GuidingLine started in 1995 in Rotterdam, Holland, as Four Hearted, with Gijs on vocals, Marc on guitar, another Marc on bass and Marcel on drums. After playing around for some time Gijs left the band, and Robbie became the new vocalist, while Marc's (the bass-player) brother Ray joined the band on second guitar. The name of the band was changed in GuidingLine (after the song by No For An Answer). GuidingLine played around in Rotterdam and surroundings, and did many shows as support of the Crivits. In the beginning of 1997 GuidingLine went into the studio to record 3 songs for a CD-compilation on Little People Records, on which 10 other bands from Rotterdam and some surrounding cities were also featured. One of those tracks also appeared on a compilation on the USA-label Endless Fight Records. GuidingLine played the Return Of The X-Men festival in Amsterdam in June 1997, and they were also present on the compilation with the same name.

In November 1997 GuidingLine went into the studio to record 6 songs for their debut-7" on Commitment Records. Rufus Ketting, who ran the label Little People Records and also did the layout of the releases on this label, was asked to design the layout of the 7". On March 13, 1998, the 7" was officially released with a release-party in De Hemel, in Rotterdam, where, besides GuidingLine, also Reaching Forward, Soberesponse and Oil played. The 7" was received very well, both inside and outside of Holland.

Nick Baran of Third Party Records offered GuidingLine a deal for a 7" and maybe later an album on his label and GuidingLine agreed to this offer. Later, a big German metal-label offered GuidingLine to record a full length for them, but GuidingLine decided to turn the offer down and to stick to Third Party Records.

In November 1998, GuidingLine recorded the songs for the 7" on Third Party. There was some delay in the release of this record, but finally, on June the 17th, 1999, GuidingLine did the release-party for the new 7", 'The Boyscout Revival' in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, only 200 copies were pressed of this 7" at that moment (all on 'gold' vinyl - it was a 'test pressing' of 200 copies) and all of these are gone. In the last week of July GuidingLine did a remix of the six songs of 7", because they were not completely satisfied with the original production. Hopefully, this second mix will be soon released, now as an official release.

At the end of May, GuidingLine was one of the bands that played on the release-party of the 7 Seconds tribute album, that was released by Reflections Records. GuidingLine appears with the song 'New Wind' on the compilation. On the release-party, J-Force of Reinforce sang the Reinforce-cover with GuidingLine backing him up.

GuidingLine was asked to play at the 1999 Evil Fest in London, England. They played there with among others Upfront, Fast Times and Oil, and took a bus with more than 20 people from The Netherlands with them to support them. In the last few months of 1999, the band was concentrating on writing new songs, for an upcoming full-length. On these new songs, GuidingLine went into a more melodic direction.

In January 2000, the band decided to split up, mainly because the singer could not find enough time for the band anymore. After the break-up of GuidingLine, Marcel continued to drum for Oil and later for The Oath. The two Marc's joined Crivits, but in the beginning of 2002 also that band broke up. Ray, his brother Marc, and Sammy of X-Men played from 2002 to 2004 together in North.

In 2001, the 7" on Third Party Records was finally released, and is still available.


Robbie - vocals (1996-2000)
Marc - guitar (1996-2000)
Ray - guitar (1996-2000)
Marc - bass (1996-2000)
Marcel - drums (1996-2000)


Showdown EP 6 song 7" (Commitment Records, 1998)
The Boyscout Revival 6 song 7" (Third Party Records, 1999 - only 200 pressed)
The Boyscout Revival 6 song 7" (Third Party Records, 2001)

The Return Of The X-Men double-7" (Commitment Records, 1997)
Three Minutes Of Panic CD (Little People Records, 1997)
Over The Edge Volume III CD (Endless Fight Records, 1997)
Heel Erg Punk CD (Tocado Records, 1997)
Stronger Than Ever 7" (Siton Records, 1998)
Fight The World Not Eachother CD (Reflections Records, 1999)
Just Look Around - Chapter 2 CD (Tolerance Records, 1999)
The Return Of The X-Men 7" (Commitment Records, 1997/2000)
Rats 'n Dikes CD (Out Of Step Records, 2001)
Forever In Our Hearts 7" (Commitment Records, 2004)