6-song 7"

We Still Believe
Your Addiction
Set Them Free
Good Looking People
I Resist
More Than Drug Free

100 copies on white blue-splattered vinyl
900 copies on black vinyl
release-date: October, 24, 2001

The debut-7" of one of the upcoming bands from the hyperactive Portugese sXe scene. Besides other Portugese bands like New Winds, Time X and Pointing Finger, Fight For Change is in the frontlines of the European sXe scene. Musically, Fight For Change is mainly influenced by European bands like Mainstrike, Eyeball and Reaching Forwards, which means they play fast and energetic hardcore. From the lyrics it's clear Fight For Change is a sXe band, and like most other Portugese sXe bands, they are not afraid to couple a drug free life style with a strong political (anti-capitalist) stance. As straight edge = politics !

€ 6 ppd world.


Direct Hit #3, Northern Ireland.
WOW! Another killer dose of youth crew styled hardcore from this ripping Portuguese band. Totally brutal and fast hardcore to the bone, with it's awesome sound quality. Yeah, from the title of the 7" they are straight edge, but hey they are more than drug free. They make a good point of why they abstain from drink and cigarettes - a political statement. They also sing about anti vivisection, anti religious institutions, the way the media promotes good looking people etc. You can feel their anger and passion blast out of my stereo. Think of Californian O.C. sXe bands such as INSTED, NO FOR AN ANSWER, HARD STANCE etc. - excellent stuff to sat the least. Cool layouts, with lots of photos of them playing live and I could go on and on playing this 7" as it's so fucking good, you can never have enough great 7"'s especially one like this.

Grobader Fanzine #6, France.
Le classique 7" Commitment : du hardcore youth crew, du bon mais… classique, quoi (le chanteur porte un t-shirt d’EYEBALL sur la pochette). Sauf qu’ils sont portugais. Un ton en-dessous de POINTING FINGER, cela dit.

Maximum Rock n Roll #233, USA.
Commitment Records continues their dedication to exposing the international straightedge hardcore scene. FIGHT FOR CHANGE is a XXX hardcore band from Portugal. Musically and lyrically they are exactly what you would expect, straightforward and fast with lyrics about being drug free. Overall I thought it was decent, but I found it to be a pretty simple and generic. Not bad, but not good either.

Oops! #12, Serbia.
Fuckin’ Go! ..thats how the single of this Portugese band starts. As its known, everything Commitment Records has released, it's again a band that brings back the sound of the 80’s. It means fast HC, with not so short songs (they are more than 2 minutes wich is not very usually for this sound), in the vain of Mainstrike and Eyeball. Her are songs with a lot of sing along parts and very raw voice. Lyricarlly here are standard themes, like sXe, against animal killing, fashion people, religion…Doesn’t matter if it's something we have heard 1000 times for me this is OK. The meaning of the songs you can find in their well written explanations…Layout is OK with a lot of pics….Everything looks good and we’ll see if the new line up changes will change something in their sound…

Opcion Real #6, Chile.
Otro vinilo old school, me encanto estos portugueses, youth crew al % 100, 6 canciones qua hablan del sxe, las drogas, alcohol, viveseccion, sxe mas que libres de drogas, la caja afinada a lo shutdown, influenciados por bandas como Bold, Turning Point, con un vocalista solido.

Poisonfree website, Germany.
Another Portuguese Oldschool band, this time on the Dutch Commitment records. I had heard their track on the Times Still Here compilation. Their compilation track was OK but nothing that moved me too much. The same goes for their 7”, which was a little too generic for me. Some good produced and tightly played oldschool but I can’t quite put my finger on what I didn’t like. But I can tell that I did like the lyrics which are just positive and deal with sexist beauty standards, animal liberation and the impact of drug addiction upon society among others.