Wolf Pack

7-song 7"

Clear Path
Devil's Pocket
Believe In Yourself
Heart & Passion

Pressing info:
160 black vinyl
120 solid yellow vinyl
100 clear green vinyl
60 solid white vinyl
21 test pressings

release-date: February, 1, 2014

Hardhitting and heavy straight edge hardcore, that is what Clear Path from Rotterdam has to offer on their debut 7. The band took their time to record their first official release (after a demo in 2011). A time used to play many shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, to tour the UK and to develop a sound of their own. A good dose of heavy 1990s hardcore, some metal riffs, a bit of 1980s youthcrew, a vocalist who litery spits out his lyrics and a lot of anger and agression. That is Clear Path on this 7. A pack of wolves, ready to tear drugs, alcohol, fascists, homophobes, racist and money hunger capitalists apart. The seven songs were recorded at the local Duct Tape studios, and sound raw and in your face. The record comes on several different colours (old school black, clear green and solid yellow, plus in a special edition for Commitment UK, on white).


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