6-song 7"

No Antibiotic Will Heal Us From This
Ugly Pictures
This World
Let It Die [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Days Of The Daisy Cutter
Paralyzed On The Path To Freedom

Pressing info:
1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: December, 4th, 2002

€ 6 ppd world.

The debut-7” of On A Solid Rock from Finland. This band, that features former members of bands like Defend and Rebound, started out at the end of 2001 and by the time this record was released - at the end of 2002 - they had already built a large following in their native country. Musically, it is difficult to compare On A Solid Rock with any other band - some late 80s, early 90s bands like Outspoken and Absolution come to mind, also their fellow-countrymen Endstand, but first and foremost, On A Solid Rock is just On A Solid Rock. Thriving, emotional hardcore, sometimes midtempo, sometimes fast, with enough singalongs and catchy hooks to have the kids dancing and singing along at the same time. In the lyrics, On A Solid Rock focus on personal development, fueled by a drugfree lifestyle and the teachings of both acient and modern philosophies. A record that will grow on you with evertime you play it.


Direct Hit #3, Northern Ireland
Well they don't play in this playground anymore, what with empty beer bottles and whatnot lying around. But hey, where the hell did these guys pop out of? ON A SOLID ROCK a pretty wonderful to say at least, this Finnish band has a basic youth crew style, but add a little punk rock and grunge to their sound. Some nice slow break downs with meandering riffage and moody drumming - exquisite. A mixture of fastish hardcore and more melodic stuff really suits this 7". Good lyrics and nothing about being stabbed in the back or crap like that. Make sure you pick up this 7".

Equalizing-X-Distort Volume 3, #1, Canada
ON A SOLID ROCK (OSR) come from the Finnish straight edge scene and descend from bands called DEFEND and REBOUND. There is a heavy melodic rock influence to their sound like KID DYNAMITE, but with the ability to retain their hardcore roots and incorporate speed. So although you think this band might be about STRIFE and selling out to a rock sound, they have enough in terms of speed and power to keep them grounded in an underground scene. They have the ability to sound pretty and melodic, they have the ability to sound heavy and tough, and they have the ability to sound manic and fast. They are really a straight edge kaleidoscope drawing on the many sounds and influences that have developed from this scene, from ENDLAST and VERBAL ASSAULT to OUTSPOKEN to HERODISHONEST. Lyrically, OSR use images of hardcore politics like animal rights and conformity to draw out more general themes that have some personal experience written in them. So a song called “No Immunization will heal us from this” is really a song about greed. OSR are well rounded and the best band to bring both the hardcore and rock scenes together in one sound. SP

Face Up To It, Finland/USA
I really waited for this record after I saw On a Solid Rock’s gigs and heard the mp3's from this 7". My expectations weren’t low, but I knew this record wouldn't be a disappointment. And it wasn't.
On A Solid Rock plays excellent Hardcore with Metal and Emo influences, it sounds really unique. Don't expect that those Emo influences are some kind of crying blah blah. I would say you can hear the Emo influences because these guys are doing this with their heart.
The vocals are quite melodic but angry at the same time. Singer, Tume, does it very well. I also like those backing vocals by guitarist, Tapsa. Jussi does some great bass parts and Pete and Tapsa are doing their job very well too.
Members of this band have several bands from both their past and their present. I think I should mention Defend where Tapsa played bass, Pete played drums, and Tume sung. Jussi plays bass and he was a guitarist in a Street Punk / Oi! band, Royal Family. But it's impossible to compare this to their other bands. These guys are also drug-free if that matters to you when you buy records.
The lyrics are good. They are stories of this world and their points of views. It seems Tume has really written them from his heart.
I like it when a title has something to do with the cover art like this one. By the way, the cover art is by Ville Angervuori who we have also borrowed pics from for our site.
It's really hard to find anything to criticize so I won't do it just because there must be something bad. That's stupid whining. I'm sure this record will take many rounds on my turntable.

Grobader #7, France.
Trop de hardcore "old school" comme je l’aime pas (mid-tempo à la JUDGE), avec une touche d’émo… Dommage, parce que les passages speed sont plutôt biens.

International Old School Conspiracy #2, Serbia.
This is a new band from Finland, and there are some Rebound members in the band. This record has not the sound that we used to hear on Commitment, but that doesn't mean it's less good. On the contrary, it's great. It's not another youth crew record, but more modern old school with lots of Endstand influence. Which is great...There's 6 songs in 13 minutes, not something for todays old school bands, another plus. The vocal is great, the lyrics too (they cover subjects like how people become robots, ecology, people and their selfdestruction). Like I said it's not the usual youth crew stuff, for example in the song 'Let It Die', where you can hear some accoustic guitar parts. Maybe is strange that there's not many sing-a-long part, but all in all it's great stuff.

Maximum Rock n Roll, USA
On a solid rock, from finland, play a mix of pop, emo and hardcore. At points i found it quite listeneable, but there are these melodic emo parts with horribly sung vocals that immediately drive me away from this release. I mean, that guy's voice literally had me wanting to leave the room or stop the record. Stick to the screams and leave those passionate cries on the cutting room floor.

Poisonfree Website, Germany
Endstand really left footprints in Europes North – especially in their homecountry Finland, which become obvious while listening to On a solids rock release I hold in my hands now. On a solid rock dare a little sidestep out of the labels usual old school policy, with enrichening their sound with, yes, solid rock, and some nice melodic aspects. The six songs they perform here are well arranged and may be described as a mix of early 90ies hardcore (Outspoken is mentioned somewhere…), rocking hardcore like Endstand to drop this name again, and classical old school with fast beats and singalongs. What takes this EP out of the averageness is first and foremost the voice of their frontman, being able to transport various moods, ranging from emotional calmness to old schoolish aggression, all sounding quite positive and lonestanding. For the people who need to take more than 3 chords and 2 beats out of a still classic hc-sounding release a good chance!

We're Gonna Fight Newsletter #1, September 2003, France.
Like the Pointing Finger 7" this one was nicely given to me by Robert Commitment so in that case I always try to do a review but it's not my style of music: powerful guitar not metal, but the raw singing à la Sick Of It All spoils everything for me, the bass & guitar fit very well sometimes but then the drums are too erky and slow à la NYHC. Well original compared to what I usually listen to but frankly I don't think that I will listen to it again (I'm frank!). Let's check the lyrics: not funny ones, Finland must be a bit boring and winters are so dark, it doesn't help. Well they talk about nature/human destruction, one poetic about the cult of drugs and how much they kill. Not very clear nor too weird, everyone will understand them their own way. I'm really not good for reviewing such lyrics, I listened too much to Seein Red/Sin Dios!!!