The Silver Shine

6-song 7"

Living Dead
Other World
Last Dawn
Plastic Dreams [Listen or Download by rightclicking]

Pressing info:
770 copies on black vinyl
release-date: July 29th, 2005

The debut release of the first psychobilly/punkabilly straight edge band ever – The Silver Shine from Hungary. Featuring current and past members of straight edge hardcore bands like Hold True and Stay Clean, this three-piece (guitar/vocals, upright bass and drums) mixes psychobilly, country, punk and hardcore. The lyrics deal with the usual psychobilly subjects (zombies, vampires and other classic horror movie themes), but also an anti-drugs song is included. The record is a benefit for a local organisation that helps people fight their addiction.

€ 6 ppd world.


Hey You!, France
A psychobilly and straight edge band! It had to do it. Rob takes up all the challenges. 3 young Hungarians with gomina, one singer-guitarist, one double-bass and one drummer. There is one guy or more that is playing in the hardcore band HOLD TRUE. Musically, It's in the psychotic style, the sung is maybe a bit neuter, too basic. Lyrics have the same problem. They take back the classics of the genre, dreams and nightamres stories, dead-alives, dusk and dawn. But it's a good listening and an original idea. The compact disc is just out.

Maximum Rock N Roll #274, USA
The SILVER SHINE throws a little rockabilly into their punk rock. This six-song EP highlights their slap bass, which is quickly overshadowed by guitar effects and "whoa whoas". These old-school straight edgers probably could mix their next release a bit more rockabilly to stand out a bit more, but this is a pretty good debut.

Screaming Bloody Mess, Japan/Australia
Is the idea of the world’s first straight edge psychobilly/punkabilly band a good one? No. The only reason psychobilly exits in the first place is so that guys with large Mohawks and hot rods have something to dance to before they fall down drunk. But what if the band came from Hungary? What if they sounded like a countrified Pennywise? Even a worse reason for them to exist.

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