6-song 7"

Silence As A Torture Vehicle [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Quest For Trust
Another Reason
Army Of Bleeding Machines
Cast Of A Thousand Fools
Pressing info:
1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: December, 4th, 2002

After a couple of demos and releases on other labels, Pointing Finger from Portugal made their way to Holland to record six new songs in the Bunt studios. Adding some more melodic parts to their music, compared to their previous releases, Pointing Finger bring you six songs of energetic youthXcrew hardcore to singalong and (of course !) finger point to ! Lyrically, as many other sXe bands from Portugal, Pointing Finger shows a clear social consciousness and an awareness of what is happening around them - which translates itselfs in lyrics about working for a postive change in your own life and in society at large, that also take a clear stance against evils like homophobia and the mindless violence war brings with it.



Direct Hit #3, Northern Ireland.
Talk about a cheesy name from this ripping Portuguese band, but I won't slag them off as they are so fucking good. 6 songs of fast, while having a melodic sensibility, youthcrew styled hardcore. They have the urgency of UNIFORM CHOICE/VITAMIN X, YOUTH OF TODAY and MINOR THREAT's style and the beauty of DAGNASTY all wrapped up in 7"'s of pure hardcore. I love the fast thrash of it, but 'Cast Of A Thousand Fools' does win me over the most and funny enough it's the most melodic of the lot. The lyrics definitely complement the awesome music, covering topics such as war, sexuality, inspiration and more - explanations of the songs are included too. It's all wrapped up in excellent packaging and its another exceptional release on Commitment Records - just love it.

En El Desierto #1, Argentina.
Ok, ya se dieron cuenta. Pointing Finger y Commitment son una banda y un sella que me re caben, y ahora se les ocurrió hacer algo juntos... Que voy a decir? Que no me cabe? Na ahi, me re cabió. 6 nuevas canciones de estos portugueses que la parten. Mejores que todas las anteriores. Las letras como siempre son honestas y tratan de darle una vuelta mas de fuerca a los temas de siempre. La Musica igual que siempre pero mejor. Lo que no me gustó fue la tapa.

En El Desierto #2, Argentina.
Esto salió hace un tiempo, pero hacer un fanzine no es como hacer la gente que se separa Araceli Gonzales y al dia siguiente sale en la tapa. Volviendo al 7", esto es le mejor que Pointing Finger ha hecho jamás. Mejor que lo viejo, y mejor que algunas cosas nuevas que estuve oyendo. Hardcore directo, con corazón, furioso y melódico a la vez. Letras conscientes del mundo en el que vivimos, denunciando y exponiendo los problemas de la sociedad de hoy.

Equalizing-X-Distort, Volume 3, #1, Canada.
I can’t believe a sXe band would call themselves Pointing Finger and be serious about it. But they fuckin’ rage so I am willing to excuse their band name. It is amazing how Commitment Records is putting out records from places that we don’t often hear about it. POINTING FINGER are the latest band to come from Portugal, but according to the write up they have other demos and eps out before this one. This ep was recorded in Holland. Unlike their North American counterparts, POINTING FINGER are willing to take a stand and speak out about homophobia and war. It is heartening to know that bands in Europe carry the torch of consciousness and are willing to be accepting of edge breakers. Not that I am an edge breaker as I have lived a sXe lifestyle for 18 years now, but I think it shows a real sense of maturity to look beyond social habits. But getting back to the rock, POINTING FINGER are the truest to the form in terms of the youth crew style. In comparison to some of their Portuguese counterparts MAD RATS is more in the youth crust vein and even FIGHT FOR CHANGE can get a little blastbeat happy. POINTING FINGER have the right balance of hardcore eneregy and catchy breakdowns with group chorused singalongs. They do this style so right and remind me of CHAIN OF STRENGTH. So get that finger in the air and point for the mic. SP

Grobader #7, France.
Musicalement, leur démo le faisait vraiment bien : hardcore old school à chant clair, entre UNIFORM CHOICE et BATTERY on va dire. Et c’était plutôt bon esprit, straight-edge canal positif. Maintenant c’est plus BETTER, pas forcément plus mieux mais toujours du bon hardcore old school rapide.

International Old School Conspiracy #2, Serbia.
Yeah again PF, the band that with every new stuff proves with reason that they are on top of today's European scene. Six new songs in 11 minutes of melodic old school HC. As it's a well known fact that they have really great releases on different labels, for me it was expected that they would do a 7" on Commitment Records some day. And this is a great thing, both for Robert and for PF. Those songs are better and, I noticed, a little bit faster than previous stuff, which is great. It means lot of Gorilla Biscuits infuences, great sing-a-long parts. Only the last song, "Cast Of A 1000 Fools", is not the usual PF stuff, but it is also great. The production is great, the release is also great. The lyrics are great as they always (about homophobic problem, never paying attention to what peole say about your actions, DIY, anti war...). Great band, great people, great release... Only thing that's left for me is to feel sorry for them missing Serbia on their second Europian tour....

Maximum Rock n Roll #239, USA.
This is good. No wait, this is really good. I am going out on a limb here by saying that this has to be one of the better European straight edge bands going right now. This was produced and mixed by the infamous Menno Bakker, who has worked with a lot of great bands (SEEIN' RED and SIN DIOS, to name a few). The vocals and music remind me a lot of BETTER THAN A THOUSAND. However, the lyrics are more relevant than anything BETTER THAN A THOUSAND did, covering everything from homophobia in hardcore to the war industry. The songwriting is just sick. Props to the drummer for stealing the CHAIN fill in their song "Cast of a Thousand Fools". My only complaint is the name, but I got over that the minute I flipped the record over. Get this.

New Wind, France
Keep in mind my shitty and lame theory about Portuguese bands? Well, Pointing Finger also sounds a lot like well-known bands, but sometimes it's too obvious. On that 7" sometimes they could change their names into Better Than A Finger (ooops that sounds like a porn movie title), because it's really obvious that they like Ray Cappo's band. But, as soon as you have a look at their lyrics, you feel they have their own personality. They're not just kids who like a band so much that they rip it off, they really have interesting stuff to say, this was the case with their other releases, this is still the case with that excellent 7". If you like BTAT musically, but can't stand the rockstar pose of Cappo, then get PxF stuff.

Poisonfree Website, Germany
One of the most talked about European old school act is now available from one of the most dedicated European old school labels. Pointing Fingers from Portugal teamed up with Commitment from the Netherlands to bring you this piece of plastic. While admitting that I have lost somehow trace to old school in some way, I am happy to notice that I am still able to like it, as long as the quality is right and as long as I do not have the feeling that I heard everything before. Of course, Pointing Fingers do not get much new stuff out of the genre, but they do their old fashioned so nice that you have to like them. Fast, melodic old school hardcore, with a melodic edge and a frontman that performs exactly in the right way for this genre – carrying some of the positivity I miss among todays famous acts. Songs are generic, but simply good, with fast beats in the foreground and some slowdowns here and there. Again, the voice should be mentioned, performing lyrics about scene and society – together with the nice artwork an old school record that is a fest for the genre and a try for people like me.

We're Gonna Fight Newsletter #1, September 03, France
Let's start with the music! But like the band is active since some time (and a record on Commitment is the consecration?) many know that this band is playing old school hc with a singer à la Better Than A 1000 but faster with the battery very 'steady' à la 7 Seconds. There's an effect making the sound a bit low like if the instrument couldn't fully breath and no instrument is put up front in the sound, except the guitar as usual. But they wanted it otherwise doing all the way from South Portugal to Holland to record this 7"... obviously many changes since the demo fighting for the movement. The cover is not bad like the texts with explanations which always helps to do a review! Individual liberation through mutual respect, DIY, war business and one things that I & them never understood: to not be friend anymore with friends who stop to be sxe! People like that really exist, I never met any. This record is already a classic in the polical sxe old school.