10-song 7"

Billström Billström
El Diablo Blanco
Ingen Kommentar
Det Syns Inte Utanpå
Döda Politikers Sällskap
Arg Som 17

Pressing info:
130 copies on green vinyl
396 copies on red vinyl
3 test pressings on back vinyl

release-date: May, 28, 2013

Spiknykter is a political vegan straight-edge hardcore band inspired by classic Swedish acts such as Mob 47 and early Anti Cimex - expect angry rants and fast tunes. Their debut EP contains 10 songs and it's coming out as a co-release between Commitment Records, Refuse Records and Ugly & Proud Records. Comes on red or green vinyl.


MASS MOVEMENT, United Kingdom
It’s the sound of the world falling apart, that’s what it is. Like ten bullets to the brain, Spiknyter blast their way through harsh, chaotic insane hardcore on the edge of grindcore, at light speed. With lyrics, spat at us in Swedish, that deal about all that is in need of rebuilding; Sweden, Europe, the world. The classic political hardcore, close to total anarchism deliver food for thought, with an amazing looking, and very simply lay-outed booklet which conveniently has liner notes in English. A much harder, and especially cruder, release than what we usually get to hear from Commitment, but yet again one for the books. Martijn Welzen

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