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As I've got loads of records around my house collecting dust, I've decided to do a clearance action.
If you do a order, I will check how many extra records I can add to your order, without having to pay more postage. That's the number of records you will get for free. I will choose the records, but will try to take your taste into account.
As for Commitment releases, I will apply the following rule - for every 2 Commitment releases you'll order, you can choose one Commitment release for free - you can choose any from the following releases: COM 5, COM 7, COM 8, COM 11, COM 13, COM 14, COM 15, COM 16, COM 18, COM 19, COM 20, COM 22, COM 23, COM 24, COM 25, COM 26, COM 27, COM 28, COM 29, COM 36, COM 37, COM 38.

UPDATED: September, 30th, 2012