6-song 7"

Fuck The Consequences [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
In Step
River City
Turning Point

Pressing info:
1020 copies on black vinyl
release-date: March, 12th, 2008

Take Control, from Cedar Falls, Iowa, has already been making a name for themself in the Midwest hardcore scene by touring like crazy. The band brings their straight edge message packed in hardhitting fast and heavy hardcore, that both sounds firmly rooted in the past, but also very much 2008. The bitter lyrics fit in very well with the aggressiveness of the music – bitter about the destruction that is happening all around. The band may sound bitter, but brings with their music also a message of hope. As powerful and angry as hardcore should sound!

€ 6 ppd world.


Allschools.net, Germany
Commitment Records haben wieder zugeschlagen und man hat wieder das richtige Gespür bei der Auswahl der nächsten Veröffentlichungen gehabt. Im März folgten die beiden neuesten Perlen des niederländischen Labels und mit TAKE CONTROL aus Cedar Falls, Iowa, liegt mir nun die "Tides" EP vor. Diese sechs Songs umfassende 7" aus schnellem unkoventionellem Straight Edge Hardcore zeigt wieder einmal wie zeitlos dieser Stil ist. Früher lehnte man sich gegen alles mögliche auf und ging raus auf die Strassen, heute ist das vereinzelt nicht anders, aber die Kids werden verbitterter. TAKE CONTROL zeigen mit ihren Texten und der aggessiven Musik eben genau diese Einstellung zu den Geschehnissen der Welt, aber in ihrer Musik liegt auch noch der Funke Hoffnung, das man nicht aufgeben sollte. Wütender und mit viel Power ausgestatter Hardcore wird hier geboten und ich bin gespannt wann TAKE CONTROL es über den großen Teich zu uns auf die Bühnen schaffen.
"No time left to linger, ive got to get out of this place
Fuck the consequences, I'm leaving my past behind." (8/10)

Can't Sit Still #2, USA
Following the release of two demos, this is the debut 7" for these Iowa straight edge dudes. Whereas their earlier stuff had a much goofier and moshier vibe, this record sounds much more serious and sincere. The lyrics are all pretty introspective and deal with regret, growing up, and fighting personal demons. Musically this stuff reminds me of a lot modern melodic yet heavier bands like Comeback Kid, Life Long Tragedy, and Go It Alone. Take Control has improved from each release up to the next, and this is definitely some of their best stuff yet. Pick this shit up when it drops in February and support a hardworking hardcore band.

Poisonfree.com, Germany
This 6 song 7” is another great output of Commitment Record. This is very pissed of Straight Edge Hardcore. It’s angry and it’s powerful. A lot of energy comes along with some Oldschool Tunes but more influence seems to come from modern Hardcore bands such as Go It Alone or Life Long Tragedy. Nevertheless the voice creates an own atmosphere for Take Control’s first 7”. The lyrics are dealing with personal topics and they are attacking circumstances around “In this shitty town there is nothing to do but drown” just to take one passage as example. The outlook of this record is very simple, just the band’s name and the EP’s name on the front, tracklist on the back and lyrics and pictures inside. That’s enough but nothing special. Something is missing while having the record in my hand and listening to it. It’s nice produced it’s rough, it’s got an additional vocalist with power and nice back-ups, but it sounds too much like one of the bands playing modern oldschool hardcore without many ideas making it individual. It’s too usual what I’m listening to right now. The lyrics are personal okay, they are shouted with energy and rage, okay, but that sound not that dedicated as it should be. Prove me wrong, but this is not enough, this gets boring too fast. Only the slower parts, for example in the title track, seem to be really authentic on this record, so this shows the bands potential and proves that they’re hard working and can improve their skills to make a more individual and special Modern Hardcore release. I wish them the best.

Suspect Device Blog, United Kingdom
Of all the records Robert has just sent us, this is the one I least like; heavy sXe hardcore from Iowa, that's although fast in places sounds quite polished and even professional. I think that’s the problem I have with it, the other releases have sounded raw and urgent, this seems like all the rough edges have been ironed out and the songs lose any spark they may have had.

Truesidemusic.de, Germany
TAKE CONTROL releases their first 7” on Commitment records. Really good aggressive stuff going on here from this Cedar Falls Iowa based sXe hardcore band. My favourite track is ‘Turning Point’, so fast and in ya face. The lyrics fit well with thrashy guitar assault and pummelling drumming and the chorus ‘…I’m growing up, I’m not growing old’ that just sticks to your mind and doesn’t let go. Definitely there’s more than enough here to get in a circle pit for, and the four guys seem genuinely into what they play. So, give this band a couple of listens and if you like your hardcore with a fast heavy metallic edge to it then get your hands on this vinyl. I think you’ll be pleased.

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