Cross Me was formed at the beginning of 1999, compromising Ben on vocals (the former guitar player of German sXe band Proud Youth and label-boss of Keep It Alive Records, that later turned into Dead Serious Records) and two French guys, Hughes and Sebastien on respectively guitar and drums. Only shortly after the band had come together, they recorded a demo with Hughes also handling the bass guitar. Later, this demo was released in a very limited pressing of 100 copies as a 7" on Hard Edge Recordings. Shortly after recording the demo, Alex, who, just as Ben, was from Germany, was added as bass player. All the guys in the band were already straight edge for some time, and straight edge was also the main message the band wanted to get through. Especially in the part of France that Hughes and Sebastien were from (the Thionville-area, that is also why the band labelled itself as 'Thionville Hardcore' - although the two other members were not from Thionville, even not from France), only very few people were straight edge, and an outspoken straight edge band like Cross Me was not exactly received with open arms on shows in the area. On the contrary, more than once they got into trouble with (drunken) people out of the crowd, that felt provoked by Cross Me being a straight edge band. Still, the band continued to gig around, mainly in the French and German border area.

In April 2000, Cross Me went to Holland, to record almost 20 songs at the Bunt Studios. It was supposed that Foundation Records from Japan was going to release these songs as a CD. During the recording session they stayed at the place of Robert of Commitment Records, and during the stay, they agreed on also putting out a 7" on Commitment Records. Unfortunately, as the band was not totally satisfied about the production of the songs, it took a long time before the songs were ready to be released. The 7" on Commitment came out a year after the recording took place, in April 2001. In the meantime, also two songs of the recording session had appeared on a compilation called 'Never Break The Spirit' on the Italian Face Reality Records.

The main theme of the songs on the Commitment 7" was clearly straight edge, as is reflected by song titles like 'Booze And Loose', 'Where It Belongs' and 'Drug Free Zone' (this song featured a 'Taxi Driver'- sample). Unfortunately, the CD on Foundation Records never came out, but the 7" did arouse interest of the USA straight edge label Third Party Records, that offered to put out a split-7" by them.

Cross Me did go back into the studio at the end of 2001, this time a local studio, to record some new songs, but shortly after that, the band broke up, as the (somewhat younger) German part and the (somewhat older) French part had grown apart from eachother.

Ben started a new band with some friends from the Saarland scene, Bleed Into One, and continued to run Dead Serious Records. Also the French part of Cross Me was planning to start up a new band.


Ben - vocals (1999-2001)
Hughes - guitar (1999-2001)
Alex - bass (1999-2001)
Sebastien - drums (1999-2001)


Where It Belongs Demo 7" (Hard Edge Recordings, 1999)
Drug Free Zone 7" (Commitment Records, 2001)

A Positive Youth Compilation 7" (Seven Records, 2000)
Never Break The Spirit 7" (Face Reality Records, 2001)
Forever In Our Hearts 7" (Commitment Records, 2002)