8-song 7"

We Care
Booze And Lose
Two Face Pack
Short Song
Where It Belongs
Rest In Peace
Too High
Drug Free Zone

100 copies on half black, half red vinyl
900 copies on black vinyl
release-date: April, 6, 2001

€ 6 ppd world.


Direct Hit #2, Northern Ireland.
More great quality old school youth crew on Commitment Records. CROSS ME are a straightedge band from France and play incredible JUDGE/PROJECT X, early CONFRONT styled hardcore. It's fast, energetic and awesome quality. The lyrics are generic sXe lyrics, but I'm told they put up with a lot of shit from non sXe folks. Another awesome 7" and great new band (well new to me).

Fracture #18, UK
Commitment Records has earned a decent reputation for putting out consitently good "youth crew" straight edge. Some might say corny, I would say good. This release definitely follows the tried and tested youth crew formula. College fonts, mosh photos, sullen-faced crew photos (Xed up), YOUTH OF TODAY, JUDGE and PROJECT X t-shirts on top of hoodies, etc. And it works. CROSS ME offer up 8 songs of positive straight edge hardcore. Standard topics are covered such as homophobia ("We won't tolerate people who discriminate!"), two-faced suckers, living for today, sell outs, straight edge, friends becoming enemies, straight edge not being a trend, staying straight edge, etc. The band consists of two French and two German dudes, musically and vocally along the lines of JUDGE. You know the formula, and you know it's a winner (that's why you've been buying this stuff for over 10 years!). It's fast, it's posi, it's the kind of stuff you most definitely cannot live without. (MM)

Grobader #7, France.
"Thionville city straight-edge"… hé hé hé… Mais à part ça, ça va, ça se tient bien. Un hardcore old school classique mais efficace, avec même un minimum de brutalité bien sentie (une sorte de GOOD CLEAN FUN énervé, musicalement).

Maximum Rock N Roll #218, USA.
It looks like CROSS ME are from France, yet according to the information that came with the record, two of the guys are actually from Germany. Anyway, there is a photo of the band from behind and between the four of them the shirts read YOUTH OF TODAY, JUDGE, PROJECT X and Smorgasbord Records. Hmm, I wonder what this is gonna sound like. With songs like "Booze And Lose" and "Drug Free Zone", and lyrics like "here and now straight like an arrow", it is obvious that these guys are all about showing their XXX pride. In all honesty, I thought this was a pretty strong release. And though everything was pretty predictable, I really appreciate the fact that they have a song attacking homophobia. Now that is a topic most straightedge bands never touch on. Check them out !.

Poisonfree Website, Germany.
Commitment again, old school again. I heard a lot about this band before, they were already turning heads all over Europe, and now I am able to hear their first songs. This is straight edge to the bone, and because it's been a long time since I reviewed a pure sxe record I really like to see the dedication these guys keep. The music is quite well arranged, as always I am reminded of some other bands from this genre, but Cross Me still keep their own flavour. The singer is quite aggressive, not as melodic as most old school bands do today, I really like his voice. They all can play their instruments, they are quite fast with some nice background shouts, and the production from the famous BUNT studio rocks too. To talk about the lyrics is like talking about sxe, titles like drug free zone or too high speak for themselves. All in all these guys deliver enough energy for a sunny day like today, and so I recommend this to every lover of the fast old school hc out there.

Spunk Zine #10, Canada.
It's one thing to be straight edge and be proud for what you stand for, but once you start thinking you're better than everyone else just because you don't drink or do drugs, that when it's gone too far. Not everyone is straight edge in-fact I personally only know about 2 people that are, and bet it's just a phase in their lives to be different, but trying to be different is one of the newest trends I'm starting to notice these days. So basically because I'm not straight edge this band is directly attacking me for who I am, but they're forgetting one thing, I'm the man behind the pen, and ohhh I'm just a little too stoned to finish reviewing this record....

Third Party Newsletter, USA.
This band is from Germany and France (maybe they live near the border) and they are awesome. Take the anger and attitude of a band like Right Brigade, add a little more speed on a couple of songs, a vocalist that sounds tough as hell, AND a positive message and you've got Cross Me. Fans of angry late 80's hardcore need to check into this record. The singer does have a thicker German accent, but it just makes this guy sound tougher, I swear. This record is some of the highest quality Edge music going, and is probably the best record to ever come out on Commitment Records. This band also gets an extra "thumbs up" for a hard stance on homophobia. If you just want to sample these guys before committing to a 7" purchase, pick up the Never Break the Spirit 7" comp. on Face Reality Records.