9 song 7” on Rising Riot / Good Boys - € 3,50
This 7" documents two young bands from Germany. Both, TheFacts and TheSwords sold their sanity for the essence of chaoscore. TheFacts are running a desperate, distressed path through the abyss of subsistence. If you need comparisons, take Some Girls, and Panic. The drugfree and vegan moshmonster, formaly known as TheSwords are out to take a stand against the prevailing stupidity in todays hc-scene. Vegan-SXE gets a new shape, forget the blackened metalmosh-kids without any background. HC needs content, so here are TheSwords.
FAIRFIGHT : The Neverending Road
7 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
Fairfight is a positive sXe-hardcore band from Utrecht, the fourth city of the Netherlands. Energetic and melodic youth crew hardcore in the style of H-Street, GuidingLine, Atari and Spirit 84, coupled with positive lyrics that make sense.
7 song 7” on Commitment - € 3
Second 7” of one of Holland’s leading Straight Edge bands, Fairfight from Utrecht. Again recorded at the Bunt Studios by Menno Bakker, Fairfight brings you 6 songs of melodic, powerful and fast youthcrew hardcore. The new songs are a clear progression from the first 7”, both musically and lyrically, and will have you singing along and jumping around in no time !
11 song CD on Violent World / Fragment / Crusade - € 3
90s inspired political hardcore from Valencia. Lyrics in Spanish, but they come with English translations.
FEUD : Battling Bastards Of Freedom
16 song CD on Take 4 - € 3
The farewell CD of Feud, one of South-East Asia’s premier sXe bands. The band started out in a youthcrew style, but started playing faster through the years, and on this CD they sound more like a fastcore/thrash band. The CD, which is the result of the cooperation of a bunch of international hardcore labels (like Take 4, 625 Thrashcore, Where’s Your Anger, Hell On Earth and Biosleve), ands contains 18 songs of fast and energetic political sXe hardcore.
6 song 7” on Dead And Gone - € 3
A new straight edge band from Nottingham, UK (where do all those UK sXe bands suddenly come from, there are so many that I lost count), of course on Dead And Gone Records, who play pissed off youthcrew. Fast and aggressive, with lyrics that reflect frustration with all those who are not true to their ideals, this record is the perfect soundtrack for an angry mood. “Only here for the social scene, you’re dragging us down – I won’t forfet the third X, I don’t want you around”.
FIGHT FOR CHANGE : More Than Drug Free
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
The debut-7" of one of the upcoming bands from the hyperactive Portugese sXe scene. Besides other Portugese bands like New Winds, Time X and Pointing Finger, Fight For Change is in the frontlines of the European sXe scene. Musically, Fight For Change is mainly influenced by European bands like Mainstrike, Eyeball and Reaching Forwards, which means they play fast and energetic hardcore. From the lyrics it's clear Fight For Change is a sXe band, and like most other Portugese sXe bands, they are not afraid to couple a drug free life style with a strong political (anti-capitalist) stance. As straight edge = politics !
7 song 7” on Commitment - € 3
Fight For Change’s third 7” - their second on Commitment - takes a very big step forward from their previous releases. The music is still firmly rooted in the old school of the late 1980s and the late 1990s, but the production is much more powerful than on their earlier recordings. Seven songs of youthcrew hardcore with all the ingredients that you need: singalongs, breakdowns, fast parts and lyrics that deal both with the edge and with other important issues in this world: animal rights (the record is a benefit for the ALF), the weapon industry and even the dance scene. All lyrics come with explanations, while the booklet also contains information about the campaign for animal rights.
3 song 7” on Demons Run Amok - € 4
The wait is over! Three years after their last album Berlin's very own Final Prayer return with three recently recorded songs. The new release, entitled “Berlin”, contains two new songs of their brand of energetic hardcore which have a more catchy and slightly melodic feel to them. The third song is a cover of Ideal's Neue Deutsche Welle anthem “Berlin”, featuring guest vocals by Nico Wfahm and Bernd Kurtzke of the famous Beatsteaks, done in a way only Final Prayer could have done it. Inspired by life in Berlin – a city that has inspired all form of political opposition ranging from the early workers movement to anti-fascist resistance to the student uprisings in the 1970s and todays attempts to reclaim the city from becoming another boring, fully commercialized hipster town- the record tells stories of resistance and struggle past and present.
3 song CD on Cycle - € 3
The Fire Still Burns is a new band (and should not be mixed up with the band Flame Still Burns from Slovakia), but features members that have already been around for some time and have played or are still playing in bands such as Lifetime, Ensign, Vision, The Scarlet Letter, Strength 691 and Galaxy Down. If you mix all these bands, you get some idea of how The Fire Still Burns sounds – melodic, in the way (later) Dag Nasty, Verbal Assault and Lifetime did it at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. This is the European release of their demo (but it is an official CD, not a CD-R) on a new label from Barcelona.
6 song split-7” on My Sleeping Cat - € 3
Two bands from Slovakia team up on this record that seems to be released by 10 labels/distros from 3 different countries… both bands have dual male-female vocals. Flame Still Burns takes the traditional hardcore sound of the 80s, mix it up with screaming vocals and political lyrics in English and deliver four fast and furious songs. Jednota plays more midtempo hardcore, which automatically leads to longer and less songs (2) with also political lyrics in their own Slovak language. Both bands have a raw sound, that adds to the energy.
FOR THE INNOCENT: We Will Remember
11 song CD on Give Blood / They Live! - € 5
Debut album from this straight edge band from Novosibirsk, Siberia, that features former band members of xFEEL THE PAINx. Modern and heavy hardcore from the deep forests of Siberia!
10 song compilation 7" on Commitment - € 3
After being for eight years on the business, Commitment Records releases it's 25th release, and that is reason enough to make this release something special. This compilation contains ten mostly unreleased songs of Commitment bands past and present; featured are Cross Me, GuidingLine, Fairfight, X-Men, Vitamin X, North, Kids Like Us, One X More, Reaching Forward and Product X and, as you probably already expected: it's ten times of positive straight edge hardcore. The compilation comes with a 20-page booklet with the story behind all the records that have been put out on Commitment so far, and a lot of photos. The front cover drawing is again done by Michiel Uppercut. This compilation is also a benefit for Adele 'I Stand Alone' Collins.
F.P.O.: 2003-2007 Recordings
41 song CD on El Paso - € 3
This CD compiles most of the stuff the Macedonian straight edge/thrashcore band F.P.O. has recorded in the years 2003 to 2007: the tracks of the split CD with Wasserdicht, the split 7”’s with Secret 7, My Revenge and I Object and a bunch of compilations. The CD also contains an unreleased song and a live show, recorded in August 2006 (this is the 41st track). A cool compilation of a very cool band!
F.P.O.: You Don’t Know What A Human Is
12 song CD on Hard Kora - € 3
Recorded during the same session as the ‘Straight To The Point’ 7” on Commitment, F.P.O. give us 12 songs of punky and energetic straight edge hardcore. Another proof that the band decided to split when they reached their top. Highly recommended.
F.P.O.: Straight To The Point
6 song 7” on Commitment - € 3,50
It’s sad, but true. This 7” is the farewell record of these Macedonian straight edge pioneers. And in a way, this 7” also makes the circle round, as on the 7” F.P.O. return to the sound of their early days. The six songs are fast bursts of hardcore punk, with a touch of youthcrew and an emphasis on the punk part. Singer Vasko sings in a raw voice, with gives the songs even more a punk feel. The music was recorded live and that really suits a band that made a name mainly because the many high energy shows they did over the years. The philosophy of F.P.O. did not change through the years: still straight edge, still political, still truly D.I.Y. and this shows in the lyrics, that are sung in their native language, but came (of course) with translations.
FRATELLANZA: A Puattro Anni Dalla Morte
9 song 7” on Cane - € 6
After their 1998 demo, this was the debut 7” of the vegan sXe-band Fratellanza from Vicenza, Italy. Fratellanza (‘Brotherhood’ in Italian) sing about veganism, sXe, women rights and environmental issues (all songs come with an explanation) and couple it with fast youth crew hardcore. This is the Timebomb tour limited edition, limited to 100 copies.
FRATELLANZA: A Puattro Anni Dalla Morte
9 song 7” on Cane - € 6
After their 1998 demo, this was the debut 7” of the vegan sXe-band Fratellanza from Vicenza, Italy. Fratellanza (‘Brotherhood’ in Italian) sing about veganism, sXe, women rights and environmental issues (all songs come with an explanation) and couple it with fast youth crew hardcore. This is the Vicenza Straight Edge festival edition, limited to 20 copies.
15 song CD-compilation on Buxxxa - € 3
This compilation documents the hardcore scene of Santos, Brazil Three bands are featured on this compilation. 100 Ilusoes play old school orientated hardcore with melodic/emo parts and lyrics in Portugese. Face Forward is a sXe band and play fast youthcrew hardcore with lyrics in English. Last band is Larusso, that also play old school hardcore, but with screaming vocals and somewhat more ‘modern’ 90s influences. All in all a nice look into the Santos hardcore scene.
FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD : En Vivo, Lima Peru 2005
26 song CD on Tomorrow - € 3
In 2005, Fuerza de Voluntad (number 1 old school sXe band from Chile) played a great show in Peru, Lima, and this CD documents this show. It starts with the theme of Rambo II, and then bursts into more than 50 minutes of old school glory. All the Fuerza de Voluntad hits are there (like ‘Hardcore No Es Violencia’ and ‘Amistad’), plus covers of Ten Yard Fight, Youth Of Today, Minor Threat and Los Prisioneros.
FUMBLES IN LIFE: Everyday You Can Improve
6 song CD on Youth Crew - € 3
Fumbles In Life is one of the most active bands in the Italian positive hardcore / straight edge scene, being around from early 2002 on. This new MCD brings again six songs of 7 Seconds/Ignite inspired melodic hardcore with positive and social conscious lyrics!
GAB DE LA VEGA: Death On The Shelf
2 song 7" on Alliance - € 4
Solo project by the guitarist/singer of the long running hc band The Smashrooms. Acoustic punk with consciousness, ambientalist and animalist lyrics. Contains a cover of 1000 more fools by Bad Religion.
GET LOST: Unity Is Fucking Dead
8 song CD on High Hopes / Eternalis / Kawaii / Positively Negative – € 3
8 songs in only 12 minutes, so you know what to expect from this straight edge band from Paris. Fast old school hardcore, with some small New York hardcore influences, but without taking the speed away from the songs. Lyrics deal with hypocrisy within the hardcore scene, the war on terrorism, straight edge and the meat industry. Good stuff!
GO! : What We Built Together
9song 7” on Refuse / Stress To Death / Go! - € 3,50
GO! is a positive New York Hardcore band that originally existed from 1989 to 1991. Among bands like Life’s Bloodn, Born Against and Citizens Arrest, they were an integral part of DIY side of NYHC scene in those days. They were known because of their fast, short and positive HC songs with lyrics focused on personal/political issues, caring about social and environmental awareness, confronting racism, sexism, homophobia, violence at shows in their lyrics and supportive to all-ages shows, equality for women, equal rights and respect for gay and lesbian people, essentially having respect for other people in general. In 2006, Go! Reformed and released the "Reactive" 7", taking their values and sounds from the past to present. "What we build together" 7" is their new release contains 9 songs (including two new versions of their old song "You'll say you'll", this time in German and Hebrew versions).
GOOD CLEAN FUN: Shopping For A Crew
4 song 7” on Reflection - € 15
Special edition with a Crucial Youth ripoff cover. This was the European pressing of the debut 7" of this positive vegan straight edge band from Washington, DC.
GOOD FELLAZ: Demos 2007
10 song 7” on Anti Todo - € 3,50
This 7” compiles the first two demos from this hardcore band from the Canary Islands in Spain – mostly known as a favourite touristic spot for many Western European tourists. Good Fellaz play fast and raw hardcore, early 80s style with some late 80s and early 90s influences.
6 song 7” on Refuse - € 4
Polish GOVERNMENT FLU (Warsaw) started in 2008 and their debut was one of the very best releases on local scene. The members of the band are well known individuals who have played throughout the years in many bands incl. KNIFE IN THE LEG, BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE BLACK TAPES, SIX PACK, DAYMARES or SUNRISE. Years of experience lead them straight to an uncompromising sound influenced by early 80s hardcore with their own approach and vibe - fast, tight and rockin'. MRR sez: "Each song here is killer straight-up punk thrash, much in the same realm as DIRECT CONTROL, or CITIZENS PATROL. The USHC influence is strong. These guys are keeping Poland on the map".
6 song 7" on Commitment - € / $ 3
Rotterdam's Guiding Line were one of the first bands that brought the old school sXe back to Holland - and here they are with their debut-7". 6 songs of pure old school power: strong and aggressive vocals backed up by tight playing and a massive production. You won't find it better than this. Ask Frank Sinatra and Jackie Chan ! The artwork will suprise you.
GUIDINGLINE : The Boyscout Revival
6 song 7" on Third Party - € 3,50
Two-and-half years after recording, the record finally is out - the second 7" of GuidingLine, that was delayed for a long time, due to Third Party Records being out of business for some time. But the label is back again, so also the people who were not able to pick up a copy of the very limited (200) release-party edition can listen to this "new" GuidingLine 7" - it's in the same style as the Commitment 7", with the only difference that the voice is somewhat more melodic, and the lyrics are a little bit more moderate. The song 'White Lotus' is a must for every hardliner: "Don't connect yourself with straight-edge, you give it a bad name. If you're looking for a title, fascist suits you better".
THE GUILT SHOW: Those Who Do Wrong Deserve To Be Blamed
4 song 7” on Defiant Hearts - € 3,50
Fast and angry modern-sounding old school hardcore from Bologna and Lignano, Italy. Members have previously played in bands like The Secret, Summer League, Ivory Cage and Not One Word. Comparable to Unbroken mixed with early American Nightmare! The lyrics deal with personal and more social and political issues.White vinyl.
14 song CD on Take Four / Major Malfunction - € 3
Half The battle is from The Phillipines and play pure youthcrew hardcore, sounding like a mixture between early Fastbreak and In My Eyes! One of the best hardcore records to ever come out of The Philippines!
23 song CD on Take Four / Delusion Of Terror - € 3
This 3-way split CD gathers three of the best hardcore bands from the Philippines from the moment. All three bands play hardcore in the traditional style. Dual vocalled Half The Battle mix some modern hardcore influences (American Nightmare) into their hardcore. Play play (sic!) fast and furious hardcore with breakdowns and singalongs (youthcrew-ish, I would say) and straight edge veterans Feud, back together after a (fortunately very) short break, give us eight songs of hardcore power – more hardcore and less thrashy than most of their stuff of the last few years – their best work until now, and the winner of the CD.
4 song split-7" on Moo Cow - € 3,50
I'm always wondering where Moo Cow finds these kinds of bands - most of their bands I never heard of. Handful Of Dust and Song Of Kerman were also new to me. Handful Of Dust from New Jersey can be described as screaming emo new school mayhem with space sounds (they have a member that plays keyboards).. Song Of Kerman from Florida have a more standard hardcore sound, also with emo influences, but more Quickstand-style. Their last songs is a poem, accompanied by feedback and piano. I bet nobody dares to give this record a try.
6 song compilation 7" on Nemesis - € 4.50
Live EP with 6 songs by 6 early 1990s hardcore bands from California and New York: Point Black, Chorus Of Disapproval, Vision, Carry Nation, Killing Time and Sick Of It All. From 1990. Black vinyl.
HAYWIRE: Painless Steel
4 song 7" on Nemesis - € 2
Live EP of this harcore band from California, with former Half Off vocalist Billy Rubin on vocals.
HAYWIRE: Private Hell
12 song CD on We Bite - € 3
From Flex Discography. Ex-Half Off people continuing with a similar sound. Fast angry hardcore with NYHC/mosh influences; actually this is pretty powerful, but the weak, muddy production just kills this record. From 1990.
HEAD TRAUMA : Two Faced E.P.
6 song 7” on Give Praise - € 3
Head Trauma from Long Island, New York deliver simple and rythmetic laid out fast hardcore. It goes into fast paced two step parts, and then blasts right back into simple fastcore.
7" EP on Goodwill - € 4
The label writes: The Headlines are an amazing PunK Rock band from Sweden. They are not afraid to use female vocals, sax or harmonica, but they still keep their songs catchy as hell. This is the PunK Rock at it's finest! Think The Clash at it's best and Rancid at it's very, very best. An absolutely amazing band. 400 copies on WHITE vinyl!!!
HEARTFELT : Take It Or Leave It
14 song CD on Shield - € 3
Heartfelt are from Tilburg, The Netherlands, and this is their third record, and the second on Shield Records. Heartfelt have a modern hardcore sound, comparable to the Nerve Agents or Kid Dynamite, and mix punkrock and hardcore to a sound of their own. Add to this strong aggressive vocals (that somehow remind of Thumbs Down) and the usual good Patrick Delabie production. Lyrics deal with growing up, the consequences of alcohol abuse, homelessness, war, consumerism and more subjects that indicates a band that knows what is going on in this world.
4 song 7” on Dewa / Cadmium Sick - € 3
Split release by AGE's Dewa Records and Boston-based Cadmium Sick Records. The debut EP by Niigata’s HEARTWORK, a record that turned many heads among North American punks. Quick, driving blasts of purist hardcore punk that recall classical US (Negative Approach, Minor Threat), Japanese (Lip Cream, Systematic Death) and even some early UK bands. The pace is set by a consistent galloping beat, fortified by prominent bass, accompanied by shouted vocals and all driven along by a non-stop buzzsaw guitar that occasionally leaps into tasteful leads but never loses the essential momentum.
HENCEFORT : An Ambush Among Friends
4 song 7” on Positive And Focused - € 3
Hencefort from Amsterdam play modern sounding hardcore, that mixes old and new school style elements. They have been compared to bands like Bane and As Friends Rust, other bands who took old school hardcore to new levels. Four tracks of powerful hardcore with aggressive vocals and recorded at Bunt Studios, so a good sounding record is guaranteed. Comes on red vinyl.
17 song CD on Deifer and Xennon - € 3
Compilation CD from 1997 with Brigada Flores Magón (Chile), Disturbio Menor (Chile), Enfermos Terminales (Chile), El Cuervo (Argentina) and BBS Paranoicos (Chile).
8 song 7” on Mad Butcher - € 3,50
The debut-7” of Amsterdam redskins (haha, just joking) Heros & Zeros - an oi band that features some familiar faces - like the singer of Vitamin X and the former singer and drummer of Soberesponse. The musicstyle of Heros & Zeros is totally different from aforementioned bands - Heros & Zeros play midtempo and uptempo oi, and include a trumpet to make it even more interesting- like also one of their favourite bands, Blaggers, did. The lyrics, of which one is in Serbian, are political and I especially dig the lyrics of ‘We Don’t Like You’…
15 song compilation CD on Cannonball - € 3
A compilation with 6 Greek punk and hardcore bands, including Twinkle, No Balance, Fresh Fish Campaign, Tracy Lordz, Point Zero and Figurefour.
6 song 7” on Shield - € 3
High Treason is a new band from The Netherlands, with some familiar faces – former Fairfight and Killtraitors singer Steven and former Fairfight bassplayer Pieter team up with three other guys who have been playing around already for some time in several bands like Still No and Of No Avail. The band plays old school hardcore that contains influences from punkrock to modern hardcore.
7 song compilation-7" on Commitment - € 3
This compilation features 4 USA old school sXe/postive HxC bands, two from Georgia (One Way and No Comply) and two from North Carolina (Reinforce and Until Today). All bands play fast old school hardcore. Reinforce put some rap and dub into their skate song, No Comply has a heavy 7 seconds influence, Until Today have a very cool metal break in one of their songs and One Way play pure youth crew hardcore. The record also contains some wise words of Theodore Roosevelt.
HOMEWRECKER: Portrait Of Nothing
9 song 7” on Defiant Heart - € 4
The label says: “HOMEWRECKER (us) are new band from Ohio. After self-releasing a CD EP in 2008 they now show up with damn pissed high speed trashcore. Adding some heavy breakdowns and hard-hitting mid-tempo parts they will make you wrecking your home while listening to this blast of a record! If you like CEREMONY or (early) R.A.M.B.O. you are not allowed to miss this!” White vinyl.
HOODS UP : Arms Still Open
11 song CD on Refuse - € 5
CD version of the 7” on Commitment on Refuse Records from Poland. Contains as a bonus a cover of Hands Tied and the 2006 demo. 11 songs of hardhitting pounding youthcrew straight edge of one of the most hardworking and sympathic bands around!
HOPE FOR YOUTH: Luchar Y Crecer
8 song 7” on AUGE - € 4
Hardcore from Salamanca, Spain - 8 songs of old school/youthcrew hardcore with Spanish lyrics. Comes beautifully packed, sealed with a red stamp seal!
5 song 7” - € 5
Second pressing, black vinyl with 5-panel insert.
ICEPICK : Goldrush
7 song CD on Not Just Words - €3
Friesland brings us Icepick, a band that already has built a good live reputation and that is now also captured on CD. The Cro-Mags influence is very clear, and they pay tribute to their heros very well. The lyrics deal mostly with relations between people in a reflective way and raise some interesting points. Another winner for Not Just Words!
IDENTITY: Rise To Power
4 song 7” on In Our Hands - € 4
Idenity from Poland features some familiar faces, like members of bands like The Age (aka Second Age), X’s Always Win and Last Item. The band plays hardcore in the style of bands like Dead Stool Pigeon, strong, powerful and well-produced, with the feet firmly in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but still reflexing the spirit of the 21st century. Thoughtful lyrics and cool packaging make up for a strong release!
6 song 7” on Anger Management - € 3
Another American Nightmare inspired band from Europe – In Arm’s Reach make the kind of fast-paced screamy-vocalled hardcore that was made so popular by the band that is now called Give Up The Ghost. Lyrics that reflect a negative view on life and artwork done by Mike Bukowski make the picture complete.
Self-released CD - € 3
This CD compiles all the early recordings of this classic MN hardcore band: demos, split 7” with Birds Of A Feather and some live stuff.
IN REACH: Seize The Day
4 song 7” on Unity Power - € 3
4th release on Unity Power records, and the only 7" by this Burlingon, Vermont hardcore band, besides a split 7" on Jitsu Records with Open Up. Just like the other bands of Unity Power, In Reach plays raw old school hardcore.
8 song 7” on Kick n' Punch / Maximum Overdrive - € 4
This band sounds like they could have easily been on one of the early Mystic Records comps. They are low-fi in the sense that they play really early ‘80s punk with a recording that sounds like it was recorded at the most on a four track. The guitar sound has no distortion and is real bright like a lot of recordings from that time period. Basic three chord, 4/4 punk rock that is really enjoyable because of its simplicity and low production.
6 song 7” on Old Pride - € 4
Inert came together to play a mosh-inducing style of hardcore. This EP has six songs and features guest vocals from Nick Jett of Piece By Piece and Terror.
INSTILLED: Unfinished Business
7 song 7” on State Of Mind - € 4
Instilled are a ferocious and jarring punk rock/hc outfit from the deep south. "Unfinished Busisness" will renew your faith in anger, and remind you exactly how to stay pissed at the world. 7 Songs recorded by Dean at ATOMIC (NY). As seen on tour with Love Is Red, A Perfect Murder, Kids Like Us and will be seen touring regularly. For fans of : The Suicide File, Cro Mags, and No Warning
INSULT: The Scumbag Duke Sessions
10 song 7” on Balowski a.o. - € 3,50
Classic powerviolence from The Netherlands. From 1998.
9 song 7” on Defiant Hearts - € 3
Nine songs of modern sounding old school hardcore (yeah, I know this sounds like a contradiction, but the music is rooted in the late 80s, but the delivery is very much 21st century, so I think the description fits the music) from Germany. Aggressive vocals shouting mostly personal, sometimes poetic, sometimes angry lyrics over fast-pasted hardcore. Nicely done, handprinted artwork. A good debut of both band and label.
IRON: Sex Positive Hardcore
5 song 7” on Assault / Judas Cradle / Instigate / Dempe - € 4,50
Five tracks of fast, catchy and sex positive Hardcore Punk from Malmö, Sweden. These guys are pissed and passionate about bringing back the message into a hardcore scene that is more obsessed with shirts and colored vinyl than challenging the status quo. Their first recorded output serves to illustrate their collective political beliefs: sex positive, queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalistist. Wether it's the straight edge anthem "Mark My Hand",a scathing critique of the current state of the hardcore scene in "No Heart" or championing an unashamed and open sexuality in "Cum Out An Play", xIRONx proudly take a stand, hopefully creating a ripple effect motivating others to re-evaluate their role in this scene and life in general.
7 song split-7” on Crapoulet - € 4
Split between IRRITONES hailing from France, with 77punk rock, and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE , from Germany, they are into Panzer Punk hardcore, just between Tear it up and Briefs, if you're able to imagine that!
7 song compilation 7” on Final Letter - € 4,50
This compilation features 7 Japanese hardcore bands that feature the Japanese old school hardcore scene anno 2011: Inside (Tokyo straight edge), Make It Last, Last One Standing, Anma, Broken Rust, Count Of Strength and Gordon Ivy And The Jaybirds. I have bot the regular cover and the 'The Return Of The X-Men' 2nd pressing, ripoff cover (only 10 copies made!). If you order this record, please indicate which cover you want.
IT'S NOW: Resister Y Exister (Added September 2011)
7 song EP on Commitment – € 4
It's Now is a straight edge hardcore band from Monterrey, Mexico. Already around since 2004, this 7” is their first international release, making them the second Latin American band on Commitment. It's Now is inspired both by political Spanish language bands like Los Crudos and by the late 1980s west coast straight edge sound (Insted, Chain Of Strength). On this 7”, that is more like a mini-album with 16 minutes of music, It’s Now rage through 7 songs of varied, aggressive and political hardcore. Comes on three different colours of vinyl: black, blue and white.
4 song 7" on School Bust - € 3
Soft and emotional pop from Germany.
JARHEAD – BIONIC MAN: Sluts / All That
5 song split 7” - € 3
MRR Review: JARHEAD deliver guitary drunk rock with mid-tempo I sing-songy choruses like "I'm just a drunken loser" and the metal-ish "we're only here for the pizza and beer". Their sloppiness and incomplete packaging proves what a good time drunk rock band this is. BIONIC MAN are more stern and confrontational with two tunes in the MINOR THREAT vein | and the third tending towards FUGAZI.
JUDAS ISCARIOT: Harrison Bergeron Bound? A Collective Provocation By The Judas Iscariot
8 song 7" on The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists, Ltd. - € 3
Quiet-loud screamo with political lyrics. From 1997.
JUGGLING JUGULARS: Skeletons In The Closet
5 song 7" on Halla / Grey Days - € 3
80-style hardcore from Finland - fast, with some melodic and rockish parts, very good produced: hardcore as I like it best.
JUST DIE!: Since The Day We Were Born
6 song 7” on Goodwill - € 4
JUST DIE! come from Asheville, North Carolina, USA and have been around since 2006. After a handful of releases, they went into studio to record a 6 song 7" for Goodwill records. And what a killer record it is! 6 HardCore blasts, all under 2 minutes each, that kick you in the teeth with their sheer energy, bring to memory bands like Have Heart, Ruiner and Paint It Black. With abrasive vocals and relentless rhythm section they create a wall of sound with underlying melancholic guitarwork that used to characterize some of the past Goodwill records bands like At Half-Mast or Day Of The Dead.
JUST SAY YO! #4 - € 2,50
Fourth issue of the cool French fanzine. This issue features interviews with On, Bridge And Tunnel, The Movielife, The Saddest Landscape, Austin Lucas, Bökanövsky and Hate5Six, plus reviews, columns and more.
KEEP IN MIND: Down Stairs
4 song 7” on Donut Crew - € 3,50
Melodic hardcore from Colorado, featuring Rich Jacobs (before that in Atomic Dilemma and the man behind Donut Crew Records) on guitar. From 1990.
KEEP IT REAL #10 - € 3
The 10th issue of Greece’s premier hardcore zine, this time featuring interviews with Fucked Up, Bitter End, Glasses, Dwid of Integrity, Lemuria, AC 4, Antimob, Throats, A Endstand/Manifesto Jukebox photo report, review, columns, etcetera.
KIDS LIKE US: Truth Alone Triumphs
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
The first band from outside of Holland/Belgium to release a 7" on Commitment - Kids Like Us hail from Stavanger, on the Norwegian coast and are more melodic than the other Commitment-bands. Old-Dagnasty-style. The lyrics come with long explanations, which is proof that this band has some more things to share with the world than loud music. No standard artwork on the sleeve either.
7 song 7" on Bloodlink - € 3
Dual male-female political and thrashy hardcore punk from Philadelphia. From 1997.
10 song 7" on Hammerwerk - € 2,50
Split between English emo-band and crustband from Austria.
7 song split 7” - € 3
Bastard Youth kick off their side with some muddy recorded brutal hardcore crust. Some State of fear mosh parts with Spazz style freak outs and also a bit of Unhinged’s emo-crust. Knifed have a better production and play a much more straight forward 80’s hardcore style with strained vocals.
5 song split 7" on Darbouka - € 6
Second pressing, red vinyl. No 272/500. On this 7", Petrograd from Luxembourg teams up with Kontra La Paré from Uruguay. Petrograd plays melodic punkrock/hardcore, that reminds me a lot of Dutch band Vernon Walters. Kontra La Paré play dual male/female crustpunk on the first song, and ska with some punk influences on the second song.
KULTA DIMENTIA: Ausser Funktion
7 song double-7" on Sacro Egoismo - € 4,50
When a record of a band is released by 3 labels at a time, it must be something really special. Well, it is. This Austrian band plays varied hardcore with real interesting German lyrics.
4 song CD on Pure & Simple - € 4,50
Last Breath Denied, who hail from the western part of The Netherlands, are more metal than metalcore – on their website they mention bands like Pantera, AC/DC and Dream Threatre, so you know where they are coming from. Still, on the pictures on the website they look more like hardcore kids than metal kids (but, well, the time that metal kids wore leather jackets, long hair and Slayer-patches lies long behind us). Thriving and mostly slow and powerful metalcore/metal.
LAST MILE: Heavyweights
4 song 7” on Demons Run Amok - € 4
The label says: 4 new songs from this Danish killer outfit.Making a name for themselves with their debut CD “Last Mile” and playing constantly since that releasedate Last Mile hits you with their next 7”. Think of Terror meets No Warning meets American Nightmare!
LEFT IN RUINS: Fertilizing The Soil
10 song 7” on Putrid Filth Conspiracy - € 3
Fast powerviolence influenced Dis-core from Sweden. From 1998.
LET IT BURN: Hello Good Friend
3 song 7” on Coalition - € 2.50
Melodic NJ hardcore on Dutch Coalition Records. Vocals remind me of By The Grace Of God, while musically, it sounds like a mixture of melodic hardcore and punkrock. Included is a cover of the David Bowie song 'Hang On To Yourself'. Pink vinyl. From 2002.
LET’S GROW: Disease Of Modern Times
13 song CD on Refuse - € 3
Let’s Grow from Belgrade, Serbia, present, after two 7”’s, their first full length. 13 songs (and 1 bonus song at the end of the CD) of fast high-energy hardcore, taking the best elements of fast US 80’s hardcore with classic European hardcore. Intelligent lyrics (of which some come with explanations) about depression, the way humanity threats the earth, death, musical progression and honesty. Comes with a rather thick booklet with nice artwork.
5 song 7” on United Blood - € 4
Modern sounding hardcore from Berlin, Germany, on this new German label, ran by the guys of the cool Ravens Request zine. Liberty Stands Still is clearly inspired by bands like American Nightmare and Shark Attack, both musically, lyrically and artwork – it’s all rather dark, but very well executed!
4 song 7" on Groovecore - € 3,50
Black vinyl. Life Support has members of various North Carolina hardcore bands, with former Naked Angels vocalist Rob R Rock on vocals. Musically, the band plays youthcrew with some NYC HC/new school influences. This is the 1997 demo put on vinyl.
5 song 7” on Brown - € 3
This 7” features two up and coming hardcore bands from Finland. Satura Lanx covers quite a few bases, from the energetically paced chord progressions of traditional hardcore given a dissonant face lift, to post-hardcore accoutrements that blend both subtle melody and a chunkier metallic undercurrent. On the flip side you have Lighthouse Project banging through their modern hardcore sound drawing influences from bands like Modern Life is War, Unbroken, American Nightmare and more.
5 song split 7" on Unity Power - € 2,50
Line Of Fire bring you 2 songs of old school hardcore; Capgun play 3 songs in the same style. From 1997
10 song CD on Ugly And Proud - € 3
Lions Den is a new straight edge band from Sweden with former members of Outlast, Another Reason, Go For Broke and Dead Repise. Lions Den has a modern hardcore sound, in the vein of bands like Guns Up and No Warning.
LIPKICK: Attack Of The Appron Dress Zombies
6 song 7” on Kink - € 3,50
This is the 1st 7" from Germanys next thrasher grrrls of LIPKICK after their demo tape debut in 2006. Fans of hasty and early US-inspired hardcore bands, especially with a female vocalist like I Object or The Tangled Lines, will probably like this.
LIVE FOR TODAY: Taking It Back
7 song CD on Our Pride - € 3
Antelope Valley's Live For Today come together to re-introduce old school hardcore to a metalcore driven scene. So if you like songs about friendship, faith, sobriety, and believing in yourself then pick up your copy today! For fans of Gorilla Biscuits and Side By Side. A.V. posicore in full effect.
LOI: El Oo Wie?
6 song 7" on Poisoned Youth - € 3
Band from that part of Holland that's famous because of all the beautiful flowers that are grown there. LOI fits in perfectly with all those flowers: nice melodies, catchy chorusses, but with an edge as sharp as the thorns of roses. Lofi sound quality, but it's better to have excellent songs with a lofi sound quality than lofi songs with a excellent sound quality! Drummer Peter later started Commitment band Oil. From 1997.
LOSER LIFE: Burning Fields
2 song 7” on Thrashbastard - € 3,50
Hailing from Bakersfield, the armpit of California, Loser Life releases a new 7” that hones their Articles of Faith/Leatherface brand of melodic and aggressive hardcore. Fuelled by all the anger and frustration that comes with growing up in a hostile and ignorant hicktown, Loser Life conveys a certain sense of urgency that many of their fellow Chicago style hardcore worshippers lack.
LOST BOYS: Work. Life. Regret
3 song 7” on Thrashbastard - € 4
The label says: Catchy, mid-tempo hardcore/punk inspired by bands like ANGRY SAMOANS, CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLAG among others. It’s LOST BOYS’ 6th release, after a demo (on tape and later on vinyl), the first EP, the Split EP’s with STRONG AS TEN and SUNPOWER and the Split-LP with THE IRRADIATES. This new 4-Song-7“ (including a M.I.A. cover) brings you raging hardcore/punk heavily influenced by the 80’USHC with a bit of Boston and lots of California in the mix. It’s furious, melodic and aggressive, the guitar (garage-ish) sound give an extra abrassive touch together with the raspy vocals. The Cover-Artwork is done by Andrei Bouzikov.
LYON ESTATES: Come Mille Altre Volte
5 song 7” on Goodwill / Annoying / Burning Boards - € 4
LYON ESTATES come from Bologna, Italy and have a full on HardCore pedigree. Formed in 2007 from the ashes of BANxTHIS, Learn, The Guilt Show, Ingegno, Dissonanza, The Coming Fall, this band offers fast and furious HardCore that falls somewhere between oldschool Italian bands like Sottopressione, La Crisi or early PHP on one side and their US conterparts, notably Carry On and Verse. 5 songs on their sophomore release won't leave you cold, that's for sure.
LUMBERGH: 7 Songs For 7 Inches
7 song 7” on Chuck Up - € 3
Albany hardcore from 2002.
9 song split 7” on Bonus Choke - € 3
Both bands are from Albany, NY, and play trashy hardcore. From 2002.
MAINTAIN: Searching For Balance
4 song 7” on Words Of War - € 4
Maintain is a product of the strong friendship of founding members Chris and Sean who started writing songs together in the summer of 2005. Coming out of the thriving Boston/Merrimack Valley Hardcore scenes of Massachusetts, Maintain put out a demo that implores them to take a step back, examine their experiences in growing up, and the values that define their character. On their debut 7", Maintain looks to do just that in a world driven and bled by competition and greed. They aim for this record to serve as a call to action in constructing their future in a more just, sustainable and free society, while musically and lyrically calling on the influence of bands such as Outspoken, Trial, Strife, and Inside Out.
4 song split-7" on Submit - € / $ 3,50
Positive State changed their sound, compared to their debut-7": it has become less poppy and more punkish and aggressive. Majority Rule play the same style of noisepunk. Very DIY-packaging.
MAN IN THE SHADOW : Pax Americana
4 song 7" on Choose Life - € / $ 3
Screaming emo from Slovenia - lyrics are also in Slovenian, but an English translation is included in the beautiful designed booklet, that, besides the lyrics, also contains some political and personal writings. The lyrics are political lyrics, but written in a personal way.
6 song 7” on Brandstifter - € 4
Danish hardcore from the mid-1990s. In a time that most Danish bands were either inspired by UK Subs, MDC or Biohazard, Married To A Murderer came with an original sound, that mixed fast hardcore and screamo, and was firmly routed in DIY ethics. This is their only 7”, that was released in 1995.
25 song CD compilation on Royal Blood - € 3
This CD compilation was released on the occasion of the wedding of the Dutch crown prince and his Argentinian girlfriend, who happened to be the daugther of a former minister of the Argentinian junta of the 1970s/80s. The line-up of the Dutch contains a wide variety of Dutch punk and hardcore-bands (from youthcrew to crust, from punkrock to thrash, from riot grrrl to screamo), bands that have been around for a long time, and new bands that just have arrived on the scene. Almost all tracks have been specially written for this copmpilation and are recorded at the Bunt studios, so you don’t have to worry about the sound quality. Some names: Seein Red, Vitamin X, Mihoen!, Reaching Forward, Brezhnev, MilkMan, S.A.F., Spirit 84, Betercore, Human Alert, The Shining, Uit De Sloot, Shikari, PCP, Makiladoras, Anti-Soma and many more. The CD comes with a 40-page booklet with all lyrics and some background information about the monarchy in Holland and what happened in Argentina in the 1970s/80s.
MCRACKINS: I'll Stick To Beer
3 song 7" on No Frills - € 3
The McRackins (Canadian poppunk band) most popular 7-inch, includes the Russian Radio hit (no joke) Puppy Mill. A 7-inch about staying away from the porcelain god.
MEDIA CHILDREN: But Still They Ignore...
5 song 7” on Mass Media Records - € 5
Crust record from the late 1980s, from my personal collection. Dual male-female vocals, very political lyrics and a fold out cover.
6 song 7” on Thrashbastard / Inge's Revenge - € 4
The label says: Awesome new band from the outskirts of Berlin that seem to be around 19 years old on average. Their tracks usually clock in at about a minute or so, and in there franticness, they manage to drive home more sentiment than most bands can do with a box set. Sure it’s negative (lyrically) and angst ridden to the core, but hey, the world does suck a bit after all. While most kids are oblivious to this fact because they’re playing Rock Band or partaking in other meaningless endeavors, these Minus Apes are pounding in the nail of truth with a voice that only pissed-off kids can muster up. I’ll be damned if MINUS APES don’t remind me of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, ANGRY SAMOANS, T.S.O.L. and ADOLESCENTS. This is a band for people that don’t like people. And all the others…
MIRACLE : True Spirit EP
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
The Miracle is a new old school hardcore band from the Milan area, Italy. Althought the band only started in the beginning of 2004, the members have been active in other bands (like Shotgun Formation, Fumbles In Life, Frontline and No More Fear) for many years. The Miracle sport a heavy old school sound, but keep it fast and energetic (think: Headfirst on their debut-7?). In their lyrics The Miracle address scene related, personal and political topics. The record is a benefit for Amnesty International.
MIRACLE : True Spirit
7 song CD on No Mercy - € 3
CD-version of the Commitment debut-7” of The Miracle. Contains as a extra a multi media bonustrack.
11 song 7” on Lengua Armada - €8
Powerviolence from Chicago. The 7" has hand-made covers with screen printed graphics. Includes lyric booklet insert.. From 1996.
5 song 7” on Lucifer’s Legion - € 3,50
More Than Ever from the southof Germany making themself a name in the scene through playing energetic live shows and their great debut full-length. More Than Ever deliver 2 songs of pure emotion. From anger and desperation to hope and love and all the way back. With it's top notch production, great songwriting and guitarmelodies this modern new-school sound will hit everybody who’s into Shai Hulud or old Poison The Well. Turn Away from the south, as well delivers 2 intense and catchy hardcore tracks combined with amazing punk-rock tunes. Be prepared for a storm of melodic guitar parts, fast and catchy hardcore that brings fun and passion back into our beloved scene. Above that, the cover-artwork done by Mike Bukowski looks great, too.
8 song CD on Vietnamita - € 3
Morte Asceta, from Curitiba Brazil, plays manic thrashcore with over the top vocals and political lyrics in Portugese. From 2002.
MOSKWA: Studio '84
4 song 7" on Warsaw Pact - € 8
Studio recordings from 1984 from this legendary Polish hardcore punk band. Orange vinyl, 2nd pressing.
MOURNINGSIDE A.D.: Confessions Of Disbelief
4 song 7” on Hardpress Records - € 3
Mourningside (now Mourningside A.D.) takes its name from a Mean Season song, and that's also clear from the sound of the band - heavy 90s inspired hardcore, with influences of Snapcase, Unbroken and 108.
7 song 7” on Busted Head - € 12
These guys are from Richmond, VA, and play fast hardcore that these days is called thrash - five years ago this would probably be called powerviolence, but well, times change and trends change. It’s thrash all over the record, with a sleeve drawn by Jeff Gaither, with not so nice looking zombies, and lyrics about thrashing on the streets, thrashing at school and thrashing at shows.
MY LAI: Pony Soldier
4 song 7" on Lengue Armada - € 3.50
American hardcore / emo-violence band from Chicago, IL, with their debut 7" on Lengue Armada Records. Comes in a handmade cover with insert. From 1997.
MY LUCK : Endurance
4 song 7” on Not Just Words - € 3
This 7” will accompany the first European tour of this Houston/Cleveland hardcore band that has put some 7”’s on Youngblood Records. Modern sounding hardcore (think Give Up The Ghost a.o.) with mostly personal lyrics.
MY TURN – THE BRIDGE: Friendship
4 song split 7” on Goodwill - € 4,50
This split brings 4 songs of two active European HC bands. The Bridge (ex-Hitman) offer 2 heavy hitters between Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud and Betrayed. Guest guitar by Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo! My Turn, on the other hand, deliver two oldschool HC songs with prominent NYHC influence.