Straight To The Point

6-song 7"

Drink It, Smoke It...
I Sold Myself
Which Is Your Sin
If You Are Free
Straight To The Point [Listen or Download by rightclicking]

Pressing info:
500 copies on black vinyl
release-date: May 30, 2008

It’s sad, but true. This 7” is the farewell record of these Macedonian straight edge pioneers. And in a way, this 7” also makes the circle round, as on the 7” F.P.O. return to the sound of their early days. The six songs are fast bursts of hardcore punk, with a touch of youthcrew and an emphasis on the punk part. Singer Vasko sings in a raw voice, with gives the songs even more a punk feel. The music was recorded live and that really suits a band that made a name mainly because the many high energy shows they did over the years. The philosophy of F.P.O. did not change through the years: still straight edge, still political, still truly D.I.Y. and this shows in the lyrics, that are sung in their native language, but came (of course) with translations.

€ 6 ppd worldwide.


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