Chapter 5

5-song 7"

Another Day [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Between Two Worlds
Reclaim Freewill

Pressing info:
1010 copies on black vinyl
release-date: March 4th, 2008

Birds Of A Feather is band with many familiar faces from the Dutch straight edge scene. All members are over 30 and still keep the straight edge flame burning. Manliftingbanner, Mainstrike, Crivits, X-Men, Betray, the zine Value Of Strength, to mention some of the many projects the BOAF members have been involved in. These five songs, recorded during the sessions for their debut-album, show that being over 30 does not mean that you have to become watered down: fast, to the point, energetic, taking inspiration of the classic straight edge bands from the late 1980s. The lyrics reflect on life, looking back, but especially looking forward, staying true to ideals, growing as a human being with compassion and gaining insight.

€ 6 ppd world.

REVIEWS, Germany.
Aus der Polderlandschaft Het Groene Hart aus den Niederlanden kommen die alten Recken von BIRDS X OF A FEATHER. Die fünf Herren sind alle über 30 und in der beheimateten Straight Edge Szene keine Unbekannten. In Bands wie Manliftingbanner, Mainstrike, Crivits, X-Men oder Betray war man vertreten und hat sich heutzutage zusammen gefunden, um klassischen Straight Edge Hardcore zu spielen. In einer Zeit wo die Hardcore Kids immer jünger werden und sich zu Bands zusammenschließen gibt es eben auch noch diese alten Hasen, die immer noch voller Energie stecken und punktgenau ihren schnellen Hardcore runterzocken. Inspiriert wurde man von den 80er Jahren und von Bands wie Bold, Judge und Youth Of Today. Auf der fünf Song umfassenden "Chapter 5" Ep schauen die Herren einerseits auf die guten alten Tage zurück, aber auch positiv nach vorne. Man reflektiert über die Dinge, die im Leben falsch laufen wie zum Beispiel das Töten von Tieren und hat Mitgefühl, für die Menschen die es immer noch nicht lernen. Die Herren bitte weiter so ! (7/10), The Netherlands.
Two years after the first 7” BOAF is back with a new 7”, this time on good old Commitment Records. Birds Of A Feather have seen a lot of line up changes these last two years and turned into a real band instead of just a project. This 7” contains five songs. The first four are all pretty fast and hard hitting, the last one is more melodic and sounds more like a Gorilla Biscuits or later 7Seconds song. The more I listen to that song, the more I like it, but the feeling that the song is out of place on the 7” remains. The lyrics are thoughtful and very nicely done. I would even consider them inspirational to a certain degree especially because some of the songs have pretty personal lyrics. I hate to make comparison to the old bands Big used to sing in but if I do compare the lyrics, some have a more Mainstrike feeling while others could have been No Denial lyrics. Still I think the lyrics suit the music. I really like the artwork and the thick glued sleeve, all properly done making it attractive to look at. The production is done by Menno Bakker at the Bunt Studios and I think he did a good job. I am pretty sure this 7” will keep me hooked until the full length is there. Pick it up, you will like it.
(4 out of 5 stars), Germany. BIRDS X OF A FEATHER sind ein paar Herren jenseits der 30, die Bock auf 80er Hardcore Marke YOUTH OF TODAY haben. Mit Commitment Records haben die Edger einen Partner In Crime gefunden, über den sie ihre 7“ „Chapter 5“ veröffentlichen. Die darauf enthaltenen fünf Songs sind klassischer, schneller Stoff der gut ins Ohr geht und zwar keine großen Überraschungen bietet, aber als solide Hommage an die Youth Crew-Bands überzeugen kann. Die vom guten Shouter in die Boxen gebrüllten Texte behandeln natürlich Edger-Themen, in denen die Holländer glücklicherweise nicht mit erhobenem Zeigefinger den Moralapostel spielen. Da tritt die gute Gitarrenarbeit beinahe in den Hintergrund, kann sich aber immer wieder in die Aufmerksamkeit des Hörers spielen, das spricht für sie. Kurzum, ein knackiges Vergnügen für alle Fans der alten positiven Hardcore-Schule, das sich hören lassen kann. (lh), Germany
I remember a concert of Birds Of A Feather which was great. I’ve never heart them afterwards until I received this 7” called Chapter 5. The very special thin is that it’s nearly as energetic as their live performance. This 7” got me from the first second. The first thing you realize is, that these guys aren’t in a band for the first time. They’re all over 30 and were involved in several well known bands in the past. I don’t want to name them, because this is Birds Of A Feather, an band of it’s own and no allstar project or a veteran-meeting. These guys know how to write songs and they know how to express and reflect feelings about the past and more than that about the future within their songs. The songs are great, really great. Every single one is special and of course they’re all kind of inspired by late 80s HC bands mixed with an own note BOAF bring into it. The second last song starts with a nice Bass riffing and grows into the best song on the record. I really enjoyed listening to this Straight Edge band on this 5 song 7”. Check them out and support them, they prove that they are really dedicated and concerned about a better live as human being and about a positive scene. This is how it should be and sound.

Soulcraft Weblog.
After the “Our Aim” 7" released with the Voice of A Generation zine almost two years ago, this all-star over 30 straight edge hardcore band from Holland is back with another amazing piece of plastic to prove that their flame is still burning and their edge is still strong after all these years. Featuring ex-members of ManLiftingBanner, Mainstrike, No Denial, X-Men and Betray, as well as the editor of the amazing Value of Strength zine, these dudes deliver youth crew hardcore the way it was done back in the late 80’s, still getting a lot of influences by the 90’s revival. One thing is sure, with such an amazing hardcore heritage you can’t go wrong. “Chapter 5? features 5 songs that are straight to the point, energetic, fast still at times melodic, reminiscent of bands such as Turning Point and Chain of Strength with a lot of Floorpunch and Sportswear influences, often drawing some melodies that may remind you of 7 Seconds too, like on “Reclaiming Freewill”. Big’s lyrics are closer to what he used to deal with in Mainstrike, focused on constant growth and looking forward to a positive and conscious future, words that undoubtly lead the listener to an insight reflection, just like his speeches on stage which are some of the best I’ve ever heard. Commitment Records took care of this release while the band is working on their full-length, which I’m really looking forward to. Get this or die tryin!

Suspect Device Blog, United Kingdom
Birds Of A Feather feature some veterans of the Dutch straight edge scene, serving time in Man Lifting Banner, Mainstrike, Betray and others; they may be into their thirties, but there’s no slowing down for these guys. Five tracks of fast straight edge hardcore with gruff vocals that will take you back to the days when Revelation Records was the benchmark for SxE hardcore., Germany
‘...Times have changed but I’m back again. Another day, we’re here to stay, our principles defend...’ with these words (that open ‘Another Day’) BIRDS OF A FEATHER make sure that everybody knows this rocking bunch of Dutch sXe veterans is back to prove that taking a stand for what you believe in is not a just passing phase or a thing done for the sake of any fashions. ‘Another Day’ and other 4 tracks are featured in the new 7” EP ‘CHAPTER 5’ out now through Commitment records. The Het Groene Hart NL based quintet, who features ex-members of Man Lifting Banner, Mainstrike, Cravits, X-Men, Betray ( don’t worry BOF is one of the few bands who may be able to shake off the; ‘featuring ex members of...’ tag without any problems ) play a fast hard-hitting and cohesive blend of hardcore that takes the clues from late 80’s straightedge acts as well as 90’s European sXe bands. BIRDS OF A FEATHER integrate solid songwriting with their proven sound and everything sounds so good to me. I will certainly look forward to each one of their future releases ( btw: the guys are about to release their debut full-length ‘The past the present’ on Refuse records this June ).

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