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3 POINT TURN: Lovesong Unabomber
6 song 7” - € 3
3 Point Turn are from Hoogeveen, home from bands like One Day Closer, Point Of Few and Gabriel’s Despair (3 Point Turn feature some former members of this band) - on their debut-7”, 3 PT mix melodic punkrock (especially in the singing) with melodic old school in the style of Atari and Oil.
5DMENOS: Avanzando
13 song CD on Direccion Positiva - €3
New York City inspired hardcore from Medellin, Colombia. From 2003.
7 INCH BOOTS: Tamped Concrete E.P.
6 song 7" on Snoop Records - € 5
German hardcore with the typical early 1990s hardcore sound. From 1990.
7 song compilation 7” on Wee Wee - € 4
After the Reflections CD compilation, a second compilation of bands paying tribute to 7 Seconds by covering their songs. This one has Enstand (Finland), Fake Hyppi (France), This Side Up (Italy), Stranded (France), Intensity (Sweden, with 2 songs) and Second Rate (France) - the last bands suprises with a very original remake of the classic ‘Young Till I Die’. The 7” comes in a very beautiful DIY-style sleeve and a booklet with all lyrics and info about the bands.
6 song split-7" on Shing - € 4.50
Within Reach is from Sweden and 1125 is from Poland. Both bands play NYC influenced hardcore. Within Reach cover The Germs, 1125 cover The Misfits. Both bands also have two originals each. From 2000.
21 ENEMY: Demo 2003
6 song CD-R on Sell Our Souls - € 2
21 Enemy released it's first demo in 2001. This second demo was released on Sell Our Souls Records from Barcelona, Spain and contains six songs of pure youthcrew hardcore, with all the usual ingredients: energetic vocals, crew backups, fast parts, breakdowns and lyrics about making a positive change. The six songs have a raw sound, but sound energetic enough to make it stand out as one of the better European youthcrew demo’s of 2003. Besides singing about bringing in the fun back in hardcore, being committed to hardcore and working for positive change, 21 Enemy shows its political stand in the anti-religious ‘2000 Years’ and the anti-racist ‘Strive For Brotherhood’.
34 song CD on La Bruja - € 3
Benefit compilation for the Pemón Indigenas of Venezuela with bands from Venezuala, Switzerland, Colombia, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, France, Poland and the USA. Some names: Los Crudos, Cólera and Apatia No.
2 song 7” on Salad Days – € 4.50
Two songs of heavy and heartfelt Hardcore from Portugal. For fans of Rise And Fall and Unbroken. Comes on pink or clear vinyl. Limited to 200.
4 song 7” EP on Not Just Words
Continuing where they left off with their selftitled debut, Dutch sXe-ers Abusive Action deliver four brand new songs, definately their very best so far (how cliche but how true). Take their previous stuff, add some more groove, heaviness, Breakdown and (early) Madball influences and you know what to expect.
AGE : The Age
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
Polish straight edge band The Age (aka Second Age) make their vinyl debut with this 6-track 7" EP. After a CD EP and a full length CD album, that was released on Refuse Records in their homecountry, this is also their first 'international' release. Mixing youthcrew with melodic hardcore, adding lyrics focusing primarily on scene-related issues and straight edge, The Age clearly show why they are considered as one of the leading East European straight edge bands. The record, that is a benefit for a local horse shelter, comes in a stylish sleeve.
4 song 7" on Opale - € 3
Higly political emo-core from France, in the style of Undone.
4 song 7” on Sa Mob - € 4.50
These four tracks from Connecticut's Ambitions were originally recorded for their demo in 2005 and have been remastered and released on vinyl in 2007. Ambitions feature three core members of With Honor and bring a melodic sound akin to that of Ignite, H2O and Dag Nasty.
ANCHOR: Relations of Violence
4 song 7" - € 4
The label writes: This is a surprise release since it wasn't announced before and here it is! 4 brand new songs of one of the most hard-working current bands in Europe. This Vegan Straight Edge HC band from Sweden already has done several European tours and recently a North American tour. This new 7" is following their "The Quiet Dance" full length on Refuse and Catalyst. "Relations of Violence" brings a darker, but also more intense approach to what the band has done before. There's still a strong 90's hardcore influence in there, but we can definitely also hear some influences from the best cuts of Swedish hardcore punk history (for example, bands like Anti-Cimex) or recent dark heavier bands like Cursed. It's all served up in original and unique way, sounding like a perfect combination with a powerful impact where message and content is still important.
THE ANSWER: You Had Your Chance
6 song 7” on Anchor - € 4.50
Seattle, WA's The Answer play fast, hard, and still unapologetic straight edge hardcore full of intense lyrics and hard hitting breakdowns. From 2003.
ANXIETY ATTACK (Added September 2011)
8 song 7” on Build Me A Bomb a.o. - € 4
The label says: After an early Boston hardcore influenced demo tape, this young band from Lille (France) brings some fast punk hardcore with some youth crewish parts that reminds Life's Halt or DS-13. Clear red vinyl and silkscreened cover!
APATIA NO : Cuando El Rumor Es Informacion
10 song 7” on Noseke - € 3.50
The 8th EP (also counting split-EP’s) of this longest lasting and most-well known hardcore band from Venezuela - Apatia No still plays the same style of crusty political hardcore, mostly midtempo, although on the EP they have speeded up a little bit, and they seem to have added a second, more rough sounding, vocalist, which gives them even more of a crusty sound. 10 songs in all, and it comes in a fold-out sleeve with a lot of information (all in Spanish).
10 song split-7” on Punks Before Profits - € 3,50
Both bands are from NY, both bands have dual male/female vocals, are very DIY-minded and play political crusty hardcore. The production (or lack of…) gives it a real 80s feeling, and as the 80s were a hip period in hardcore, this is not a bad thing. Armed With Intellligence reminds a little bit sometimes of early Betercore, The Young Ones of Media Children (but well, this comparison does not make much sense, because probably nobody still remembers Media Children…)
AS IT IS: Reflect...
6 song tape on Final Letter Records - € 3,50
As It Is was a band from Japan, that existed from 2006 to 2010. The band was inspired by bands like 97a and Thrash Talk, playing fast and speedy hardcore. This tape was released in 2009 by the Japanese label Final Letter Records.
Third issue of the ‘krishna edge’ fanzine that first was known as Quest For Certainty. It contains good and interesting interviews with Big (ex-MLB, ex-Mainstrike and now No Denial), Strung Out, Darwin and, besides the usual stuff like reviews, writings about ‘many different topics dealing with an insightful life such as yoga, gaudiya vaishnavism’, as editor Tim puts it himself. Recommended reading.
6 song 3-way split-7" on Threesome - € 3
This record is on Threesome, so you know what to expect: quality metallic hardcore. Ashfall was a project of some Mallorn-members with a singer, who puts a strong christian message in his lyrics. Miasmata's lyrics are more political, while the music is very heavy. Contrition lyrics are really dark, and the music fits the lyrics allright - allmost black metal.
8 song 7” on Havoc - € 3,50
Assembly Of God is from Oklahoma, and features members of Brother Inferior, Burnpile and Subsanity, and in sound resembles especially Brother Inferior - which means fast traditional hardcore with angry shouted vocals. Lyrics mostly deal with reflections of our current capitalist society.
ASSFORT: Akyufuoto
4 song 7" on Prank - € 4
Fast and thrashy hardcore from Japan. From 1997. Blue clear vinyl.
AT BOTH ENDS – Issue 9 / Issue 10: Final Issue
Magazine, plus 8 song double-7” - € 10
148-page magazine/book that compiles two new issues worth of At Both Ends Magazine and two 7” records with songs from BANE, GRADE, UNRESTRAINED (Portland, Oregon) and BETWEEN THE EARTH AND SKY (members of Trial, By A Thread, Catharsis, Walls Of Jericho). All recordings are exclusive to this release. In the magazine are articles and interviews with Bane, Sick of it All, Verse, Shook Ones, Bill Stevenson, Sparkmarker, Anchor, Shai Hulud, Greg Bennick, Devotion, Wait In Vain, To Kill and a ton more stuff. This is about as packed as a zine can get. The magazine is perfect bound with glossy pages and color covers. Printing is similar to a book and is higher quality than pretty much any commercial magazine you would find in a store..
4 song split-7” on Goodwill - € 4
At Half-Mast offers one song of over 6 minutes of heavy oldschool newschool mix with screamed vocals. To The Embers is a new band from Italy, presenting 3 songs in 6 minutes of abrasive fast/slow HardCore that both draws influences from the distant (Chain Of Strength, Battery) as well as recent past (Shai Hulud, Champion, American Nightmare, Stay Gold). This record is part 2 of a series of 4 split-7”’s with artwork of four different international artists, that together tell a story. Blue vinyl.
6 song 7" on Lengua Armada - € 3,50
Fast hardcore. From 2000.
7 song 7" on Ape Records - € 3,50
Political emocore from France, with lyrics in Spanish. Comes with a booklet/cover and lyrics translated in English.
8 song split 7” on Yellow Dog - € 6
Two Discharge-type bands team up on this 1999 split 7”.
26 song compilation CD on Refuse - € 3
This record compiles four Polish bands. The Age is featured with the six songs of their Commitment EP: six songs of melodic straight edge youth crew hardcore. Crush All Fakes follow which seven songs that were supposed to be a MCD on Refuse. Next is Insurrection, a band inspired by 90s new school hardcore with the six songs that were also released as a 12” on Rebellious Records. Last is X's Always Win, a straight edge band that was around in 2005 and 2006, with their demo songs.
5 song 7” on Mad At The World - € 3,50
The cover reminds me of The Misfits, while the music is a mix between early 80s hardcore, rock ‘n’ roll, blues and garage - the production adds to the early 80s sound. The band featured Dan who did Mad At The World fanzine/records and the drummer of Tear It Up (formerly of Dead Nation and Fast Times).
BAN THIS!: Creepy Crawl EP
12 song 7” on Stress To Death - € 3
This 7” EP documents the first year of Ban This!, a hardcore thrash band from Italy. The first side 7 songs recorded in 2005, the second side 5 songs recorded in 2006. The sound of Ban This! is inspired by early 1980s hardcore bands like S.O.A. and Black Flag, but they also remind me of Stark Raving Mad (partly because of the voice). Lyrics are very pissed off, and deal with dead friendships, wanting to kill kids at school, skateboarding, depression and glam girls. Good stuff!
BAN THIS: How To Destroy A Quiet Sleep
4 song 7” on Agipunk / Don't Need - € 3
Last 7” of these straight edge trashers from Italy. This is definitely in a league with their countrymen in Smart Cops and Anti You, but Ban This have a lot more variation in their sound than those bands. There's a definite California punk influence, though, and one track even has a killer Agent Orange-style surf-punk riff.
22 song CD on Mince Act - € 3
3 band grindcore bands do a benefit for the Malaysian Food Not Bombs chapter: Agathocles from Belgium, Ravage from Malaysia and Comrades from Italy. The booklet contains information about Food Not Bombs, photos of hardcore kids giving food to homeless people and of course the lyrics to all the songs.
BETTER TIMES: Better Measures (Added September 2012)
6 song 7" on Commitment - € 4
Buffalo, NY band Better Times started late 2010, when members of Our Times, No Love Lost and Impact teamed up to form a new straight edge band. Better Times played its first show in January 2011 and recorded their first demo one month later. In October of that year, the band entered the studio again, and recorded six songs for the “Better Measures” EP, that was released on tape by Like Glue Records. Commitment Records now releases a remixed version of this EP on vinyl. Better Times, musically influenced by bands like Insted, Floorpunch, Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, plays energetic midtempo to fast youthcrew hardcore. Lyrically, the band celebrates their local scene and stresses the importance of being positive, having a critical mind and doing something worthwhile with your life! This 7” is another proof that the American straight edge/youthcrew scene is still very much alive! Comes on green and black vinyl, limited to 400 copies. Please indicate which colour you want (black, green or both).
7 song 7” on State Of Mind - € 5
The third 7” of this Buffalo, NY straight edge band (after the vinyl edition of the Better Measures tape on Commitment Records and the vinyl edition of their 2011 demo on Press Gang Records) brings seven new songs of energetic youthcrew, stylish packed in an arigato style jacket with spine, on Long Island, NY State Of Mind Recordings. Limited to 210 copies on black vinyl and includes free digital download.
BEWARE: Won't Get The Best Of Me
6 song 7" on Control - € 4,50
Hailing from the beautiful city of Philadelphia, and featuring (ex) members of Stick Together, Let Down and Mother Of Mercy, BEWARE have quickly made a name for themselves by writing anthemic and passionate Straight Edge Hardcore in the tradition of bands like Chain Of Strength and In My Eyes. Their sound is honest and aggressive, yet with a melodic undertone. Classic, timeless hardcore that rings familiar and sounds fresh at the same time. Their debut EP on Control Records features 3 songs off their well received demo, re-recorded, and 3 brand new songs.
BFH : Burned From Hope
12 song tape on On Point - € 2,50
Second album of BFH - more varied than their first tape, not only mixing old and new school, but also emo and rock-influencing, giving BFH a real sound of their own.
5 song 7” on Commitment #36 - € 3,50
Birds Of A Feather is band with many familiar faces from the Dutch straight edge scene. All members are over 30 and still keep the straight edge flame burning. Manliftingbanner, Mainstrike, Crivits, X-Men, Betray, the zine Value Of Strength, to mention some of the many projects the BOAF members have been involved in. These five songs, recorded during the sessions for their debut-album, show that being over 30 does not mean that you have to become watered down: fast, to the point, energetic, taking inspiration of the classic straight edge bands from the late 1980s. The lyrics reflect on life, looking back, but especially looking forward, staying true to ideals, growing as a human being with compassion and gaining insight.
BLACK SPIRALS: Consuming The Rests (Added August 2011)
7 song 7" on Defiant Hearts - € 4
France was not known for bearing great hardcore bands during the last years but at times there are some really promising and fresh bands on the rise. And Black Spirals from Paris tops them all with their uncompromising sound. Their music combines different hardcore styles at which the most obvious influence is TRASH TALK - fast parts, heavy breakdowns, agressive vocals - but all played with an originality and a variety that makes the songs very diversified. An exceptional record far above average.
BLADE: Lambs To The Slaughter
4 song 7” on Ugly And Proud - € 4
Blade is a Belgian straight edge band with a heavy and metal-influenced sound, but still keeping it hardcore, instead of metal-core. The band mixes influences of Cro-Mags, Ringworm and Integrity into a sound of their own. Recorded at Midas, so you know it sounds great. Lyrically, the band celebrates hardcore, questions base instinct of people and critizes edge breakers and war. Comes in very professional looking fantasy inspired artwork. Recommended for people who like 90s inspired straight edge hardcore.
3 song 7” on Refuse - € 3
With their self-titled debut 7” that came out in 2005, Blank Stare impressed many, including the labels Third Party Records and Refuse Records, who both offered them to release their next 7”. Both 7”’s were put out at the same time, both include three hard-hitting aggressive straight edge hardcore anthems. The first song, Suicide, does not deal with suicide, but with the Suicide Girls: “Think its dirty hard raunchy, but its tame (…) Just handing over identity to those they should replace. This new punk iconography is bullshit. Its pornography. There’s no empowerment. No restitution. Its useless”. Cool that finally some hardcore band speaks out! The song ‘Violence’ deals with the two-faced relationship man has with violence and the last song ‘Cowards’ is another strong stance against sexism. Very highly recommended!
BLIND SPOT: The Beginning Or The Beginning Of The End
double-7" on Springtime - € 5
California hardcore from the 1990s.
BOILING MAN : Roadkill Museum
7 song 7" on Six Weeks - € 3
Crusty hardcore from New Haven, Conneticut with political lyrics.
BRANCH DAVIDIAN - GRG: Split (Added August 2011)
7 song 7" on Defiant Hearts / S.B.S. - € 4
DH08 is a split 7" from US trashcore bands GRG (OKC/Oklahoma) and Branch Davidian (Austin/Texas). The labels calls this the "massacre record"...remember? 1993 Waco (Branch Davidian sect) and 1995 Oklahoma (Timothy McVeigh) ...nuts! The music of both bands is a massacre, too!!! Trash to the bone...
BRAND NEW UNIT: Quickdraw Richy Rich
3 song 7” on Heart First - € 3
Melodic hardcore from Canada. First 7” on German label Heart First. From 1995.
BRAND NEW UNIT: All For Nothing
3 song 7” on Heart First - € 4
Melodic hardcore from Canada. Second 7” on German label Heart First. From 1995.
BRAT PACK: Hate The Neighbors
13 song CD on Crucial Attack / Ha-Ko Bastards / Dirty Faces - € 5
Hailing from the eastern part of The Netherlands comes a band that you would expect from the western and sunny side of California. The band started in 2006 and not long after that they recorded a demo which was well received. With ex- and current members of Beans, Antillectual, My Reply and Citizens Patrol they have a wide variety of musicians in the band and that's something you distinctly hear in their sound. Influences vary from the melodic sounds of Nofx ( take note off the melodic guitar intros), Bad Religion, No Use For A Name but with a harder edge than any of these bands using influences of hardcore bands such as RKL, Stalag 13, 7 Seconds en old New York and DC hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Urban Waste. Brat Pack delivers 13 songs of full excitement and loads of melodies which will have you dancing in no time.
6 song 7” on Reality - € 3,50
Debut 7" by this promising new Belgian Band, delivering 5 tough youth crew songs similar to JUDGE's 'Bringing it Down' LP! Hard hitting hardcore. For fans of Breakdown, Outbreak, and Agnostic Front. From 2006.
BREAK ME : The Sun Is On Its Rise Again
7 song MCD on Kill Me Twice - € 3
Aggressive and powerful melodic hardcore from Västerås, Sweden. Lyrics deal mainly with betrayal and friendships faded away.
BREAK THE CHAIN: A Time We’ll Remember
7 song 7” on Rebellious – € 4
Debut 7” of Break The Chain from Southern California, USA. Pissed off straight edge hardcore in the classic 88 style. Angry lyrics that deal with personal issues and addiction. Good stuff!.
BROTHER INFERIOR: Dismantling The Capitalist Machine
7 song 7" on Trujaca Fala - € 3,50
Euro-tour 1999 edition. Oklahoma Hardcore.
BRUTAL ASSAULT: Fuck You, Motherfucker!
16 song CD on Constipation - € 3
How many Israel hardcore bands do you know? Well, you can add another to the list, because Brutal Assault is (or better, was, as they have broken up unfortunately). The band plays fast early 80s hardcore with powerful vocals. They cover Faith, so that should say something about the style of hardcore this band is playing!
7 song CD on Townhall - € 3
Hardhitting modern hardcore from South Korea – Burn My Bridges give us seven songs with influences of NY hardcore, youthcrew and modern American Nightmare style hardcore.
12 song CD on Take 4 - € 3
Two hardcore bands from the Philippines share this CD on the label of the Take 4 Collective. Bystorm has a Feud-connection, but make a completely different kind of hardcore: slow to midtempo metallic hardcore with aggressive growling vocals, with lyrics in the local language. Sauna also wears the metal influences on their sleeves, is somewhat faster and has high pitched cookie monster vocals, with lyrics in English.
CABAL : Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch ...
4 song 7" on Moo Cow - € 3,50
Not what you would expect from Moo Cow: a melodic hardcore-band with some ska influences. Somehow reminds me of Crucial Youth. Well thought out political lyrics. Recorded live.
Zine - € 2
Second issue from this hardcore zine from St. Louis contains interviews with Die Young (TX), Birds Of A Feather, Get The Most, Struggle Against, Always Aware and Suburban Smash, articles on vegetarism and racism and the usual reviews.
6 song Demo-CD on Cycle - € 3
The Challenge is another proof that the hardcore scene in Barcelona is alive and kicking. Mid 90’s influenced hardcore done the old school style, with well-thought out personal and positive lyrics. Another winner from Cycle Records.
CHANNEL X: Come Again EP
7 song tape on Whatever It Takes - € 3
After having been around from 2002 on, Channel-X finally releases their debut EP, on both CD-R (and a couple of labels) and on good old fashioned tape (on Second Combat’s member Arwith’s label Whatever It Takes). Seven songs of youthcrew straight edge hardcore, totally 1988-style. Good lyrics that come with explanations and even one song in their own local language! Support South-East Asia straight edge and get this record!
CHARLEY'S WAR: Think About Your Life
4 song 7" on Crucial Response - € 6,50
Debut 7" from this Berlin hardcore band from the early 1990s. There sound is influenced by late 1980s New York city hardcore, both the youthcrew bands and the harder NY HC bands. Black vinyl. From 1990.
3 song 7” on Words Of War - € 4
The Carrier’s debut release brings forth 3 tracks of heavy, emotionally charged, hardcore from one of Boston’s most promising bands. With a mix up of melodic breakdowns, carefully thought out vocals and a cacophony of well crafted and catchy riffs: The Carrier rip through the boundaries of a tightly constrained genre to produce something altogether fresh and unique. Although lyrically dark and musically heavy at times there is always a resolution of neatly packed chants for every kid to sing along to. From the hugely poetic and heavy riffs of Panic-stricken to the no frills, straight up aggression of Alcatraz, The Carrier show that they are versatile, uncompromising, and relentless in playing hardcore their own way.
6 song 7” on Crucial Attack - € 3,50
Citizens Patrol strikes back again with the Dead Children EP. After their debut ‘Sick Routine’, released September 2007 and a lot of shows across Europe, the band recorded 6 songs with Nico van Montfoort, just before they head off to the United States. And no way Citizens Patrol is gonna slow down, these songs are even faster, rougher and seem to let singer Kenny explode even more.
10 song 7” EP on Crucial Attack - € 3,50
Civil Terror from The Netherlands plays fast, raging terror not unlike Infest, SSD or Judas Priest. Since their demo sold out ages ago, all 10 songs were released on vinyl. The songs have been mostly re-recorded, mixed and mastered. First releasing on the new label run by the guys behind Crucial Attack distro.
7 song 7” on Commitment - € 5
Hardhitting and heavy straight edge hardcore, that is what Clear Path from Rotterdam has to offer on their debut 7”. The band took their time to record their first official release (after a demo in 2011). A time used to play many shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, to tour the UK and to develop a sound of their own. A good dose of heavy 1990s hardcore, some metal riffs, a bit of 1980s youthcrew, a vocalist who litery spits out his lyrics and a lot of anger and agression. That is Clear Path on this 7”. A pack of wolves, ready to tear drugs, alcohol, fascists, homophobes, racist and money hunger capitalists apart. The seven songs were recorded at the local Duct Tape studios, and sound raw and in your face. The record comes on several different colours (old school black, clear green and solid yellow, plus in a special edition for Commitment UK, on white).
3 song 7" on Mother Box - € 3,50
Melodic hardcore from the USA: reminds me of the first Slap Of Reality-7".
COHESION : Lovely Hate
7 song CD on Engineer / Wanted - € 3
The band is from Italy, from the Pisa area, to be more precise, but the two labels that release it are from New Jersey and Belgium, respectively. It does not surpise me that this band’s first official release it an international one, because they deliver quality hardcore. The record looks and sounds very professional: old school hardcore done the 21st century way… so with enough breakdowns and moshparts to keep it interesting for the dancers, and enough fast parts to keep the music firmly rooted in the late 1980s. The lyrics are varied and deal with respect (for the choices people make), being yourself, love, exploitation and media control (a very relevant issue for a country were the most powerful politician controls almost the complete media – both commercial and public).
COMPOUND: The Inaugural Demo
4 song 7” on State Of Mind - € 4
Long Island, NY Straight Edge hardcore with a 80's sound that will that brings you back to the days of Judge and Warzone. COMPOUND now leads the Long Island sXe scene. Current members are in BOTTOM OUT and INCENDIARY team up for this 1 time vinyl pressing. Also for fans of Insted / Dump Truck / Breakdown / Judge / NYHC Features guest vocals by Brendan of INCENDIARY. All 4 songs on side A, side B is silk screened. Blue vinyl.
CONSTRICT: Carved In Stone
4 song 7" on Instilled - € 4
After their demo, this band from Barcelona is back with 4 tracks of angry and spiritual 90’s straight edge hardcore, for fans of 108, Strain or Unbroken.
8 song split 7" on Sounds Of Revolution - € / $ 3,50
Two old school bands from Canada. Contradict suffers a little bit from a tin production but the energy is there - lyrics handle about staying true to yourself and politics; The name of Thee Outcasts sounds as the name of a garage-band, but they play pure and fast old school with critical lyrics towards the scene and people that can't respect others (with a different race or sexual preference). Clear vinyl.
6 song 7” on Reflections - € 3
The Control were a sXe-band from Buffalo, NY, and featured former members of Halfmast and No Reason, and play pissed-off high energy old school hardcore. The lyrics are mostly personal (and not really positive), and fit the music well. From 2001.
17 song split-CD on Fields Of Hope - € 3
Another example of an international teaming up of bands. Count The Hours is from the USA, Empty Vision from Germany. Count The Hours have the modern late 90s/early 2000s hardcore sound of bands like Bane and Trial – thriving mostly midtempo hardcore with breakdowns and chorus-vocals. Lyrics deal mostly with personal relationships (another trend in hardcore these days). Empty Vision are from Germany and have a little bit more metal influences in their music: double basedrums and melodic metallic guitars – but it is surely no metalcore, just youthcrew with some metal influences. Lyrics deal with friendships lost, the importance of being postive and reflections on growing older. The demo’s of both bands are also included on this CD.
6 song 7” on Sike / Unity Power - €3,50
Crash Davis features former Line Of Fire members, so you know what to expect: fast straightforward hardcore, with some mosh parts and also some melodic parts thrown in for good measure. Lyrics deal with scene topics, using your energy for something positive instead of something negative and how stupid it is to be proud of your country and your race.
6 song 7” on Six Weeks - € 3,50
Fast hardcore. Includes Spermbirds cover. From 2002.
6 song 7" on Commitment – € 4
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Portugal had a very active straight edge scene, with many active bands, that seemed more socially and politically aware than most of the other European bands. More than 10 years later, we find some of the survivors of these days in Critical Point. Started as a project band in 2009 by vocalist Rafael, former drummer of Pointing Finger, Time X and New Winds, and drummer David, who played guitar in Pointing Finger and Broken Distance, the duo was joined by some other Portugese scene veterans, recorded a demo (that was re-released in 2010 as a 7” on David's Salad Day Records) and went on a European tour with brother band Pressure (in which David and Rafael rejoined with former Pointing Finger-vocalist Diogo). Late 2010, the band entered the studio to record 6 songs for their first official 7”, for Commitment Records. Aggressive and heavy, with a sound mixing the youthcrew sound of the late 1980s and Judge's re-interpretation of New York City hardcore, angry, but still retraining a positive outlook on life, Critical Point proves Portugese straight edge is still alive and kicking!
5 song 7” on Crapoulet - € 4
Featuring the former frontman of French hardcore bands Trashington DC, Police Truck and Grayhound, this band from Nice plays fast hardcore punk with a melodic touch.
CROSS ME : Drug Free Zone
8 song 7" on Commitment - € 3
Cross Me is a Straight Edge band (what else would you expect which such a name and title of the 7') from Thionville, France, although half of the members is from Germany (yes, Europe is more and more becoming one). Cross Me plays hardhitting and powerful hardcore - along the lines of Judge. From the lyrics, it's very clear this band is Straight Edge, and still stands wholeheartly behind their way of life. All members have played in several bands before Cross Me, which clearly shows itself in the tightness with which songs are played. The 7" was recorded at Bunt's (Seein Red, Mainstrike, Deadstoolpigeon), and the production perfectly captures the energy of the band.
2 song 7" on Old World - € 3
Metallic HxC inspired by the L.A. Riots of 1993 by this Minneapolian band.
6 song 7" on Flat Back - € 3,50
Crucial Cause is a power four thrashcore band from fairfield, California mainly influenced by the early Youth Crew, the Nardcore scene and 80's hardcore,thrash-punk.
CURRAHEE: Why We Fight
7 song 7” on Commitment - € 3,50
The Buzzcocks. The Fall. Joy Division. The Smiths. Manchester brought us so many great bands, and here is another one! xCurraheex is a straight edge band that has been around since 2006, released their debut 7” in 2008 on Double Crossed Records from the UK and, after some line-up changes, have recorded their second 7” at the end of 2009. Seven songs of positive, yet aggressive, straight edge hardcore in the tradition of all the great straight edge bands from the late 1980s and late 1990s, brought with conviction and spirit. The 7” comes packed in great artwork from Javi.
CURRAHEE: Back On Track (Added August 2011)
5 song 7” EP on Commitment – € 4
Manchester's straight edge troupee xCurraheex has been going through hectic times in the last two years, with a lot of membership changes, causing delays with recordings and cancelled shows. But these times belong to the past – vocalist Smit and drummer Mike are now joined by Mike Wright and Adam on guitar and bass respectively and are back on track! Hence, the title of the record! This 7” contains five songs, partly recorded more than over a year ago, that were only recently finished by the new line-up. Compared to their previous release, the 'Why We Fight' 7”, the guitar work is a bit more experimental, with quite some tempo changes and breaks, but despite that, it's still 100% energetic and fast straight edge hardcore. Artwork is again done by Javi and the record comes on green vinyl!
CURRAHEE: Prohibition X (Added September 2011)
17 song CD on True Spirit - € 5
This CD on the Brazilian label True Spirit compiles the three first Currahee 7””s: the debut 7” that was released on Double Cross Records, and the 'Why We Fight' and 'Back On Track' 7”'s that were released on Commitment Records. Perfect way to check out this great Manchester youthcrew straight edge band for people who don't have a record player.
8 song 7” on Commitment - € 4
'One Common Goal In Sight' has three straight edge bands from three different continents joining forces to bring a message of positivity and hope, in a time of economic recession, political turmoil and environmental destruction. We are heading towards December 21, 2012, the end of the Maya calender, but that should be no reason to despair. Currahee (Manchester, England), Truth Inside (Panama City, Florida, USA) and Unforce (Lucena City, The Philippines) show that, despite being from complete different parts of this world, they share the same values and and are joining forces to make this world a little bit better. Expressing their ideals through straightforward, energetic and powerful hardcore, lyrically addressing important issues like animal rights, drug addiction, respect for others and staying true to what you believe in. The artwork of Javi expresses the individuality of the three bands, as well as their similarties, being part of a tradition of many straight edge bands before them, using straight edge as an instrument in the fight for justice. This three-way split comes in three colours of vinyl (white, crystal clear and yellow - please indicate which colour(s) you want), with a cover that can be folded in three different ways, resulting in three different front covers...
CWILL : SevenInch
4 song 7" on Sacro Egosimo - € / $ 2,50
Swiss band, thriving hardcore with violin.
6 song split-7” on Lokos a.o. - € 3
With a name like Czolgosz and a song called ‘Fuck Lukashenko’ you would expect that the first band on this split-7” would be from Belarus or at least some Eastern European country – but they are from Boston, MA. Self-labelled ‘anarcho-absurdo punk’, to me it sounds like classic early to mid-1980s hardcore with highly political lyrics. The other band on the split, Opus Dead, is already around for some time, making them one of the leading Spanish political bands. They present three songs of fast hardcore with lyrics in Spanish, dealing with the SGAE, the war on terrorism and the destruction of the environment. Good split!
7 song 7” on Havoc - € 3,50
Damage Deposit, with Felix Havoc on vocals, is a fast, early 80s influenced hardcore band from Minneapolis. This is their demo put to vinyl - a fast hardcore attack with lyrics that deal with keeping conservative views out of hardcore, the state our society is in at the moment, drastic solutions for wiping criminals off the street and violent dancing.
6 song 7” on Not Just Words - € 4
Damaged Goods are from Belgium and play fast hardcore punk like it was played in the Eighties, in the style of Venice-bands like No Mercy and early Suicidal Tendencies. The artwork is done by no one less than Ric Clayton aka RxCx (former No Mercy bassist).
DAMAGES: Love's Labor (Added September 2011)
6 song 7” on Life To Live - € 4,50
“Love’s Labor” combines various musical influences from all members, with obvious comparisons to early 2000's hardcore, into 9 minutes of manic, mostly straight-forward, fast hardcore punk. The subject matter is that of depression, loss, and heartbreak.
DARE TO DEFY: Action Speaks
4 song 7" on Inner Rage - € 5
US heavy hardcore on a French label. From 1991.
DARK INTENTIONS: Remorse Will Die Today
5 song CD on Pure & Simple - € 3
Angry and aggressive hardcore from the South of The Netherlands. Dark Intentions mix NYC moshcore and metalcore/death metal, with both fast parts, breakdowns and even some guitar solos (well, how metal is that!). Lyrics reflect a positive view on life, although they also have the usual ‘it’s my revenge’-song.
DAY BY DAY: We Need More Than Your Compassion
4 song 7” - € 7
0811 of 1050. Perfect copy. Booklet contains a lot of information about animal rights. Hardcore punk from Germany, with lyrics in English and German. From 1995.
3 song 7” on State Of Mind - € 4
Buffalo, New York's Dead Heart's speed onto the Eastern front with their debut EP, released in 2005. Featuring ex-members of Control, Alleged, and Can I Say front-man Derek on vocals, the straight forward hardcore, like in past projects is once again evident in Dead Heart's sound. Their melodic edge is easily viable, the blend of old school and new school hardcore ensues its onslaught of cathartic breakdowns and plethora of gang vocals to keep the kids singing along.
DEAD ONES: The Busted Heads EP
8 song 7” on Busted Heads - € 3,50
Fast hardcore from Sweden, from 2002. Red vinyl.
34 song compilation CD on Take 4 - € 3
This 4-way split features two bands from the Philippines and two from California, although Eskapo is definitely a Pinoy hardcore punk band. Istakus Over Disneyland kick off with their own brand of fast and at times melodic politically-charged hardcore punk straight from San Fernando, Pampanga. Songs about war, the influence of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Philippine policies, minimum wages bring Dead Kennedys to mind. La Grita comes from California and blaze through nine tracks of fast hardcore punk with Spanish language songs about the capitalist system, propaganda machinery of the rich and living in the USA as Hispanci minority. Definitely comparable to such as Los Crudos and Huasipungo, in music and lyrics alike. Kill Ratio is up next and they play 7 tracks of From Ashes Rise/Victims inspired fast hardcore. Songs about poverty and war with the lyrics painting a dark imagery of the chaos to come. Eskepado present 7 tracks of more fast hardcore punk to close the CD. Songs about military oppression, the International Customs Enforcement, the effects of World War II and greed.
DEBASER: Rich White Boys
3 song 7” on Just Another Day - €4
Debaser is a Straight Edge band from Soughton, MA. Rich White Boys is their Debut EP. It has three tracks that takes influences from likes of The Nerve Agents, Dead Kennedys and the Trouble. Too hardcore for punk. Too punk for hardcore. Boston's black sheep. One of the best hardcore records from 2010 so far!
DECADES: Shelter From The Swarm
4 song 7” on State Of Mind - € 4
The label says: "Shelter From The Swarm" plays out like the diary of a madman on the brink, careening between moral conviction and blatant disregard. Staying true to the melodic intensity they have come to be known for, Decades continue to push the limits with a newfound reckless abandon that is as gritty and raw as it is honest and direct. For fans of Modern Life Is War, Dead Hearts, American Nightmare and The Suicide File.
DELIVER: Deliverance
Picture disc 7” on Demons Run Amok - € 4
The label says: Stuttgart has always been a melting pot of subcultures and hardcore bands that had something to say. After the loss of some important bands spokesmen in recent years, the same old generation is going to take on the word again. Demons Run Amok is extremely proud to present you DELIVERs EP DELIVERANCE on vinyl. Not in black vinyl, but as a worthy limited to 300 Picture 7 ". This is the first Picture 7" of this alliance and the beginning of a series of 7”es DELIVER will release on DRA. Deliver and DRA will put out all three to four months another Picture 7” and build up a whole album in different variations with an outstanding artwork and free download. Think of Cro-Mags meets Comeback Kid!
DELIVER: Lack Of Resistance
4 song picture disc 7" on Demons Run Amok
Second picture disc 7" in a series of picture discs by this Stuttgart hardcore band. ”With their 2nd EP "Lack of Resistance", they fire with new ammunition at the world and deliver the strike out that they deserves! 4 songs full of energy, hooks and lyrical rebellion. These are the new anthems of rebellion for all fans of Earth Crisis, Final Prayer and the lyrical honesty of Unbroken. The music and the message – this is Hardcore! DLVR kills!”
DEPRESSIVE STATE: Total Annihilation
5 song 7” on Thrashbastard - € 3,50
DEPRESSIVE SATE from Leipzig featuring members of SHUT THE FUCK UP, THE TANGLED LINES and SCREWED UP! They deliver 5 tracks of sharp, back-to-basics sound with a clean, slashing guitar tone and agitated vocals. Disillusioned, angry and pissed. Yet, they’re not a retro act. The sound is updated and moving forward. Fast without being tuneless. Tuneful without being limp. This is the soundtrack for all hardcore lovers with a fable for early ’80 hardcore-punk!
5 song 7” on Thrashbastard / Sell Our Souls - € 3
King of the split 7”’s Dick Cheney offer us five song on their first ‘regular’ 45. The main difference between this 7” and their previous releases is that all songs on this 7” are in Swedish – and that’s not a bad thing at all. Dick Cheney keeps true to their early 80s hardcore influenced style, and come up with their strongest work to date, to my humble opinion.
4 song split 7” on Demons Run Amok / Ratel - € 4.50
It had to happen one day and long time friends from Paris and Warsaw give you those 4 tracks of quality hardcore on a 7" format. If you are still not familiar with REALITY CHECK, guys play a perfect mix of LA/NYHC while influences from Death Threat can also be found. xDIGx has released an LP last year at Street Survival and already established it's solid position on European Hardcore map.
DISAPPROVAL: El Monte Youth Authority
5 song 7” on Juggernaut - € 4.50
Fast Think I Care style straight edge hardcore from El Monte, California. This is the reissue on Juggernaut Records from Ukraine, of the original 7" that was released on Thick Skin Records.
4 song 7” on Crapoulet - € 3,50
Between HC oldschool et rock'n'roll.
DOC HOPPER - THIS SIDE UP : ... And Then There Were None
5 song split-7" on Vagabond Heart - € 3
Both bands play melodic Epitaph style punkrock/hardcore. Doc Hopper is from the USA, This Side Up (that remind me a lot of Dutch bands like Funeral Oration and Absconded) from Italy. Besides 3 original also 2 covers on this 7": Doc Hopper cover 'Alcohol' of Ganggreen and This Side Up 'New England' by Billy Bragg.
DOMO ARIGATO : Japanese Punk
4 song 7” on Strongly Opposed - € 3,50
What to think of this record: released on a label that has both a Swiss and UK address, but it says on the cover, n English ‘500 Yen No More!’, with lyrics in Japanse, but according to the liner-notes, it is recorded in Switzerland (huh?), I got it from a Brazilian distro, and it totally sounds like the British band Discharge (a sloppy version of Discharge, that is)… with a lot of circled A’s on the cover… anyway, I guess the description Japanese punk is at least right…
DOWN AND OUTS : Boys From The Blackstuff
14 song CD on Dead & Gone - € 3
A rather unusual record for Dead & Gone Records. British sounding punk, with influences of both legendary 77 bands like The Damned and Chelsea, and the 82 streetpunk/oi-generation, translated to 2004. It’s nice to see a band like this on a label that so far has specialized in straight edge hardcore bands. It connects the straight edge hardcore scene and more traditional punk/oi-scenes and that’s something that deserves applause. And not a bad record either!
DY66: Speech Is Silver, Silence Is Nothing!
10 song CD - € 2,50
DY66 were a hardcore band from Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands. This CD from 2000 features 10 songs of old school hardcore.
ECHOES: Demo 2011
3 song tape on Final Letter Records - € 4
Debut of this Dutch straight edge band, featuring members of Birds Of A Feather and Eye Of Judgement. Musically, the band is inspired by late 1980s bands like Inside Out and 4 Walls Falling. Black tape.
8 song 7" on Peor Es Nada / Violent World / Pekinpah / In My Heart Empire - € 4
Old school hardcore from Ponferrada, Spain.
8 song 7" on Enslaved / Refusenik - € 3
End Of The Century are one of the bands out of the blooming Florida powerviolence scene - EOTCP mix more traditional hardcore in their music than most of their Floridian peers, and are better to digest for people that think powerviolence is too extreme. They will tour Europe in 1999 (that fits their name well).
ENDFLOW: Make Some Havoc
11 song CD on One Try - € 3
Hardcore from Sundsvall, Sweden, sounding like a heavier and more new school Refused. From 1998.
ENDWISE : Dedicated
4 song 7" on Alveran - € 3
Melodic hardcore with DC-influences from Germany with strong sung vocals and, to top it off, good production.
ENOUGH: Something We Can Build
5 song 7” on Assault - € 4,50
Five tracks of powerful straight edge hardcore from these Nashville, TN locals. The songs are direct and to the point, and you'll be fingerpointing and singing along in no time flat. If you're missing bands like THE FIRST STEP and YOUTH OF TODAY, look no further than ENOUGH. This urgent, no frills youth crew hardcore that leaves you wanting more. Second pressing. Copies on black and on yellow vinyl available.
ENOUGH: Discontent
4 song 7” on Assault - € 4,50
Proudly sticking out like a sore thumb in the sludge-saturated hardcore scene of the Southern United States, Nashville, TN's ENOUGH return with a new four song 7" EP of fast Straight Edge Hardcore. These are the band's tightest songs to date, and while they are undeniably influenced by genre pioneers such as Youth of Today, Bold and Turning Point, the material is executed with a sense of urgency and sincerity that sets it apart from the seemingly endless array of carbon copies. With the Discontent EP, ENOUGH are poised to not only breathe new life into Youth Crew the same way that In My Eyes and The First Step did in the not so distant past, but become the torch bearers of the genre for a new generation of X'ed up misfits.
ENVISION: Change Of Times
7 song 7” on No Comply - € 4
Envision is a straight edge band from Halifax, Canada. The band started out in the late 1990s, when the youth crew revival was storming through the international hardcore scene. After having been inactive for some years, the band got back together in the mid 2000s, and recorded seven songs for a EP in 2008. It took Envision a long time to put the EP out, as it turned out difficult to find a label willing to put out the EP. In the end, the band decided to release the EP themselves. The songs were mastered in 2010, and the EP was finally released in 2011. Seven songs of pure, classic and energetic straight edge youth crew hardcore!
6 song 7" on New Direction - € 8
Straight edge hardcore from New York. This is the limited edition version, with a photocopied cover with a hand-numbered insert with the lyrics, and transperant green vinyl.
Split 7” on Keep It Alive - € 7
Esteem is straight edge hardcore from Florida, Strength Approach youth crew from Rome. Test pressing, number 35 of 50, in X Marks The Spot ripoff sleeve.
24 song CD on Direccion Positiva - € 3
This CD documents the Bogota (Colombia) Hardcore scene of 2002 - Twelve bands, who mostly play new school hardcore, metallic hardcore, new york hardcore or a mix of these style - so the ‘harder’ type of bands. Included are Pitbull, Caracter, Resplandor, Dara A Cada Uno La Que Es Suyo, Nueva Actitud, R.A.Z.A., Reacción Propia, Linea Recta, Punto Neutro, Ataque En Contra, Abismo and Zona Cero. This is a good introduction to one of the most active hardcore scenes in South America. Comes with a full colour, beautifully designed booklet.
EXECUTE: Time Between The Fanfare
3 song 7" on Moo Cow - € 3
Evil-sounding new school hardcore from Conneticut. From 1997.
EYES SHUT: What’s It All About
6 song 7” on Dead Serious - € 3
This vinyl-version of the MCD that was released on Keep It Alive Records is the first release on the new German label Dead Serious Records. Eyes Shut is a sXe-band from Sweden, featuring later members of Another Reason, that play youth crew HxC in the style of Eyeball, Degradation, etc.