Fight For Change started up in the Summer of 2000 as a four piece (BiXcoito on vocals, his brother PutoXDani on drums, XBaraoX on guitar and Pedro XXX on second guitar), in the Lisbon area (Portugal). The first songs of the band were in Portuguese. After a few months searching for a bass player, Bio joined the band, and the band switched to writing songs in English. The lyrics of the band, that musically was inspired by late 90s old school/youth crew bands dealt both with straight edge and more social/political issues, like the lyrics of most of the Portugese straight edge bands that were around at that time.

By the beginning of 2001 Fight For Change entered the local Burning Desire Studio for the first time to record 5 songs (including one cover, 'No Passing Phase' of Mainstrike), that ended up on a split demo tape with Growing Straight, another new Portugese straight edge band. In the meantime, the band mainly played shows in their hometown Lisbon.

The demo aroused the interest of Robert of Commitment Records, who invited the band to record 7 for his label, which the band gladly accepted. The 7" was recorded in the Summer of 2001, again at Burning Desire Studio, and was released by the end of the year.

In the beginning of 2002 entered the studio again, to record another four songs, one of them for the Portuguese straight edge compilation 'Times Still Here', that was released by Best Times Records. The other three were supposed to end up on a split 7, but that split-7" never happened. Instead, the songs were used for a promo CD, that was given away for free.

After the recording, Bio and Pedro left the band and after a few months with another bass player, who also left the band, LuiX became the new bassplayer. With the new line-up Fight For Change recorded a track for the 'In Defense Of Old School' compilation, that was put out on Hopeful Days Records, a label that was run by some of the members of the band.

By the end of the year Pedro from Best Times Records offered the band to release the songs from the demo and the promo CD as a 7, which would be named The Demo Sessions. Instead of making a re-release of old songs that the majority of people already had Fight For Change decided to make a few arrangements in the songs and to re-record them, adding a cover song, so people who would buy the 7 would buy something fresh. The songs were re-recorded in March and April 2003 and the record was released in July, just one month before the band hit the road on their first European Tour.

Fight For Change played around 15 shows in 20 days in a total of eight different countries. After the tour they recruited a new member: XTintimX joined the band on second guitar, and from that moment on, Fight For Change was a 5 piece.

The band hit the studio again in November 2003 - this time a very professional studio: they were given the opportunity to record in, because LuiX was working this studio - to record seven new songs. Six of them were planned to appear on a new 7 and one was recorded for a compilation. At the beginning of 2004, XBaraoX left the band, so Fight For Change is back to a four piece again - and has a fully vegan straight edge line-up now.


BiXcoito - vocals (2000-present)
XBaraoX - guitar (2000-2004)
Pedro XXX - guitar (2000-2002)
XTintimX - guitar (2003-present)
Bio - bass (2001-2002)
LuiX - bass (2002-present)
PutoXDani - drums (2000-present)


The Legion Is Back With An Old School Attack split-demo (self-released, 2001)
More Than Drug Free 7" (Commitment Records, 2001)
Promo CD (self-released, 2002)
The Demo Sessions (Best Times Records, 2003)

Breaking The Ice tape (I Owe You Nothing Records, 2002)
Times Still Here 7" (Best Times Records, 2002)
In Defense Of Old School 7" (Hopeful Days Records, 2003)
OneseventwO #7 Sampler CD-R (OneseventwO Records, 2003)

Fight For Change
Rua Gomes Freire, No 10, 1o FRT
2700-428 Amadora