Trial & Error

6-song 7"

Trial & Error[Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Make Or Break
Breakin' Out
Falling In Line
Say Goodbye

Pressing info:
548 copies on black vinyl
release-date: April 16, 2011

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Portugal had a very active straight edge scene, with many active bands, that seemed more socially and politically aware than most of the other European bands. More than 10 years later, we find some of the survivors of these days in Critical Point. Started as a project band in 2009 by vocalist Rafael, former drummer of Pointing Finger, Time X and New Winds, and drummer David, who played guitar in Pointing Finger and Broken Distance, the duo was joined by some other Portugese scene veterans, recorded a demo (that was re-released in 2010 as a 7&#x0094 on David's Salad Day Records) and went on a European tour with brother band Pressure (in which David and Rafael rejoined with former Pointing Finger-vocalist Diogo). Late 2010, the band entered the studio to record 6 songs for their first official 7&#x0094, for Commitment Records. Aggressive and heavy, with a sound mixing the youthcrew sound of the late 1980s and Judge's re-interpretation of New York City hardcore, angry, but still retraining a positive outlook on life, Critical Point proves Portugese straight edge is still alive and kicking!


Out of Portugal very lively straightedge youth crew scene CRITICAL POINT formed in 2009 and in the same year they released a 4 tracks demo. The quartet features ex-members of Portugal's well known bands like Pointing Fingers, Time X, New Winds and Broken Distance.
TRIAL & ERROR, their first 7”, packs 6 tracks of angry, fast old-school hardcore that reminds a lot the likes of NYC legends Judge (the opening could be out off “Bringin' It Down”) but here everything sounds truly Critical Point. They wear their hearts on their sleeve delivering some positive messages and in “Make Or Break” a clear statement that for them the straight-edge is not just a passing phase or fashion. I know bands like this can always be perceived as preachy but that's what they feel and think so respect it or just keep away.
The songs are generally short blasts clocking in around the minute and a half each. Fast, no frills and definitely capable of getting any crowds go ape. And I have to say Trial & Error matches my tastes more than xCurraheex record I've also reviewed today.
Check this out.

Mass Movement Webzine, United Kingdom.
On occasion I’ve mentioned that, in my opinion, hardcore in 2011 doesn’t really cut it anymore. The anger and frustration were real enough, but it seems to be lacking a positive angle, one that the youth so desperately crave. The fight against social injustice, the outrage over the deeply rooted ignorance and the struggle for a drug free lifestyle. That howvere is purely the surface and underneath the general current, there are bands like Critical Point, from Faro, Portugal. Six hard-hitting anthems carved in vinyl. Old school hardcore songs the way it once was in the US in the 80s, all about taking a negative and turning it 180 degrees, to a positive, like an old fashioned skateboard. The music might be influeced by the past, but their energy is fresh and grabs you by the throat. I love it!

Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, USA.
Straight edge hardcore from the Netherlands (sic!). Right out of the gate, the first song sounds just like the Straight Ahead anthem 'Straight Ahead' and the second line in the first verse says "we gotta stick together like glue!" so there's no question where they're coming from. I'm not gonna waste any more ink telling you what they sound like. If you like your hardcore nailed to the X, this one's for you.

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