Infect was started in 1999 in Sao Paolo, Brazil by five girls, with the goal of playing fast classic hardcore and creating awareness about the political situation in Latin America in general, and especially about the position of women, outside and inside the hardcore scene. The band, whose lyrics were in Portugese, also set out to promote a vegan/vegetarian and straight edge life style. Their first two demo tapes were released in 1999 and 2000 on their own Pintocore Records. Pintocore was the name they gave their 'femanized'/latino style of hardcore.

Their first vinyl output was on the Thrash Master compilation LP, that also featured Discarga and I Shot Cyrus, both bands that they played with often. Not much later, Infect-bass player Tatiana would also join I Shot Cyrus.

In november 2000 they recorded 9 songs for a 7", that was put out at the beginning of 2001 by the local Brazilian label Cospe-Fogo Records. Slowly, Infect became also more well-known outside their homecountry Brazil. They were offered a 7" by the Italian label S.O.A. Records, and also were going to contribute to the straight edge grrrl compilation X The Sisterhood X, that was an initiative of Emancypunx Records from Poland.

Around the time they were recording for a split CD with Discarga on 78 Life Records, Commitment Records approached the band, and showed interest to release a 7" by them. As the 7" that S.O.A. Records was supposed to do, and Infect was thinking about touring Europe (together with Point Of No Return), they agreed to have their debut 7" together with almost all of the songs of the split-CD with Discarga re-released on Commtitment Records. All the songs were remastered in a studio in Holland, and the 13 songs were released as the Estrépito 7", that was very well received, especially in the U.S.A.. The 13 songs were later also released on a split CD with Wrecker on the American label Kill You For A Dollar Records.

At the end of 2001, guitar player Bianca went to the U.S.A., and her place was temporarily taken by Pedro, who also played in several other Sao Paolo bands. When Bianca returned to Sao Paolo, the band started working on new songs for their first full length. The CD version of that record was going to be released by 78 Life Records, while 625 Thrashcore Records, run by Max Ward of What Happens Next? (and a dozen of other bands), showed interested to release the album on LP format in the U.S.A.

The band continued to play shows in 2003, also doing a show with Vitamin X, when they were touring Brazil. Unfortunately, before the album was out, Infect decided to call it a day. Some of the members of the band had become involved in other bands in the meantime: guitar player Juliana played in War Inside, bass-player Tatiana in both No Violence and I Shot Cyrus and drummer Estela in Macedônia.


Indavara - vocals (1999-2003)
Bianca - guitar (1999-2001) (2002-2003)
Pedro - guitar (2001-2002)
Juliana - guitar (1999-2003)
Tatiana - bass (1999-2003)
Estela - drums (1999-2003)


Self-tited demo tape (Pintocore Records, 1999)
Sendo Fogo demo tape (Pintocore Records, 2000)
Self-titled 7" (Cospe-Fogo Records, 2001)
Split CD with Discarga (78 Life Recordings, 2002)
Estrépito 7" (Commitment Records, 2002)
Split CD with Wrecker (Kill You For A Dollar Records, 2003)
Indelével CD (78 Life Recordings, 2003)
Indelével LP (625 Thrashcore Records, 2004)

Thrash Master LP (Some E Fúria / Sacred And Profane, 2000)
X The Sisterhood X 7" (Emancypunx Records, 2003)