7-song 7"

Break Free
Fall In Line
Still Believe [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Beg To Differ
Once We Enter
No More Worlds
Make The Most

Pressing info:
520 copies on black vinyl
release-date: December 21st, 2007

Resolve is a five-piece straight edge band from the St. Louis, MO-area, that plays pure late 1980s youthcrew hardcore, in the classic style that bands like Youth Of Today and Turning Point made big. So the perfect soundtrack to singalong, fingerpoint and jump around to! The songs are fast, energetic full of catchy singalongs and deal with life from a positive perspective. With lyrics about the meat industry, the power of oil corporations in the USA, intelligent design, but also about being different and making a positive change, Resolve makes clear that the have some importants thoughts to share.

€ 6 ppd world.


Maximum Rock 'n' Roll #302, USA.
Fucking awesome! This is the perfect illustration of what straight edge hardcore can and should be. The music is heated, fast, and powerful, with lots of crunching guitar and pounding drums that seriously will make you want to do a full-out swinging karate kick in your living room and scare the shit out of your cat. Think STRAIGHT AHEAD, early JUDGE, and PROJECT X. But the best part about this is the lyrics, since they don't descend down the lame and generic "stabbed in the back" or whatever bullshit avenue that most straight edge bands follow. The songs on this EP deal with the environment, religion in schools, how corporations control people, etc. Alright, there are still a couple of "make the most" and still believe" themes, but they're executed just right. Absolutely recommended for fans of the above-mentioned bands and current gods like HOODS UP and BIRDS OF A FEATHER (all on this great label). (BG), Germany
Xed Up hands on the back of this 7” next to the tracklist, commix styled artwork and college jackets with Xs on them make me expect a Youth Crew record. And, surprise, it is one. Resolve can be compared to Youth Of Today musically and the voice reminds me of Turning Point, so you see this is pure Youth Crew. 7 songs are on this Commitment Records 7”. The lyrics are printed inside the sleeve. They’re not just Posi and hope giving they are in some cases kind of politically and criticising for example religion being taught at school. And of course they deal with Straight Edge, too. They aren’t just short phrases, so lyrics are really worth to be read. The music is fast and energetic, nothing really special. The Songwriting is well done, so this record is at the top of all the average Youth Crew records. Sound quality is perfect, the energy and the feelings of the songs are hit. Check out Resolve if you like pure Youth Crew.

Suspect Device Blog, United Kingdom
For some reason when I listen to this I’m reminded of a compilation LP I have that Smorgasboard Records put out years ago. Resolve have some good lyrics, for instance challenging the meat industry and the USA’s oil industry, but musically they don’t quite hit the mark for me; true it’s fast hardcore, but it feels like a clumsy early Youth Of Today.
These guys, hailing from St.Louis area Missouri US, are heavily influenced by late 80’s youth crew hardcore, more specifically by the likes of Youth Of Today, Turning Point, Judge, early Bold. They have been around since 2005 and have already released 4 demos, and have this S/T 7’’ EP under their belts ( out now via Commitment records ). The songs are short, fast and to the point the majority of the time, leaving little room for the listener to get bored. This is very important in this case. Lyrically they deal with social/scientific issues such as lobbyist corporations, oil’s dependence, intelligent design and slaughters perpetuated by meat industry and try to drag kids striving toward a positive change. Nothing groundbreaking or overly original, however, the songs sound fresh enough and played with much verve, and evoke a range of emotions with their fast-paced, fist pumping anthems that are more relevant in today’s climate of uncertainty than ever before. Cool old-schoolish artwork! It pictures an hooded hxc worrior levelling an American city ( looking at its skyline it could be NYC) and scaring the shit outta a bunch of soldiers!

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