True Spirit EP

6-song 7"

True Spirit [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
I Don't Care
We Will Fight You
I Won't Take Part

Pressing info:
750 copies on black vinyl
release-date: January 14th, 2005

The Miracle is a new old school hardcore band from the Milan area, Italy. Althought the band only started in the beginning of 2004, the members have been active in other bands (like Shotgun Formation, Fumbles In Life, Frontline and No More Fear) for many years. The Miracle sport a heavy old school sound, but keep it fast and energetic (think: Headfirst on their debut-7). In their lyrics The Miracle address scene related, personal and political topics. The record is a benefit for Amnesty International.

6 ppd world.


Keep It Real #6, Greece.
The Miracle is a band from Milan, Italy, that shares members with No More Fear. The 7 songs that are included in this 7inch are into typical Italian modern old school hardcore style. They remind me a lot of Values Intact, Strength Approach, No More Fear and other Italian bands of that style. You know, positive and passionate hardcore (pro straightedge and animal rights) that is influenced by the good glory days of the late 80s and by the likes of Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Bold and Insted. The Miracle have released a full lenght album since then, so you better search and buy the new stuff. But if you find this limited edition 7" buy it immediately cause an amount of the profits from this record will be donated to Amnesty International.

Maximum Rock N Roll #274, USA.
Modern youth crew hardcore outta Italy. The high production values and metal touches aren't really my thing, but I was into the fact that lyrically the MIRACLE went beyond the yawn-inducing straight edge cliches about former best friends breaking edge, and had some songs dealing with war and colonialism. Moreover, a portion of the profits from the record will be donated to Amnesty International. A bit more radical than not drinking a beer in my opinion.