6-song 7"

Perfect Body Perfect Soul
What It Takes
To The North
The Change
Warrior [Listen or Download by rightclicking]

Pressing info:
1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: June, 5th, 2003

The debut-7” of North from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. North, in which we recognize some former members of GuidingLine, X-Men and Crivits, labels itself as ‘positive old school’ and that is exactly what this band is about. Musically, North also mixes some rock-influences into their music, and there are a lot of guitar melodies to be found in their songs. The lyrics not only reflect the positive outlook on life of the band, but also the interest the band members take in eastern philosophy.

€ 6 ppd world.


Back To Back, online-zine, The Netherlands
Finally, the North 7" is out ! For those of you who don't know North yet: North is a fairly new band from Rotterdam, but with familiar faces - Ray, Marc and Sammy (all ex-GuidingLine and X-Men, Sammy also plays in the emo band Springrain). Together with Rene, who played drums in La Guerra and new kid on the block Bjarne on vocals, they form North - a positive straight edge band with lyrics that are clearly influenced by eastern philosophy. North have already been playing some shows lately, but for geographical reasons I have not yet had the chance to check them out live. Well, this 7" actually made me really curious about their live performance!
'Perfect Body, Perfect Soul' contains 6 songs of melodic old school hardcore with a fresh rocky twist to it, and I think it is great! The voice of singer Bjarne is very clear and a bit melodic and really comes out good on this 7". I do have to admit this record needed some time to grow upon me, but it soon did once I seriously started to read the lyrics and realized this is a thing that goes deeper. The lyrics are so well written and set me thinking. The interest for the higher things in life clearly shows, which really does the trick in making North stand out from the mass!

International Old School Conspiracy #2, Serbia
I must admit that this release dissapointed me, I really expected better stuff from Commitment Records. North feature some X-Men and Crivits members. The band represents itself with 6 songs of their own style of old school HC . I'm not that much impessed... The sound is not that fast sound, on moments they are really slow, and I'm not really into it...Some times they reminded me of H-Street. I don't know why, but that didn't help, it's not my stuff...Lyrics have some sort of philosophic things the production is great(not somthing new for Bunt studios).. After all I think Robert knows for better....
Mashnote Magazine, online-zine, Belgium
North play rocking straight edge old school hardcore with a lot of melody that reminded me about Shelter in most of the songs. Also the lyrics that are inspired by Eastern philosphies are probably a main factor in that thought. Personally I like my old school more fast and raw, but "perfect body perfect soul" sure is a solid debut and it started to grow on me very quickly. My favourite song is "the change" which is a really catchy song and "what it takes" is pretty fast and has good singalongs. Now I come to think of it, North has ex-members from Crivits and X-men. If you mix those two bands you can imagine what North sounds like (although North worked harder on their songs than X-Men did). A good and catchy 7" with a lot of spirit. BREAK OFF THE CHAINS!

Never Say Die #12, Singapore
A new and upcoming positive old skool hardcore band from The Netherlands. It seems that the production line of Dutch old skool hardcore keeps on going until today. A band consisting of old Dutch old skool SxE hardcore bands such as GuidingLine and X-Men playing old skool hardcore with some rockish riffs and melodies in their music. Lyrics wise talks about dedication in life, never gave up, making choices in everyday life and also interest the band members take in eastern philosophy. So let's go To The North!

New Wind #7, France.
I must confess I'm a little deceived by this 7". Not because the band is into Krsna stuff of something like that, because they are clever enough not to be preachy about that. In a way their philosophy of non-materialism is rather interesting, except I don't believe in Impermanence except of nature maybe, and I don't think a soul and a bod can be perfect but are perfectible without never acceeding to perfection (that would be rather pretentious and/or short minded to think perfection is reachable). Anyway... No I'm more deceived on a musical level. When I heard ex-members of GuidingLine, one of my fave youth crew bands (inw'd in NW 1) were starting a new band, I was all excited. But the first side of the record is rather melodic and mid-tempo. Hopefully, the second side is more punchy and energetic. But I'll wait next records to make myself an opinion about the band. Check this out anyway.

Opposite Zine, online-zine, The Netherlands.
De naam van deze Rotterdamse old school hardcoreband doet me denken aan het nummer "True North" van Shelter. Maar er zijn meer overeenkomsten tussen North en de band van Ray Cappo. Muzikaal tappen ze namelijk uit hetzelfde melodieuze vaatje en tekstueel zijn beide bands nogal spiritueel aangelegd. Op hun eerste 7" laat North horen dat ze dan wel beïnvloed zijn door Shelter, maar dat ze ook wel degelijk een hun eigen draai aan de muziek kunnen geven. Het resultaat daarvan is zes old school hardcore nummers voor eerlijke passie, snelheid en intelligentie. En wederom staat er een Nederlandse hardcoreband op die met een puike release de scene weet te verrassen. Goed bezig heren!

Straight Edge. Net, online-zine, International
First 7 inch by this dutch band (Rotterdam) on Commitment Records. 6 Songs, Mid tempo hardcore that reminds me of other Commitment bands like old OIL. Lots of Melody, lots of danceable breakdowns. Obviously NORTH seem to be Krshna devotees as fuck, don´t got any closer info bout if they´re edge or not but they philosoph bout vegetarianism and some of the members played in SXE bands before so I guess we can guess. NORTH musicians are former (or active members) of bands like: GUIDING LINE, X-MEN, CRIVITS, IMPRINT, NO REFUND, SPRINGRAIN just to name some. To be honest I gotta admit that I if I had to choose between X-MEN/Crivits.. and this new stuff I still would choose the old .As I said pretty philosophic stuff, sadly without the hit potential like Commitments OIL but still a musically high standard record worthy to check out, not for Krshna devotees only.

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