6-song 7"

Not Giving In [Listen or Download by rightclicking]
Averted Eyes
In Response To
Reverse Side
Superiority By Authority

1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: March, 8, 2002

Second 7” of one of Holland’s leading Straight Edge bands, Fairfight from Utrecht. Again recorded at the Bunt Studios by Menno Bakker, Fairfight brings you 6 songs of melodic, powerful and fast youthcrew hardcore. The new songs are a clear progression from the first 7”, both musically and lyrically, and will have you singing along and jumping around in no time !

€ 6 ppd world.


Direct Hit #3, Northern Ireland.

It's really good to see a Dutch band on Commitment Records as most of the last releases have had bands from other countries. So with the title of the 7" with those big X's you're right in thinking they are sXe. But actually none of the lyrics have sXe themes, which is cool enough. In fact the lyrics are really good, especially "Superiority By Authority". They sing about life, personal stuff and have some social aware views. Musically it's a total blast of raging youth crew inspired hardcore. Taking nods from REACHING FORWARD, IN MY EYES, ENSIGN and some early REV stuff. It's a total blast from start to finish and you don't even get a chance to catch a breath. Really like the silver, black and white cover - looking ace as usual. Great band and 7".

En El Desierto #1, Argentina.
Hardcore straight edge old school, desde Holanda. Dos guitarras, buena voz, con acento copado, no el tipico yanki. Los temas estan buenos, y dentro de todo no caminan por las mismas fórmulas de siempre. Letras buena onda, positivas y autosuperación. El primer tema es de esos ke te hacen decir "si, so sxe, y me re cabe!". Lo único ke no entendi es por ké en el lado b del vinilo hay una chica en portaligas y corpiño adentro de una caja de sombreros, kisás eso explike por ké en nunguna de las fotos figuren chicas.

Fracture #23, UK.
Straight-ahead hardcore with that typical SxEx sound and vibe. It's nothing you haven't heard before, this style has been done to death since 1985, but the kids still love it! There's plenty of power in the bands sound and an aggressive edge that will have the kids pointy fingered and vested up in the pit as they practice their karate moves on one another. Straight edge in your face motherfucker! Me, well I'll be at the bar talking to the ladies and nursing a cold brewski as the wee bald ones get it on in the moshpit. I'm just kiddin' ya, this record is blistering SxEx style which hits all the points it needs to. You know what you're getting here!

Grobader Fanzine #6, France.
Eponyme, mais c’est pourtant bien le second 7" des hollandais. Pas de grand changement, si ce n’est que sur certaines compos, on sent que le groupe a mûri. Toujours bon, donc. Mais mauvaise nouvelle, ils viennent de se séparer…

Maximum Rock n Roll #233, USA.
Whoa, where did this come from? I am not usually impressed with the stuff coming out on Commitment, but FAIRFIGHT play six songs of top notch fast straight edge hardcore that really suprises me. It isn't very groundbreaking lyrically, but that's never really the point with most of this genre anyway. Solid tracks, solid release.

Oops! #12, Serbia.
When I saw this release for the 1st time I really didn’t like it…Why? Cover is toooo dark and I really didn’t wanted to hear it but…after some time I decided to put it on…And here we change the story to the other side…the band is good, very good, they play old school with 2 guitars, 1 of them really knows how to make it all to sound somehow melodic, which is, I must admit, very good… Lyrics are very great, cool theme for songs and also very good style of writing…On this single 7” are 6 songs & there is a "short song" ( if I can call it like that), where you can only hear "SE still lives", something like Madball did few years ago "HC Still Lives"...Fairfight is a great band, worth to be heard and its really shitty they didn’t have the time to represent this single to the crowd…They Broke Up!!!

Opcion Real #6, Chile.
Aca tenemos otra edición en vinilo de Robert, otro grupo de Holanda haciendo old school, son 6 temas pegados, donde no te das cuenta cuando termina, letras personales, con hartas influencias in my eyes, las guitarras destacan harto en este ep, este es el segunda grabación de la banda.

Poisonfree website, Germany.
A Dutch oldschool band. Damn, this is some finely produced oldschool with a good shouter and a pretty typical oldschool sound to it. Lyrics about valuing your home and family, critical thoughts about the change of the environment and some friendship stuff which is never wrong with me. The artwork consists of an oldschool tattoo sparrow with a banner of XXX and the label on the record has a pin-up girl. Can you spell “old school to the bone”? By the way, I really liked the sound of the bass on this 7” as well as their melodic brand of music.