13-song 7"

Em Nossas Maos
Divisão De Tarefas
Lagrimas De Desgosto
America Latina
Derrube Os Muros
Sociedade Masculina
Todas Temos

Pressing info:
1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: June, 13, 2002

Infect, the first South American band with a release of its own on Commitment, is from São Paulo, Brazil. These girls play energetic and fast hardcore, like what you get when you ask a youthXcrew band to play a mixture of Negazione and Los Crudos songs. Infect’s lyrics are directed against the many evils of this capitalistic and patriarchal society. On this record, you can find the 6 songs from their hard to find Brazilian 7” and the 7 songs of their recent split-CD with Discarga. Infect proves that hardcore is not just boys fun !



Direct Hit #3, Northern Ireland.
This 7" is just incredible. These girls from Sao Paulo really know how to blast their songs out and are totally infectious. Fast as fuck old school hardcore taking a nod from MINOR THREAT, YOUTH OF TODAY, LOS CRUDOS and LIFES HALT. 13 songs, that rage and have the occasional breakdown that will have you slamming, dancing and going wild. Their venomous anti-patriarchy, pro-working class lyrics really bite. Sweeping political and social aware lyrics will only make you more angry given the situation that women, the poor etc have to endure through out their daily survival. An incredible 7" that everyone should own.

Full Contact, #8, Canada.
An all girl vegan straight edge band from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Side one represents an earlier recording from November 2000, which is their hard to find ep released in Brazil, while Side B was recorded September 2001 and is their more recent material that appeared as a split with DISCARGA. And there is 13 fuckin’ tracks on a 7”. This is fuckin’ crazy fast. This shit will bowl you over. Like the female version of DISCARGA, but with a more traditional sounding youth crew voice. The momentum is rallying. The guitar sound is heavy and yet fast as fuck. All the songs are short and are about something. And the lyrics have english translations. INFECT are deeply rooted in social change whether it be along class, gender, sexual orientation, pshychological or geo-political lines. They have opinions on everything. And they don’t forget to have some fun (see “Pintocore”). Well rounded, well versed, fumin’ mad, blazin’ fast, Brazilian youth crew fastcore. Get on board with this record because this is uncompromisingly right, and it is fuckin’ incredible.

Grobader Fanzine #6, France.
INFECT, pas INFEST. Ces brésiliennes sont straight-edge et font du fast hardcore. J’ai du mal avec le chant mais bon, j’en ai aussi avec celui de LOS CRUDOS, alors…

Maximum Rock n Roll, #233, USA.
Straightedge hardcore. A term that typically brings to mind images of European and North American boys. Images that (fortunately) could not be more wrong for this release. The five Brasilian women in INFECT deliver some of the most incredible sXe I've heard in a long long time. Lightning fast, and every riff brings a "Fuck Yeah" and a fist in the air... even though I'm by myself in front of a computer. Powerful lyrics about abandoned street kids (a problem so unbelievably serious in their city of São Paulo), the hardcore world's impression of Latin American hardcore (the song "Latin America" gave me goosebumps), and the rest of the world's treatment of so-called Third World nations, both socially and politically. Lyrics in Portuguese with English translations, and a great package as well, 12 songs, and all of them are incredible. I cannot recommend this record higly enough.

Opcion Real #6, Chile.
Aqui tenemos a una banda old school Brazileña formadas por chicas, old school a mil por hora, con cortes, partes ma spunks, son 13 canciones, las letras son excelentes, hablan de la explotacion de los trabajadores, sexismo patriarcal, burguesia, america latina, sociedad masculina, homofobia, etc, un siete.

Poisonfree Website, Germany.
An all-girl OldSchool Straightedge band from Brazil singing in their native language releasing on the Dutch Commitment Records. How much better and more untypical can it get? Fortunately, the lyrics are translated to English for me to understand them. The lyric sheet could be used by anyone to express the Hardcore ideals to Spanish-speaking people. They deal with speaking up one’s mind, being tolerant and against homophobia besides others. The music is really fast old school that I really like and the singing is very good. 13 songs on a 7”!! Really outstanding, if you have a chance to get it somewhere, you should definitely buy it! Recommended!

Tablet Newspaper, #11/1, USA.
I had to get this record as soon as I saw the hand drawn cover art with the bass player wearing a Minor Threat T-shirt. I had no idea what a treat I would be in for though! These 5 Brazilian girls kick it out fast and furious on this 13(!) song seven inch EP. This is blazing thrash with lyrics in their native tongue. There are also English translations for the Brazilian lyrics for us gringos. Some great shit here covering Sexism, Class, War and how fucked society is. Always great sources and, unfortunately, always all too relevant. These girls know just how hardcore thrash should be done! These 13 tunes are blazing and great and this is one smokin' single. It's so cool, a Brazilian band on a label from the Netherlands. So cool to see hardcore continuing to take over worldwide. Check this out!