Back On Track

5-song 7"

Thinkin' Straight
Take It Back[Listen or Download by rightclicking]
We're The Crew
The Effort

Pressing info:
520 copies on green vinyl
release-date: July, 12, 2011

Manchester's straight edge troupee xCurraheex has been going through hectic times in the last two years, with a lot of membership changes, causing delays with recordings and cancelled shows. But these times belong to the past – vocalist Smit and drummer Mike are now joined by Mike Wright and Adam on guitar and bass respectively and are back on track! Hence, the title of the record! This 7” contains five songs, partly recorded more than over a year ago, that were only recently finished by the new line-up. Compared to their previous release, the 'Why We Fight' 7”, the guitar work is a bit more experimental, with quite some tempo changes and breaks, but despite that, it's still 100% energetic and fast straight edge hardcore. Artwork is again done by Javi and the record comes on green vinyl!


“BACK ON TRACK” what a best fitting title these folks could find? No, mind, it's not about originality -how many bands used a title like this??? I'm sure you know few yourself- but it definitely does a good work both as a statement mission and to describe the end of a bad period the band went through since their former guitar player left the crew. You can read it all on the liner notes inside this 7” EP. But let me say that's really a story you'd never hear of related to the hardcore punk community. Anyway...
Okay, now let's get back on track and start with the review of the fifth effort from this Manchester based sXe four-piece.
5 tracks of straight-edge hardcore much in the vein of Ten Yard Fight, Reaching Forward, Floor Punch to name a few almost everybody knows. “Insight” the opening track on side A gives everything you would expect from a band playing this genre. It builds up with it's heavy floor-tom drumming to let, a few bars later, enter the guitar at full speed and vocals from Smit lead the troupe. Lyrically they deliver positive thoughts about what they believe hardcore should be all about “scene, unity, brotherhood, standing up for what you believe in”. They do their job very well and definitely need your full support either you are sXe or a hardcore fan. Go to their bandcamp page to check it out and buy it at shows or xcommitmentx records. The record comes in transparent green wax. Bottom-line, this record is dated 2011 so meanwhile the guys recorded some new tracks for a 3 ways split featuring also Thruth Inside and Unforce.

Things really do need to be tough for hardcore bands in order to have them write good songs, it seems. The liner notes about how the band had struggled getting this 7" done even make my blood boil, and I don’t even know the fellas personally. ‘Back On Track’ is just what the title says. The band, luckily, found the energy and inspiration to get this 7" done, and I’m enjoying all five tracks, which seem to have more of a rock feel than what I know from their ‘Why We Fight’ LP. On occasion they made me think about American band Battery, the way the songs are written and sung. Nevertheless, the Manchester crew step up to the plate delivering their own brand of old school HC.

Every time I think I wanna check out new straight-edge/youth crew-styled hardcore, I hear something like this and it becomes less of an interest. There is really nothing wrong with this EP (besides the goofy cover); the riffs are fine, the vocals and lyrics are "of the style," the breakdowns are predictable but still mosh-inducing, etc., but it just does nothing for me and goes nowhere. No Tolerance, this is not.

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