Fairfight, from the Utrecht-area (The Netherlands) started out at the end of 1998, when Steven, once a HxC/punk-DJ on a local radio station, decided that he wanted to start a band. He was joined by Mark on guitar, who was the guitarist of the punkrock-bands Live It Out and Pkg., Pieter on bass and Alex on drums. All band members had something like a punkrock background and had recently discovered hardcore, the style they wanted to play with the band.

At the first rehearsal, they came up with their first song, 'Bloodlust', about the senseless killing of animals by hunters and they also did a Gorilla Biscuits-cover song. The band members, that did not really know eachtother that well when they started the band, found out that they shared the same ideas about music and became close friends.

The band was named Fairfight, taken from a Gorilla Biscuits song, and it expressed the view of the band members that as a band saying what you want in your music is one of the best ways to fight fair.

Fairfight had its first show at a small venue in Arnhem and played a 10-minute set, which was fun. In March 1999, they recorded a 4-song demo at Studio Moskou in Utrecht, and played some more shows, in Hilversum, Houten and again in Arnhem, this time in the legendary Goudvishal. After having received the demo and having watched an enthousiastic show of the band in Houten, Commitment offered Fairfight to put out a 7" by them, to which the band agreed.

Around Halloween 1999, this debut-7", 'The Neverending Road', was recorded at the Bunt Studios in Utrecht. The 7", musically melodic youthcrew and lyrically representative for the positive intepretation Fairfight gives of Straight Edge, was released in March 2000, with a big release-party in the Ekko-club in their hometown Utrecht, with also Foreclosure, Spirit 84 and One X More playing. In the meantime, Korneel, guitar player of Strike Hands, had joined the band on second guitar. This gave Fairfight also live a more full guitar sound and added to the 'show element' of their perfomances (Korneel, being a student of the academy of dramatic art, knows how to act on stage).

Mark and Alex become also active in a melodic punkrock project, called "The Next Big Thing", together with (former-) members of Live It Out and Shuvit. They also played some time in a Judge-style old school band with some people from Hilversum, Xthe ReasonX, in which Korneel was handling the vocals, but that band broke up in the summer of 2001.

In August 2001 Fairfight did a very succesful 1,5 week European tour, together with the Swedish band Between Us, that brought them to Germany, the Czech Republic, France and Belgium. In September 2001 they entered the Bunt Studio again, to record 7 new songs and once cover song, of which 6 were released as their second 7" on Commitment Records.

This 7" was released in the beginning of March 2002, and was very well received. After a short Summer tour in 2002, the band decided to split their ways, as not all band members felt comfortable with the ideology of the band anymore. In September 2002 Fairfight played their last show in the Goudvishal in Arnhem.

After the band had broken up, members of the band were involved in bands like Know Your Enemy (Mark and Alex), Killtraitors (Steven and Pieter) and Nothing Done (Mark and Alex).


Steven - vocals (1998-2002)
Mark - guitar (1998-2002)
Korneel - guitar (2000-2002)
Pieter - bass (1998-2002)
Alex - drums (1998-2002)


Self-titled demo (1999)
The Neverending Road 7-song 7" (CommitmentRecords, 2000)
Self-titled 7" (Commitment Records, 2002)

Still Sharing The Same Values tape (Broken Bones Records, 1999)
DP Or Not DP #4 CD-R (DP Or Not DP Records, 2002)
OneseventwO #7 Sampler CD-R (OneseventwO Records, 2003)
Forever In Our Hearts 7" (Commitment Records, 2004)