Resistir Y Existir

6-song 7"

Infierno Y Prision
Resistir[Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Es Ahora
La Solucion
Con Los Ojos En La Espalda
Mundo En Caos

Pressing info:
120 copies on black vinyl
200 copies on blue vinyl
200 copies on white vinyl

release-date: September 6th, 2011

It's Now is a straight edge hardcore band from Monterrey, Mexico. Already around since 2004, this 7” is their first international release, making them the second Latin American band on Commitment. It's Now is inspired both by political Spanish language bands like Los Crudos and by the late 1980s west coast straight edge sound (Insted, Chain Of Strength). On this 7”, that is more like a mini-album with 16 minutes of music, It’s Now rage through 7 songs of varied, aggressive and political hardcore. Comes on three different colours of vinyl: black, blue and white.


In some periods it's really a tough task to keep up with the tons of cds, 7"s and digital stuff that regularly come in for review. And this review of Monterey, Mexico's straight edge IT'S NOW international debut 7" "RESISTIR Y EXISTER" is not exception. The white 7" wax, out through Commitment records, packs seven tracks, sung in Spanish, of old school hardcore in the vein of some of the best of West Coast stuff so remaining the language their very own brand mark -though let me say I don't feel this thing as much as when I hear Italians or German bands singing in their mother tongue language. But that's not definitely bad. The tracks are fast and very aggressive and lyrically the bands speaks out their views about environment/veganism ("La Solución"), politics and fithing the system ("Resistir", "Infierno Y Prisión") with much energy and focus. My favourites are "La Solución" and "Mundo En Caos". The first Latin American true product I got to hear and I'd definitely suggest you is much than worth checking them out, also with hope to see them here in Europe in the near future. Really a solid debut.

With a production from the early eighties and a sound from the last part of that decade, this is truely an old school hardcore record, and the simple, black and white, but very effective cover makes it one cool piece of vinyl you can’t afford to miss. The guys from Monterrey, Mexico deliver pissed off political hardcore in Spanish, with some resemblance to American straight edge hardcore, just prior to the metal invasion which flooded the scene. It might be because of the Spanish sung lyrics, but it also had to think back to the ‘90s Argentinian hardcore bands like Minoria Activa and Differentes Actitudes Juveniles. In the end this just rocks all over the place, regardless of influences, geography and music history.

Straightedge hardcore from Monterey, Mexico that sounds like it draws from the early Champion / Mouthpiece / Chain Of Strength line of youth crew, in terms of semi-melodic and drawn out riffs, through this 7" is considerably less produced than any of those. I also like that this record is neither too formulaic to where you can predict the mosh breakdowns nor trying to be epic with the songs they're writing, and that the drummer struggles with the speed of his fills is also an unintentional nice touch in my book. Simple but effective wins the race.

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