Better Measures

6-song 7"

From The Start
Better Measures
Forced Out
Pressure To Succeed
Cheer Up
Powder Keg

Pressing info:
210 copies on black vinyl
200 copies on green vinyl
21 test pressings on back vinyl

release-date: August, 20, 2012

Buffalo, NY band Better Times started late 2010, when members of Our Times, No Love Lost and Impact teamed up to form a new straight edge band. Better Times played its first show in January 2011 and recorded their first demo one month later. In October of that year, the band entered the studio again, and recorded six songs for the “Better Measures” EP, that was released on tape by Like Glue Records. Commitment Records now releases a remixed version of this EP on vinyl. Better Times, musically influenced by bands like Insted, Floorpunch, Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, plays energetic midtempo to fast youthcrew hardcore. Lyrically, the band celebrates their local scene and stresses the importance of being positive, having a critical mind and doing something worthwhile with your life! This 7” is another proof that the American straight edge/youthcrew scene is still very much alive! Comes on green and black vinyl, limited to 410 copies.


This 7" EP is not the latest recording from Buffalo, NY's based straight edge 4-piece BETTER TIMES.
This six-track EP was originally pressed on tape in US by Like Glue records in 2011 and it is now available in coloured (black and green) vinyl on xCommitmentx records.
Over two years span the guys recorded a 7-track demo, this EP titled “BETTER MEASURES” and one song to be included in the new 7" titled "If Not Us" coming out on State Of Mind Recordings early 2013. Fans of Floor Punch, Youth Of Today and '88/early nineties sXe hardcore will find something for their tastes.
Lyrically, Better Times deals with hardcore punk scene (“Better Measures”), pressure to succeed (on same titled track), the corruption of the system and the global crisis their country and, let me say, many of Western countries, is going through (“Powder Keg”) -I wanna quote a few lines here: "Ultra-rich getting richer while everyone else is kicked to the curb to fend for ourselves", but they also call the scene to cheer up on the s/t song.

‘Cheer Up’, one of the six songs on this EP says it all. Hardcore isn’t about feeling sad and complaining about life while looking away from the audience. It’s about voicing your anger, openly, while franticly looking your peers in the eye. Making them move, sing and think. Better Times embrace the anthemic hardcore of the 80’s, but deliver it with a much louder bang. Like Youth Of Today gaining a few pounds. ‘Better Measures’ was originally released, on tape, in 2011, but really, the only true hardcore-medium is a 7”. Commitment give us just that and also gave this Buffalo band a bit of a remix which makes sure that these songs really pop. Pure hardcore, played in a style which really, really needs to come back in a BIG way…

Maximum Rock n Roll #356, USA
First off, this record kills. Super energetic straight edge youth crew in the vein of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today with a rad take on "the scene", that resonated with me because of some dumb things in my life. I just watched a sprawling Internet drama unfold over the last few days in the little hardcore community I grew up in, where kids complain that the scene is dead and, after some bickering, some solid people step forward, and the dude from the well-known band from ten years ago meets and exchanges numbers with the younger version of himself, and everyone gets stoked on what the next generation might look like. It got pretty mushy and sentimental when people started reminiscing about salad days and someone quoted some Operation Ivy lyrics from 'Jaded' and then old timers sung the praises of the rad kids we watched grow up, and are now running the shows and doing the cool new bands, and at the end of it everybody felt like they should go to the next local show. It's one of those cool moments when you get stoked on DIY hardcore and youthful defiance and feel like we're in it together. That is what this band sounds like. The songs are on the faster side of midtempo, with a sort of hyperactive urgency to the music and the vocal delivery, without breaking into blasty fastcore and there are clear indications of when a moshy breakdown is about to start. Tight musicianship and the riffs sound familiar without being generic. The lyrics are awesome: "We took back our scene and rose to the top, this unity and energy can never be stopped. From skateboard circle pits to benefit shows, new kids coming in and feeling at home. Better times call for better measures, and we're fuckin' sticking together. Shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye, Buffalo Style continues to rise". I believe it. (BL)

For all the youth crew bands mimicking Youth Of Today, Insted or Chain Of Strength there are only a hand full who come close to sounding a bit like Side By Side. Better Times from Buffalo does have a Side By Side vibe on the Better Measures 7? released by Commitment Records. This 7" originally came out in December 2011 as a cassette on Like Glue Records. A new EP is coming up on State Of Mind Recordings in 2013.
Buffalo youth crew bands always bring something extra to the table. It was the case with Plagued With Rage, Halfmast, No Reason and now with Better Times as well. All these bands have a way of being different and kind of original from most of the bands in the youth crew mold.
The songs on this EP deal with self empowerment, making the scene better, gloomy hardcore and the need of campaign finance reform in the song ‘ Powder Keg’. Besides that last topic there isn’t anything new in the topics Better Times address yet the lyrics aren’t too cliche and do fit with the songs.
The only ‘negative’ thing I can say about this EP (already release 44 for Commitment!) is the front cover artwork. In my opinion less and less kids are buying vinyl so to make your release stand out you might do just a bit more than a pixelated combination of band name and live pic. Besides that minor point there’s no reason for anyone into youth crew hardcore not to pick up this release.

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