6-song 7"

Through Those Years [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Back From The Dead
The Bleeding Starts Here
Breaking News
So Forgetful
Can't Let Go

Pressing info:
1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: September 10th, 2004

Polish straight edge band The Age (aka Second Age) make their vinyl debut with this 6-track 7" EP. After a CD EP and a full length CD album, that was released on Refuse Records in their homecountry, this is also their first 'international' release. Mixing youthcrew with melodic hardcore, adding lyrics focusing primarily on scene-related issues and straight edge, The Age clearly show why they are considered as one of the leading East European straight edge bands. The record, that is a benefit for a local horse shelter, comes in a stylish sleeve.

6 ppd world.


Maximum Rock N Roll #274, USA.
Vegan youth crew straight edge from Poland. Fast, catchy, and melodic in places, not unlike GORILLA BISCUITS. The vocals especially remind me of Civ (Not CIV, mark you!). For what it's worth, this is the best straight edge 7" I've heard in a while, but I can't honestly say I keep up with the latest in SE stuff...

Never Say Die #12, Singapore.
This Straight Edge band The Age comes from Poland blew me off my seat with a blend of old skool SxE youthcrew with melodic hardcore music. Such a perfect blend of modern old skool SxE hardcore with lots of melodic parts thrown inside. Lots of sing-a-longs and finger pointing would be heard and seen during their live sets. Lyrics talks about living with Straight Edge, broken promises, bitch-talking and etc. This record is alos a benefit for a Polish refuge for horses rescued from being slaughtered. Check out Tara for more info.

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