Kid Armor is a straight edge hardcore band from Orange County, CA. The band was started in the Summer of 2010 by vocalist Shea Ryan, guitarist David Giali and his brother Garrison Giali on drums. The aim of the three was to start a straight edge band to represent South Orange County, like other bands did before them. Main motivation was the fact that straight edge seemed to have died off in South Orange County. Soon the three were joined by bass player Max and the band started rehearsing. Musically, Kid Armor set out to stick to the punk roots of the members as much as they could, while still keeping it heavy. After some time, Max was replaced on bass by Tyler Spry, a friend of Shea. With this line-up, Kid Armor entered the studio to record for a demo. The band released the demo through Bandcamp as a free download in February 2012. For the song 'Still' a video was filmed. The band started gigging regularly, mainly playing local shows. Later that year, Kid Armor underwent some more line-up changes: Buddy Porter joined on rhythm guitar, while in the summer, Noah Ortiz replaced Tyler as bass player. In December, after having played more local shows (many in their homebase Unit B) and on Hardcore Collective's annual West Coast Edge Fest, the band went into the studio again and recorded 10 songs for what was supposed to become a full length. Some of the songs were put up on the Bandcamp site of the band as a teaser in January 2013. Seven of those songs were released in May 2013 as a 7' on Commitment Records in The Netherlands. Kid Armor continued playing shows, among those a homeless benefit.


Shea Ryan - vocals (2010-present)
David Giali - lead guitar (2010-present)
Buddy Porter - rhythm guitar (2012-present)
Noah Ortiz - bass (2012-present)
Garrison Giali - drums (2010-present)

Former members:
Max - bass (2010-2011)
Tyler Spry - bass (2011-2012)


Demo Bandcamp (self-released, 2012)
Better Days 7" (Commitment Records, 2013)