of course good breakdowns. For a demo recording Out To Sea is well on their way.
10 song split-7” on Demo-Lition Vinyl Remains - € 4
Raise The White Flag's last demo coupled with new Outpatients recording, 10 songs in all of furious fast core from the United Kingdom.
OUTRAGE: Between Brackets
4 song 7" on Day One - € 2,50
Screaming emo-core from Belgium. From 1996.
5 song 7” on Crucial Response - € 3
Most people will probably know Over The Line from the ‘For Sake Of Dedication’ compilation, that came out on Crucial Response at the end of 1997 or from their almost legendary demo. This 7” contains the 5 songs of that demo, remixed at the Bunt Studios in Holland. Good old school sXe from the USA circa 1997.
4 song 7" on Goodwill - € 3
Melodic hardcore from Croatia, in the style of bands like Cringer, Screaching Weasal and SNFU.
OVERLOOKED: Nothing Is Sacred (Added September 2011)
4 song 7” on Life To Live - € 4,50
The debut 7? from North Carolina’s own Overlooked, “Nothing is Sacred” is 4 songs of unforgiving hardcore. With lyrics ranging from personal conflict to pure hatred, you can always feel the anger that this band embodies in their short and to the point songs. Musically reminiscent of early 2000's hardcore, “Nothing is Sacred” is fast, heavy, and everything in between and all in under seven minutes.
OVERSIGHT: After This Day...
4 song 7” on Conquer The World - € 3,50
Syracuse hardcore featuring vocalist Shane Durgee (also in Framework and Gatekeeper), musically in the line of early Earth Crisis and Green Rage. First release on Conquer The World Records. From 1992.
8 song 7" on Darbouka - € 14
Compilation featuring 5 hardcore bands from Panama, with a mix of hardcore, skapunk and melodic punkrock. Features Ramiros, P.H.B., Conspiracion Piromaniaca and C.H.D. Green vinyl and green cover. # 444 of 500.
7 song 7” on One Percent - € 4
A girl thrash attack from Minneapolis, MN – fast to very fast thrashy hardcore with strong girl vocals with lyrics about broken friendships, destroying your tv, zombie attacks and dealing with life. Cool stuff!
5 song split 7” on One Percent - € 4
In September 2007, Pandamonium from Minneapolis toured with Total Fury from Japan, and this split-7” was the 7” sold during that tour. Total Fury bring us 3 fast thrash songs, including a cover of country fellows Second Wind. Grrrl thrashers Pandamonium present five fast songs, including a Los Crudos cover.
PAPYBOARDING : Weapons Are Not Our Rescue E.P.
9 song 7” - a D.I.Y. product - € / $ 3
A strange name this French band has, but don’t let that prevent you from checking this band out, because what is on this vinyl record is worth to be heard. Nine songs of fast well-produced straightforward 80s style hardcore, with lyrics that take a critical reflection on todays society. I had never heard of this band before, but this record is worth to be heard!
5 song 7” on Havoc - € 3,50
Five songs of crusty hardcore from Minneapolis, USA with lyrics about life on the road and the “joys” of drinking.
5 song split-7" on World Upside Down - € 3
Two German bands team up on this 7". Peace Of Mind mix melodic female and male vocals over punky and rocking emocore, while their lyrics take a crititcal look at the way in which we treat eachother in our society, from a personal viewpoint. Upset play the typical German screamo, in a driven and atmospheric way. The 7" comes with a booklet with personal thoughts of the various band members and with a inlay with the lyrics translated in French, German, Spanish and Polish.
6 song 7" on Violent World / Romantic Songs - € 4
Perras Salvajes is female fronted hardcore punk, while Bataalla is crust roll like Motörhead, mixed with Tragedy.
PHP : Incompletodisordine
5 song 7" on Goodwill - € 3
PHP (stands for Psychoholiday Project) come from Milan, Italy and play typical 90s hardcore (a mizture of fast old school and moshy new school) with Italian lyrics (something more Italian bands should do), that deal mostly with personal and scene-related topics.
PICISMO: Subita Merdo
4 song 7" on Darbouka - € 15
Punk from the Ukraine, sung in Esperanto. The songs on this record are taken from the demo "Subita Merdo", which was recorded on October 1993 in Kherson, Ukraine. Green vinyl. From 1998.
7 song 7" on Third Party - € 6
Second pressing of this classic 7" of Buffalo straight edge crew Plagued With Rage. One of the first releases on Third Party Records and quite well received when it came out in 1994, as there weren't many straight edge bands playing this style of music (youthcrew) at the time.
8 song 7" on Goat Head - Discontent - € 8
Debut-7" of this hardcore / thrash band from Hoogeveen, that started in the late 1990s, and played around a lot until the early 2000s. On this first 7" they play a mixture of thrashcore and youthcrew, the style Betercore labeled as youthcrust. This is the limited edition on blue vinyl with the Profound rip off cover.
8 song split 7” on Refuse - € 4.50
A Polish-American pact signed on this seven inch piece of plastic.While the governments are busy with spreading their poison, you can still find raw and loud disobedience in places like Warsaw or Chicago. This 8-track EP should be effective antidote against apathy, ignorance, helplessness and plain boredom. Gov Flu is 4 songs in the vein of 80s USHC and Poison Planet is fast raging political vegan straight edge HC from Chicago. Blue vinyl.
7 song 7" on Kick N' Punch Records ?- € 4
The demo of this Albany hardcore band was put on vinyl by Danish hardcore/punk label Kick N Punch.
6 song 7” on Punks Before Profits - € 4
Featuring Ryan of I Object and Punks Before Profits Records fame on vocals, Michigan's Positive Noise play fast, thrashy hardcore punk, in the vein of Larm and Vitamin X to this debut 7" that comes with hand-silk screened and spraypainted covers.
4 song split-7" on Submit - € 3,50
Last recordings of both bands. Positive State sound the same as on the split with Majority Rule, mixing noisecore and punk - one fast song and one slower song on this 7". The Twenty Two's were a big suprise for me: they mix old school hardcore with bongo's. Very original and not only that, it also sounds very good !
10 song compilation 7” on Excursion - € 4.50
A compilation documenting the North West Hardcore scene, features Between Earth And Sky, Blue Monday, Champion, The Answer and six other hardcore bands from that area.
POWER PLAY: Roar Of The Street Dogz
4 song 7" on Juggernaut / Ratel - € 4
Vinyl version of the 2010 demo of this Polish hardcore band, with a sound mainly influenced by New York City hardcore. Black vinyl.
13 song 7” on Victims Del Progreso - € 6
Political hardcore from Spain, comes with a booklet with lyrics and other information. From 1993.
5 song split 7" on Six Weeks - € 3.50
Two times Snotty hardcore punk from the States. Two songs of The Process and 3 songs of Mickey And The Big Mouths. From 1996.
PRODUCT X : Who Makes The Heroes ...
5 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
Product X has developed a real sound of their own, in the last year, and this 7" documents this sound. Still (sometimes very) fast and aggressive, but with a lot of melodic and even some accoustic guitar parts. Both musically and lyrically, Product X took a big step forward. The vocal style is brutal and emotional at the same time, while the songs are really worked out and the production is superb. What more does one want ?
4 song 7" on Equality - € 3,50
Early 1990s political hardcore from Switzerland, with some emo influences. Profax was an important band from the Swiss scene. From 1991.
PROUD YOUTH: Nothing’s Changed
6 song 7” on Keep It Alive - € 3,50
Old school sXe-hardcore from the South of Germany. Proud Youth have improved a lot since their appearance on the “Still The Same Feeling”-compilation. They have a new and more aggressive sounding vocalist, who adds to the power of the band. Best thing are the lyrics: 5 of the 6 songs are very political, a thing I would like to see with more sXe-bands. Black vinyl.
7-song EP on X-Files - € 7
Limited edition version with orange cover of this split 7" with two youthcrew bands from Germany: straight edge band Providence from Bremen and positive hardcore band Free At Last from Aurich.
PROVOCAZIONE : Culminando No Vácuo Das Impossibilidades
6 song 7” on Absurd - € 3,50
From Brazil, with only drums, vocals and bass, but it doesn’t sound like No Means No at all… more as a very dark new school band, that forgot to record the guitar. Lyrics in Portugese, and although I can’t understand them, I don’t think they will be very positive, judging from the style of music and the layout of this record.
PURPOSE: What’s In Worth
4 song 7” on Special Forces - € 3,50
New Jersey old school sXe hardcore, but more original than most bands from that area. Purpose puts more melodies in their songs. Also the singing is more melodic. A good record! Red vinyl! From 1997.
13 song 7” on iXodes - € 3
Rainbow Revenge are from Germany and play fast thrash-influenced hardcore. They proudly claim on the label of the 7” that the songs were recorded for only 60 dollars, but despite that, it sounds powerful and strong. Lyrics deal with the military, skinheads, vegetarism and skating. MacGyver, who also hail from Germany, mix some grind elements in their thrash attack In their lyrics (both in English and in German) they address school, nazi’s and hypocrism in the scene.
3 song split 7” on Ugly And Proud - € 4
Raindance was formerly known as Outrage and is from the USA, Allocation is from Belgium, and both bands play 90s inspired hardcore. Another fine release from Ugly And Proud Records. Released December 2011, 200 copys, clear transparant vinyl!
3 song 7” on Epidemic - € 4
This 7" of Raindance (formerly known as Outrage), features two unreleased songs and a cover of Helmet. White vinyl.
RATS : We Are The Rats
7 song 7” on Thrashbastard - € 3
Rough and thrashy in-your-face hc/punk from Umea, Sweden. The Rats (ex-Rabid Grannies) have already been compared to Negative Approach, early Black Flag and Tear It Up. The angry lyrics both deal with personal and political subjects. Cool front cover!
RDD : A Reason To Live
5 song 7" on Where It Lies - € 3
Second 7" on Where It Lies Records - this time well-produced 'Dag Nasty meets Black Flag'-inspired melodic HxC from Rome.
REACCION PROPIA : Inercia Somatica
10 song CD on Decision Personal - € 3
Modern hardcore from Bogota, Colombia – a well-produced pounding mixture of old school, metal and screamo, with lyrics in Spanish. The CD comes with two booklets, one titled ‘Inercia’, the other ‘Somatica’, with the lyrics, explanations and artwork.
REACT : Walk Away
15 song CD-R on Destroyed Umbrella - € 3
React is a young hardcore band from Elmhurst, Illinois, USA, who clearly get their inspiration from early 80s UK bands like Crass, Conflict and Discharge (who they also cover). The CD comes in a truly DIY package (all manual work), and of course, the lyrics are very political - to top it of, React can also considered to be a sXe band.
8 song 7” on Cadmium Sick - € 3,50
If a band calls itself after a Negative Approach song, it is not difficult to guess what this band will sound like. And in the case of Ready To Fight, this guess is very close to the truth - fast, pissed-off, early 80s inspired hardcore (with a small hint of youthcrew) and a singer that sometimes sounds like the singer of Plagued With Rage. Unfortunately, the 7” comes without lyrics, but well, the titles give a clear indication what the band sings about: ‘Circle Mosh Or Die’, ‘Work Sucks’, ‘Tv Rules’ and the oddly titled ‘Move To Switzerland’. Now, that is a song that I would like to know the lyrics of…
11 song 7" on Coalition - Gloom - € 5
Two times fast hardcore by these USA bands. This is the limited edition version, on orange vinyl and with a orange Reagan in Charles Manson-style cover.
REBUILD: Alone We Live, Alone We Die
6 song CD on Rebuild - € 3
This is the debut record of the now defunct Colorado hardcore band Rebuild. The band plays old school hardcore with some modern influences, along the lines of Most Precious Blood, Shutdown and Buried Alive. Political lyrics.
RECEIPT: In Defense Of My Own
5 song 7" on Where It Lies - € 3
Old school hardcore from Italy on Where It Lies? Recordings from Rome. Receipt later released a CD. Members went on to To Kill. From 2001.
RED ARMY: Misspent Youth EP
4 song 7" on Robot Tank - € 5
Punk rock influenced hardcore from New Orleans. Debut 7" from 1989, limited to 500 copies.
REDEMPTION 87: The Spidey Sessions 1995
4 song 7" on Breakout - € 7
First recordings of this CA hardcore band from the mid to late 1990s, produced by Lars Frederiksen. Blue vinyl, not numbered.
4 song 7” on Keep It Alive - € 7
Test pressing in Chain Of Strength rip off sleeve (titled 'True Till Testpress'). Numbered: 40 of 50. In 1998, when the record came out, I wrote about it: Another German old school sXe-band. Refuse The Statement differ from most of the other German bands because they are more midtempo..
4 song 7" on Possible Problem - € 4.50
Melodic hardcore from Boulder Creek, California. From 1997. Green vinyl.
9 song 7” on Thrashbastard - € 4
The label says: "This Brazilian band plays a very familiar style of fast punk that borders on hardcore. The distortion on the guitar is light and the riffs are often tinged with a more basic garage-y flare that works well here and lands this band somewhere near REGULATIONS or something like that with angry female vocals. This is a really great demo." (MRR)
8 song 7" on Ugly Pop - € 8
Limited edition green cover, purple vinyl, #37/50. 8 hardcore bands cover Negative Approach: Dropdead, Man Is The Bastard, Spazz, Kops For Christ, Voorhees, Union Of Uranus, Chokehold and Rupture.
12 song CD-R on El Paso - € 3
Res Gastae from Bogoto is probably Colombia’s number 1 straight edge band at the moment. The band, who has some former Exigencia-members involved, plays fast and furious hardcore, with both thrash and some metal influences and screaming vocals. The lyrics (that are in Spanish, but come with an English translation) show clearly that Res Gastae is a political band, not a strange thing for a band from a country like Colombia. The record is beautifully packed. A powerful first release on this new New Zealand label!
7 song 7” on Moo Cow - € 6
During their time, Reserve 34 was a relatively unknown band from Vancouver, Canada, but became highly influential, helping create the melodic sound now employed by NWHC greats like Champion, Go It Alone, Blue Monday and Shook Ones. This is their debut 7”. Members went on to play for Carry On, Daggermouth and Go it Alone.
7 song 7” on Commitment - € 3,50
Resolve is a five-piece straight edge band from the St. Louis, MO-area, that plays pure late 1980s youthcrew hardcore, in the classic style that bands like Youth Of Today and Turning Point made big. So the perfect soundtrack to singalong, fingerpoint and jump around to! The songs are fast, energetic full of catchy singalongs and deal with life from a positive perspective. With lyrics about the meat industry, the power of oil corporations in the USA, intelligent design, but also about being different and making a positive change, Resolve makes clear that the have some importants thoughts to share.
6 song 7" on Lost And Found - € 4
Raw old school hardcore from Germany. From 1995, on clear green vinyl.
RICHARD COLLIER: For The Love Of Death…
19 song CD on Take 4 - € 3
Richard Collier is not a singer/songwriter from the States, but a hardcore punk band from The Philippines, playing melodic punkrock. This album contains 11 new songs and 8 bonus tracks: 3 from a 2006 demo and 5 from a 2004 demo.
RIGHT 4 LIFE : Give Us Ligth For Truth
3 song 7" on The Age Of Venus - € /3,50
This was the third release of this old school band from France, after a split-7" and an album on Siton Records. This 7" was their best stuff so far - punchy old school HxC, with still some NYC HxC influences, but less than on their previous records. Includes a cover of 'Disengage' of Youth Of Today.
5 song 7” on Refuse - € 4
Available for the first time on vinyl is the demo from Cleveland, OH's Right Idea, which before was only available on cassette. The songs are fast and positive, with a No For An Answer or Straight Ahead vibe.
RIISTETYT : Tervetuloa Kuolema
7 song 7” on Havoc - € 3,50
Finnish hardcore veterans Riistetyt, that started out as a typical Finnish hardcore act in the 1980s, evolved into a glamrock band under a different name in the 1990s, and returned to their hardcore roots in 21st century. On this record on the US label Havoc they present us with seven songs of driving midtempo to fast 80s influenced hardcore with political lyrics in Finnish (with one exception - one song is in English).
ROOM 13: User/Abuser
7 song 7” on Crucial Attack - € 3,50
Obnoxious, offensive, in your face, but this time having the last laugh, Room 13 will crack your head with their debut EP User / Abuser. With a smooth live reputation of getting pissed at each other during shows and getting banned from pubs, this young, nihilistic hardcore-punks are here to spill their guts. Room 13 recorded 7 songs at Studio 195.
9 song 7" on Six Weeks - € 3,50
Fast crusty HxC from the USA with lyrics in Spanish - the lyrics will probably be political, but as their is no lyrics sheet with the lyircs, I have to guess.
4 song 7” on Crucial Attack - € 3,50
This Dutch band is bringing you 4 punk tunes rocking to the max. Inspiration is drawn from bands like Black Flag, Cut The Shit, Annihilation Time and New Bomb Turks, but Rush N Attack threw these influences into a blender, shaked it and put in their own flavour, to give you this special taste.
SAIRAAT MIELET : Controversial History 1988-1992
song CD on Six Weeks - € 3
Despised crossover hardline SXE HC/thrash from Finland 88-92 packaged in a full color digi-pak with liner notes, lyrics, new pics. Contains the world famous “Tippa Tappa” and “Punk On Paskaa”EP’s.
10 song 7” on Teacore - € 20
Classic British thrashcore. From 1989.
11 song 7" on Solomon Method - € 3
This EP from Toronto's SCARE TACTIC was the first release on Solomon Method Records. SCARE TACTIC play fast, raw hardcore that lies somewhere between pure early '80's stuff and the recent thrash resurgence-- lots of energy and power, with smart lyrics to seal the deal. Formerly called AS ONE, the band released these songs as a demo. There are 11 songs on the EP, and 800 were pressed.
SCATHA: Fuck The System
3 song 7” on Enslaved/Anonymous - € 3
Scatha features ex-members of Disaffect and Sedition, and play fast hardcore-punk, in the style of the aforementioned bands. From 1996.
8 song 7" on Left Wing / Kaal - € 3
Hardcore from France, one of the first records on the labels that would later turn into Coalition Records.
4 song 7” on Refuse / Headcount - € 4
Coming straight out of New Brunswick, NJ, SEASICK have worked hard to carve out a thick solid chunk of respect within the hardcore punk community. They pack a socially relevant punch that will make you question the world around you as well as the face reflected in your mirror. Philosophical lyrics filtered through the human element are backed by dead stop breakdowns and a neck snapping rhythm that will move you if you have a pulse. Their unique style, which is influenced by such former NJ bands as Endeavor, The Degenerics and Tear It Up, gets together in a flawless fury that truly carries it's own weight. European tour edition with Polka Dots cover.
SECOND COMBAT: Count On To Survive
10 song CD on Whatever It Takes / United Front / Hand In Hand - € 5
Klang Valley (Malaysia) Straight Edge band Second Combat kicks in 10 tracks of relentless youthcrew hardcore delivered with passion and sincerity. They've been around for more than 10 years now, and yet they never failed to stay true to their words. The band constructs a sound founded on old school and positive roots. They sing about the hardcore scene but also about vital issues like poverty and environment. The record sounds very powerful, while the songs are quite varied, but retaining their energy.
4 song 7" on Hyena Records - € 3
Agressive hardcore from Delft, The Netherlands, inspired by NYC / old school hardcore. From 1997.
SELFISH : Cause Pain
6 song CD on Combat Rock Industry - € 3
Selfish, who are from the city of Punkaharju (this is no joke!) are the veterans of the Finnish hardcore scene, having been around for 15 years now. The well-produced and powerful six songs on this CD EP mix the traditional scandinavian Discharge-influenced hardcore with Japcore and early 1980s USA hardcore. Lyrics reflect on the life they are living and the people they are confronted with inside and outside this scene.
THE SETUP: Crawl And Reign
7” on Demons Run Amok - € 4
The label says: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Fueled by the current violent state of the world and personal struggles, The Setup have embarked on a mission to create the perfect soundtrack for all hostility to come. Indifferent towards trends and scene antics, pissed off with the fear propaganda and disgusted by ignorance, The Setup are not afraid to take their stance, using intense musical and lyrical messages. Over the years The Setup have been earning street credentials with their breakthrough record “The Pretense Of Normality” and the steady touring that followed. Faced with the ordeals inherent to underground music and constant touring, members were bound to come and go, leaving the band behind with a line-up that’s the most efficient and confident to date. Two years after their last album, and determined to continually progress while sticking to their trademark heavy-hitting and technically skilled sound , The Setup have returned to the studio with a take-no-prisoners approach.
10 song split-7” on S.O.A. - € 3
Sexy Super Porno from Rome are a feministic all-grrrl hardcore band (probably not what you would have guessed for a band with a name like that - and also not when you listen to the band, as the voice does not sound like a grrrrls-voice at all) and play fast and furious grindcore with lyrics dealing with machos, feminism, prostitution and prolife vs prochoice. Dudman from Japan play fast and furious hardcore with some grind/powerviolence parts with lyrics that make no sense (at least, not to me, but well, I am not Japanese)…
SHEAR : ... East Coast '997
6 song 7" on Applequince - € / $ 3
Don't let the title fool you - this is not a New York band - Shear is from the Italian eastcoast, not the American eastcoast. The music is in the modern NYC-style.White vinyl.
5 song 7” on UPS / Pick Up - € 3
Debut vinyl release of this Amsterdam hardcore band, that has previously released one split CD, brings five songs of early to mid-1980s inspired hardcore.
THE SHINING : The Word Is Fiction
8 song 7” on UPS / Pick Up and others - € 3
The second off-the-rails ripper for The Shining. This disc is packaged in an elaborate gatefold sleeve and the music is just as striking. Fast, ferocious hardcore punk (inspired by bands like BGK and The Accused), a whiff of crossover and hitting all the right buttons.
18 song CD on Assault / Underestimated - € 3
Short Fuse charge at you with 18 tracks of pissed-off old school hardcore in just under 20 minutes. These guys have been active in the scene for years (I recognize former Highscore singer Seb) and their love for early hardcore from the 80's is more than evident. Stripped down and raging hardcore that serves as an outlet to vent frustrations, a way to deal with the pressures of the daily grind. Disillusioned and angry, abrasive and in your face, Short Fuse nevertheless manages to sneak in some melodies and sweet chorus parts every once in a while. For people into Circle Jerks, Discharge and Fucked Up.
SHORT FUSE : Fruitless Efforts
4 song 7” on Assault - € 3
Hot on the heels of their debut LP comes the new SHORT FUSE EP. Four new tracks of hardcore punk that showcases the bands progression. A little less trash, a little more melody, midtempo and anger to spare. For those of you who can't do without some comparisons, imagine early Fucked Up mixed with Discharge and Poison Idea.
6 song 7” on Assault - € 3,50
Second 7” and third record of Germany’s Short Fuse with Seb of Highscore fame on vocals. Assault records writes: "Blight" has six new songs of hardcore punk for the working class. No gimmicks, no crews, no bullshit. Disillusioned, angry and pissed. Short Fuse are unafraid to voice their disappointment with their lives, their jobs and YOU. Not looking for approval, this is honest punk rock the way it was meant to be played, raw, abrasive and in your face.
SHORTFUSE: Sidewalk Youth
4 song 7” on Creep - € 5
NYC-style hardcore from Dowington, PA, USA. From 1996.
SHORTTIME: Echoes From Tomorrow
4 song 7” on Unashamed - € 3,50
Shorttime is from Zoetermeer, a city close to The Hague, third city of The Netherlands, and play old school hardcore with political lyrics. Only 300 made of this record, that got a very positive review in MRR.
5 song 7” on Just Another Day - €4
The label says: Straight forward honest down to earth hardcore from Russia with influences from all the bands we love. These guys do it with passion and dedication, since i thought their demo is too good to stay out of print, JAD remastered it and pressed it on limited (to 200 copies) colored vinyl. Youth Crew gooo!
8 song split-7” on Thrashbastard - € 3
Second release of Umea’s The Rats in a short time: 3 tunes of early 1980s inspired aggressive hardcore. Shut The Fuck Up have 5 songs on the other side of this 7”, and play the same style of early 1980s influenced hardcore, maybe only a little bit faster in speed than The Rats. Both bands share angry and aggressive lyrics, directed against the rich, hypocrites, people with self-pity, people who don’t care and not being able to skate where you want to.
6 song compilation 7” on Violent Reaction - € 3,50
Six bands from Long Beach, California can be found on this EP. The Liberats play fast, somewhat youth crew sounding hardcore. 40 Oz Rescue is crusty hardcore. The Assailants play fast early 80s hardcore (think early- Dischord sound). Deterrence have a 84 hardcore sound, their song could be a song off the legendary P.E.A.C.E.-compilation. Psychotic Reaction sing about zombies that skateboard, and also have a 83 hardcore sound (has the time stood still in Long Beach since 20 years one begins to wonder…). Clit 45 wear spikes and mohawks, and have a 82 UK sound - including a football chorus shooting ‘Fight Back!’. The sleeve gets the price for the most ugly sleeve ever. Really horrible. But the music is cool, and that’s what counts.
9 song 7” on UPS and many others - € 3
Sick Terror from Brazil play fastcore in the vein of Drop Dead with a nod towards Infest and Monster X. Really stunning heavy bass licks, tommy gun drumming, fret burning riffage and totally spazzed/tortured vocals. Miga Violenta power through their 5 songs, from the opening rif to the dumbstruck sound as the last song finished. Super fast blastbeat drumming, ala Heresy and mouth melting bass licks akin to SIEGE and again RIPCORD. All the songs are played in the same roller coaster speed at these bands, with loads of essential breakdowns, tempo changes and the odd stop go, stop go fury to give you air to breathe.
SIGNAL 3: Convergence Zone
16 song CD on Miscreant - € 3
This band is from California, but the special thing is that all members are immigrants from The Philippines. Signal 3 mixes streetpunk and oi. Some songs are in English, others in their native language. A powerful record. From 1998.
SILENTE – BRUTUS : Não Caia De Amores Pelo Poder
9 song 7” on Riding Ancient Waves / Alea - € 3,50
Two bands from Brazil. Silente does not really do justice to their name: they play fast hardcore with screaming and angry vocals. Brutus does it’s name more justice: brutal hardcore with some black metal and grind influences and dual vocals. Both bands sing in Portugese.
6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3
The debut release of the first psychobilly/punkabilly straight edge band ever – The Silver Shine from Hungary. Featuring current and past members of straight edge hardcore bands like Hold True and Stay Clean, this three-piece (guitar/vocals, upright bass and drums) mixes psychobilly, country, punk and hardcore. The lyrics deal with the usual psychobilly subjects (zombies, vampires and other classic horror movie themes), but also an anti-drugs song is included. The record is a benefit for a local organisation that helps people fight their addiction.
14 song CD on Crazy Love - € 3
After their debut-7” on Commitment, this is the first full length record of the Hungarian psychobilly straight edge band The Silver Shine. With the songs going more in a rockabilly/psychobilly direction than the punkabilly sound of the 7”, this record is clearly a step forward from the 7”. 14 songs of energetic music, some cool instrumentals and a live reprise of the song ‘Other World’ from the 7”. Another proof that straight edge does not have to limit itself to hardcore.
SIRENS : Calling
6 song MCD on Let It Burn / PxF - € 3
Sirens are from Wanne-Eickel, Germany and this is their debut release. It contains six songs of melodic and powerful hardcore with mostly personal lyrics. The CD is beautifully packed and comes with a booklet.
4 song 7" on Moo Cow - € 3
BRSFD NJ, PE CA - Both bands play emocore. From 1997.
14 song 7" on Enslaved - € 3
Two fast and aggressive hardcore bands from the UK: Slain features members of Ebola and a female vocalist (but if I didn't knew that, I wouldn't have guessed) and play a mixture between gind and powerviolence; State Of Filth play crust/grind, like a mix between Doom and Infest.
THE SMASHROOMS: The Wind Of Tomorrow
4 song 7” on Epidemic Records - € 3,50
The Smashrooms come from Brescia, Italy, and consists of 3 guys that play passionate and intense political charged hardcore, mixing old school hardcore with a modern approach. The lyrics that definitely prove that The Smashrooms are not in it just for the music. As they state in the cover inlay 'We think that hardcore needs to bring outspoken politics back as a primary value'. Their lyrics deal with issues like society and animal rights.
4 song 7” on Epidemic - € 4
The label says: From Brescia, Italy, The Smashrooms put out a new piece of vinyl about one year after “The Wind Of Tomorrow”. A mix between anthemic old school and 90s style hardcore. Lyrics with a message but expressed from a personal point of view. White vinyl.
SNOWFALL: Shades To Gray
2 song 7" on Twilight - €3
Emocore from Italy, nice hardboard cover. From 1997.
SOFA HEAD: Invitation To Dinner
4 song 7" on Rugger Bugger / Meantime - € 4.50
Melodic hardcore from this male-female dual vocal UK hardcore bands, that features former members of Dan. From 1990.
SPES EREPTA: Minutová Terapie
10 song CD on Refuse - € 3
Spes Erepta is a vegan straight edge band from the Czech Republic. This CD compiles everything they have recorded so far: their 7” from 2005 and some compilation tracks from 2006 and 2007. Spes Erepta plays crusty hardcore, a quite unusual sound for a straight edge band, and couple it with political lyrics in the Czech language. The last ‘song’ is a 30 minute spoken word by Michal Kolesár, unfortunately it is in Czech, so only people who speak that language can understand what he is talking about. Good to see a straight edge band with a more original sound and a worthwhile message to share!
9 song CD on Dead And Gone - € 3
Debut of this Newcastle, UK straightedge hardcore band. Nine tracks of old school hardcore with melodic vocals and bitter lyrics – the demo and four new songs. For fans of Carry On, Horror Show, American Nightmare and Creep Division. From 2003.
SPITTING TEETH : Don’t Believe The Hype
8 song 7” on Havoc - € 3,50
Fast thrash attack from the USA, 8 songs of not exactly overproduced fast early to mid 80s hardcore with pissed-off lyrics about the scene and the world of today.
STALEMATE: Masquerade
3 song 7" on Alveran - € 3
Metal from Germany, with vocals that go from grind to threatening whispers. Some fast parts, some slower parts. Aggressive. From 1997.
9 song 7” on Siton - € 4
Positive sXe hardcore from Kentucky, USA. Reminds of the first LP of Upfront - fast, youthful and enthousiastic. Mailorder only cover, black vinyl.
8 song 7" on Third Party - € 3,50
Second, and last, 7" of Standard Issue from the state of Kentucky. As the first 7", pure youth crew sXe HxC, with lyrics that go a little bit deeper than those of most of the USA youth crew bands.
STEADFAST : Homeiswheretheheartdies
3 song 7" on Threesome - € 3
Not to be confused with the Great Britain Steadfast or the Australian Steadfast, this German band brings you very powerful new school sXe-hardcore. It's their farewell-7", as they are now called June's Tragic Drive.
STEP ASIDE: I’ll Take Darkness
2 song 7” on Vicious Circle – € 5
Metallic hardcore from Woodbridge, VA. From 1991, Vicious Circle Records #2.
STICK TOGETHER: Surviving The Times
6 song 7” on Control - € 4,50
Wilkes-Barre's own Straight Edge outfit are back with a brand new EP that picks up where (their debut EP) "No More Games" left off. STICK TOGETHER been touring and playing out a lot more and the result is a band that sounds tighter, more focused and harder / pissed off than ever. No bullshit straight forward classic Straight Edge Hardcore the way we love it over here at Control HQ. Surviving The Times!
STILL NO : Attempt To Make Sense
11 song CD-R on R-Records - € 3
After a demo, this is the first full length release of Still No - still very DIY, so on a CD-R, but with very professionally looking artwork. Still No mix melodic oldschool, punkrock and youthcrew to a sound of their own, with high-pitch vocals that sometimes remind me of Ignite, sometimes of Vitamin X and sometimes of Absconded. The lyrics deal with political and personal issues and are well-thought out.
5 song MCD on Crossfire – € 3
Debut MCD of this young Italian band. Five songs of well produced fast old school hardcore on the Japanese Crossfire label. Lyrics deal with child mistreatment, animal testing and personal issues. Good debut by this vegetarian and drugfree band.
10 song CD on Indelirium - € 3
Straight Opposition is an Italian hardcore band that mixes old school with NYC hardcore and some new school influences, with gruff vocals. Lyrics are quite political and deal with revolting against the mainstream society, USA war politics and living with positive and passion. A hardhitting record.
STRIKE FIRST: The Human Devil
7” on Light The Fuse - € 3,50
Strike First are from Arnhem, The Netherlands, and this 7” is the follow up to their full length “Requiem For The Aftermath”. “The Human Devil" picks up where "Requiem For The Aftermath", released on Germany's Crucial Response Records, stopped. The obvious Cro-Mags vibe in these four songs (recorded by Michiel Toenink) remains, but the band added some more groove, heaviness and breakdowns wich definitely created more of a sound of their own. From 2006.
8 song split 7” on Kawaii - € 3
Fastcore and thrashcore from France! Koenigstein Youth is from St Etienne and have 3 songs of fastcore. Strong Intention is from Metz and are present on this record with 5 song of furious thrashcore. A records for people into WHN?, Betercore, Infest and Crucial Unit.
SUBTONIX : Too Cool For School
2 song 7” on Vida Loca - € 7
First release on a new Italian label, that focuses on feminist and queer bands - Subtonix is a grrrlband from California that plays late 70s style punk/wave, including keyboard and sax among the instruments. If a have to make a comparison, Slits would probably come close - but I also hear some almost Crammps-like stuff in the two songs. Comes on red vinyl.
7 song split 7" on Enslaved - € 3
The 4 last songs by Suffer from the UK, recorded in 1996 - fast and crusty hardcore; Urko play a mix between early Boston and Japanse hardcore - it's fast and aggressive: they even cover a YOT-song, retitled 'I Have (No) Faith'.
SUMMER LEAGUE : Supposed To Trail
8 song CD on Equality - € 3
The new CD EP from this straight edge band from Bologna, Italy carries on where their previous musical outing left them: old school hardcore, but with quite some melodic influences, and also some more new school and emo influences – on the insert you can see the sleeves of records by Four Walls Falling, 411 and Verbal Assault: that sums up perfectly their musical direction. Their lyrics are still their strongest point: personal and critically towards the (straight edge) scene and the world in general, which is also underlined by song titles like ‘God Save Us From America’ and ‘Downfall Of The Empire’. A band who proves that straight edge still is a political choice.
SUNBURNCOLD : My Heart Will Go On
4 song 7" - € 3
German new school from the Bremen-area. Good, with nice artwork.
SUPERSLEUTH: The Hate Divides
4 song 7” on Underestimated - € 3,50
Melodic, fast-tempoed hardcore out of Naperville, IL (USA). Supersleuth fuses ‘80’s hardcore with straight ahead punk into a tight, fast mix. Comparable to NFAA, Avail and Mouthpiece, but not exactly like any of them.
3 song split 7" on Freak Out - € 3
Suspect play new school, more in the American than in the Belgian style. I also hear some Snapcase-influences, in the way they use their guitars. Sugar Tush, also from Antwerp mix up hiphop, metal and hardcore with a good result.