Once Common Goal In Sight

6-song 7"

Currahee: The Fight Goes On
Currahee: Got Your Back
Currahee: I Opened My Eyes
Currahee: Time To React [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Truth Inside: Try Harder
Truth Inside: Hospitality
Unforce: Take A Stand And Rise Against
Unforce: Refusing To Live By Your Lies

Pressing info:
200 copies on white vinyl (Currahee edition)
200 copies on yellow vinyl (Truth Inside edition)
200 copies on crystal clear vinyl (Unforce edition)
7 test pressings on back vinyl

release-date: February, 27, 2012

On this 3-way split, 'One Common Goal In Sight', with Currahee (Manchester, England), Truth Inside (Panama City, Florida, USA) and Unforce (Lucena City The Philippines) join forces to bring 8 songs of powerful straight edge hardcore. 'One Common Goal In Sight' has three bands from three different continents joining forces to bring a message of positivity and hope, in a time of economic recession, political turmoil and environmental destruction. We are heading towards December 21, 2012, the end of the Maya calender, but that should be no reason to despair. Currahee, Truth Inside and Unforce show that, despite being from complete different parts of this world, they share the same values and and are joining forces to make this world a little bit better. Expressing their ideals through straightforward, energetic and powerful hardcore, lyrically addressing important issues like animal rights, drug addiction, respect for others and staying true to what you believe in. The artwork of Javi expresses the individuality of the three bands, as well as their similarties, being part of a tradition of many straight edge bands before them, using straight edge as an instrument in the fight for justice. This three-way split comes in three colours of vinyl, with a cover that can be folded in three different ways, resulting in three different front covers...


Got A Nerve Webzine, Italy.
Commitment records released this 3-way 7" vinyl split last February. The 3 here is the magic number: 3 bands, three countries, three different cover-artwork and all in one (okay there's one thing the makes each wax unique and is their colouration. The 7” come in three different colours -mine is yellow).
Three youth crew sXe combos: Manchester's xCURRAHEEx, Panama City's TRUTH INSIDE and Lucena City- Philippines xUNFORCEx deliver their blend of hardcore old-school and ONE COMMON GOAL IN SIGHT: share values and ethics to try and make this world we live in a better place to be.
xCurraheex open up on side A with 4 tracks, while Truth Inside and xUnforcex are featured with 2 songs each.
Musically, xUnforcex is the band that impressed me the most here. Two cool youth crew slabs that with “Refusing To Live By Your Lies” remind me the True Spirit EP from Italians The Miracle (this to avoid giving you a name of any international band) while “Taking A Stand And Rise Against” has much of punky punch to it.
Cover-artworks by Javy who have already graced many 7”s with his colourful posi-illustrations. Stay Ahead Blog, UK, June 2012.
About a week or so ago, I posted a feature looking at straight-edge hardcore label Commitment Records and their UK offshoot Commitment Records UK. One of their latest release has been this three way split between Manchester's xCurraheex, Florida's Truth Inside and xUnforcex from the Philippines. The 7" artwork is made up of a different cover for each band, as you can see above. Here's my review. The first four songs on the 7" are from xCurraheex. The Fight Goes On is a great slab of English straightedge and a rallying call for hardcore fans everywhere. Got Your Back is a faster song, with great semi-melodic riffs. The great thing about xCurraheex is that the lyrics are always audible, which means you can shout along properly! I opened My Eyes is a quick blast of hardcore with a great positive message and Time To React hits hard with cracking drumming and hard-edge riffing. This is what made me start repping xCurraheex. They don't mess around and don't fill their music with unnecessary textures or layers. They are straight to the point and because of that they have more impact. Truth inside come next with their two tracks, and a sound with plenty of Florida style. Again the vocals are audible and the music is clear. Try Harder is a minute and a half of American straightedge at it's best. Hospitality is along the same lines, with cool gang vocals and lyrics that talk about the scene in a positive way and talk about unity, which is the whole point of this split. It's left to xUnforcex to close out this split and I'm pretty excited to hear these guys, as I've not heard of them before. Take A stand And Rise Against is my first introduction into xUnforcex and what a song. It carries a strong anti-drug message as well, which I agree with and respect. Refusing To Live By Your Lies features more hard-hitting riffs to start with. The lyrics sing of a better life. It's a great song to end on, with melodic guitars and a hefty breakdown section. I really liked the record. The messages of solidarity and positivity are what this split is all about. Too often, bands sing about negative stuff and it's the straightedge hardcore scene that is bucking that trend.

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