41-song 7"-box set, including 52-page booklet

In The Clear (Great Britain): Sown The Seeds
Fuerza de Voluntad (Chile): Hardcore No Es Violencia
Strength Approach (Italy): Since It Was Said
Out Of Step (Australia): The Straight Edge
Underfire (Czech Republic): Kill Your Hero
Vieja Escuela (Argentina): Respetar
Red Kedge (Singapore): The Plot
New Winds (Portugal): Education
Fast Youth (Denmark): The Obligatory Anti-Cop Song
Con Vision (Colombia): Otra Forma
Resources (Hungary): Straight Edge
Good Clean Fun (USA): I Can't Wait
Crossing Point (South Africa): Burn The Flames Of Injustice
The Answer Is Still No (Yugoslavia): Time Will Tell
Feud (The Philippines): Bow To The Flag
Accion Positiva (Mexico): Unidad
Truchbull (Sweden): More Than Meets The Eye
Negative Impact (Israel): A Vision Of Hope
Matchpoint (Switzerland): Pressure
Blind To See (Indonesia): Free Chain
Inspire (Brazil): Time For Compassion
Burden (Canada): Fade Away
New Breed (Slovenia): Break The Chain
Púrpura (Uruguay): Emblemas
The Geeks (South Korea): One Spirit
H-Street (Austria): Break Out
Strikepoint (Norway): Understand
Self Defense (Malaysia): Decide Your Faith
Circle Again (Ireland): All Hail The DJ!
Slowdown (Spain): Stand Together
B'67 (Russia): My Right To Breathe
Fuerza X (Guatamala): Hazlu Tu Mismo
Turnover (Germany): Around The World
Till I Die (Japan): Slow Death
One X More (Belgium): We Are Right
Clean (Croatia): Last Prayer For Babylon
Evidencia (Costa Rica): Atrapado
DSM (New Zealand): The Stronger I Stand
Uneven (France): Killing Prejudice
Second Age (Poland): Heart Guided
Vitamin X (The Netherlands): Reason

1000 copies on black vinyl
release-date: September 25, 2000

€ 20 ppd world.


Direct Hit #2, Northern Ireland.
Firstly, I was really chuffed that Robert took the time to send me one of these, as they'd be expensive enough. All I can say is that this comp is a labour of love and as the title suggests you've got bands from nearly every country in the world supplying songs. These are 6 7"'s in all and a big fat booklet - it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I think it's great to see a world wide hardcore scene and equally cool for a sXe one. It doesn't matter where a band comes from, it's what they say, do and sound like that matters.

Eye Witness #50, Germany.
Dieses Boxset ist schon etwas länger draußen, aber ich habe es erst jetzt bekommen, so fucking what und Alter: Dieses Ding ist so dermaßen geil, daß ich es wirklich kaum noch glauben kann!! Ich meine, Straight Edge ist nun wirklich nicht unbedingt meine bevorzugte Musikrichtung bei der ich diverse Biere in mich kippen würde, aber was Robert von Commitment Records hier auf die Beine gestellt hat ist einfach schlicht und ergreifend phänomenal!! Hier sind mit IN THE CLEAR, FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD, STRENGHT APPROACH, OUT OF STEP, UNDERFIRE, VIEJA ESCUELA, RED KEDGE, NEW WINDS, FAST YOUTH, CON VISION, RESOURCES, GOOD CLEAN FUN, CROSSING POINT, THE ANSWER IS STILL NO, FEUD, ACCION POSITIVA, TRUNCHBULL, NEGATIVE IMPACT, MATCHPOINT, BLIND TO SEE, INSPIRE, BURDEN, NEW BREED, PURPURA, THE GEEKS, H-STREET, STRIKEPOINT, SELF DEFENCE, CIRCLE AGAIN, SLOWDOWN, B?67, FUERZA X, TURNOVER, TILL I DIE, ONE X MORE, CLEAN, EVIDENCIA, DSM, UNEVEN, SECOND AGE und VITAMIN X sage und schreibe 41, mir meistens komplett unbekannte Bands aus 41 Ländern am Start, die allesamt mehr oder weniger lupenreinen, drogenfreien ?88er SXE Hardcore machen. Ich kann hier unmöglich irgendwelche Highlights auflisten, denn dieses auf schlaffe 1.000 Copies limitierte Boxset, daß außerdem mit einem tierisch genialen Booklet kommt, wirkt nur in seiner kompakten Form und von daher würde ich schon behaupten, daß dieses Monstrum selbst für den härtesten Drunkpunk, wie ich es einer bin, absolut essentiell ist. Buy now or pay fucking $ 100 on eBay in a few months!!!

Grobader #7, France.
Elle commence à dater, alors juste quelques mots… Attention, cette compilation-là est en fait un box-set de 6 eps (vinyls, donc). Ils regroupent 40 groupes venus de 40 pays différents, tous ayant en commun le hardcore old school et un certain X sur la main : c’est "a worldwide straight-edge compilation". 40 pays, autant dire que si on connaît quelques groupes (GOOD CLEAN FUN, VITAMIN X, STRENGTH APPROACH, ONE X MORE, IN THE CLEAR…), la majorité des noms nous était totalement inconnue jusqu’ici. Et parmi eux, il y a évidemment quelques trucs mauvais mais également de bonnes surprises : VIEJA ESCUELA (Argentine), NEW WINDS (Portugal), NEGATIVE IMPACT (Israël), INSPIRE (Brésil), SLOWDOWN (Espagne)… Louable initiative que de ne pas s’intéresser qu’aux ressortissants de pays riches, et de mettre tout le monde au même niveau. Une idée de départ séduisante, un livret conséquent, une mise en forme propre… un bel objet, quoi. Ca ferait un beau cadeau, tiens. Enfin, moi ce que j’en dis, hein…

Maximum Rock 'n' Roll #214, USA.
Holy fucking shit! I hope my review does justice to how truly amazing this set of records is. To quote straight from the letter that accompanied this release: "This compilation features 41 straight edge bands from 41 different countries - all styles of hardcore are featured from melodic punk rock to new school metal, but the large majority of bands play traditional old school hardcore". I am simply blown away at the amount of time and energy that went into everything. The tick glossy-covered booklet gives a brief history of straight edge hardcore and also dedicates a full page to each band, allowing space for lyrics, statements, photos, and contact names and adresses. All six Eps come in a excellent looking pre-printed sleeve. And the whole package comes in a sharp looking box with "More Than The X On Our Hands" printed in multiple languages along the border of the box. As you can imagine, the whole world is represented here, including many places I have never seen represented in straight edge. Bands like SELF DEFENCE from West Malaysia, B'67 from Russia, and CON VISION from Colombia just left me shaking my head in disbelief. Not only that, but there a few bands on here that are quite popular, including GOOD CLEAN FUN, H-STREET, ONE X MORE and VITAMIN X. The only drawback to this release is the fact that it is limited to a 1000 copies worldwide. This will not only cause it to immediately skyrocket in price, but it will become a bartering chip on hardcore trade streets around the world. I truly wish that more were printed just so people could hear all of these phenomenal bands from around the world. Hopefully this may make it to CD form someday, though you would completely lose all of the beautiful packaging. Nevertheless this is a completely inspirational release !

New Winds #3, France.
Commitment was one of my favourite labels yet, but after my meeting with Robert and having listened to this compilation, I'm an unconditional supporter of Commitment! This is an awesome project that I hold in my hands... What could have been another damn too long and boring compilation happens to be an incredible project from which emanate Hope, Sharing, Unity (not in a cheesy meaning...) and the original spirit of Hardcore and Straight Edge, as it always should have been. These are 6 7"'s included here, in a cardboard box, the lay-out kills like nothing ever done before on Commitment! There are 41 SxE bands from 41 different countries and, no, it's never boring, I even didn't want to reach the end, as I had so much pleasure listening to it thoroughly one 7" after the other. All the bands here deserve respect and some totally kick ass like, just to name a few, Vieja Escuela, Uneven, Match Point, Blind To See, Circle Again, In The Clear, Burden, The Answer Is Still No, and tons of others. I even heard for the first time about the excellent French band called Uneven, which is a shame, but this band unfortunately (that's the least I can say!) already splitted (...) Robert's will to open the doors of our closed western scene to the bands from countries where it's actually revolutionary to do a HC band deserves your support. Let this movement be really regardless of where you come from, and which professional sound you can afford, and this starts with buying this compilation (...) Oh yes, just to end this, this box contains a huge booklet with a great text by Robert and a reflection on SxE by Ian MacKaye himself (...).

On Display #3, Denmark.
Amazing how much work and effort Robert has put into this compilation. So much love and dedication has been put in this project. There's 41 bands from 41 countries. Also so-called 3rd world countries. Not all productions are superb, but this has to be seen in the light of not everybody having access to the most basic equipment measured by western-standards. I think it is impressive and brave for bands from Chile, Singapore, The Philippines etc to fight the struggle. For as Robert already wrote in his statement, for them it means so much more. We the privileged HC kids north of the equator, might be ridiculed for our involvement, but those kids put their lives on the line. They need our support. But again I can't help notice the absurd fact, that a lot of those bands are very much influenced by the American HC role-models. Has cultural imperialism had so much impact on HC? But besides Roberts writings, also Ian MacKaye wrote a short piece on how it started. In case you didn't notice, it's a STRAIGHT EDGE compilation. And it is more political than one would expect it to be. Musically it's mostly old-school, but also some faster stuff, and metallic stuff is included. Some of the bands you probaby know. Well I'm not gonna pretend like this is the best HC compilation I know, but it sure as hell is a collectors item.

Opcion Real #6, Chile.
Nuestro amigo Robert, lieve a la realidad el sueño de Yann Biosleve, un compilado con 40 paises con una banda sxe representando a cada país, desde old school (en su mayoria) new school, hc, etc, es una edición de lujo son 6 siete pulgadas en vinilo, con una caja, libro incluido con una pagina para cada banda y una introducción, trae por nombrar algunas In The Clear, Fuerza de Voluntad, Strength Approach, Vieja Escuela, Underfire, Good Clean Fun, Convision, Fuerza X, Purpura, Negative Impact, Crossing Point y muchas mas (pronto va a salir editada por opcion real rec en chile).

Poisonfree Website, Germany.
Wow, this is soooooo awesome, after some more average old school sxe releases this kid is definitely back on track and impresses with this compilation of world wide straight edge bands. Not only that the music kicks ass (later more…), this compilation comes in an breathtaking package: It is some thick paper box which contains the 6 (!!!) 7'' together with a slick, 50+ page booklet that expresses some general thoughts on sxe and hardcore, the history of this records plus contact adresses, pics, lyircs and more from every of the 41 bands. Never before this underground movement was portrayed better with one single release in it's whole worldwide size. But now for the music: There is no room to present every single band here, so I will keep it more general: Of course the musical style of this label has not changed really, Commitment is still dealing with classic hc, but this is never getting boring even if you have 41 bands performing a similar style. There are a few more well known names among them, e.g. IN THE CLEAR, GOOD CLEAN FUN, H-STREET, VITAMIN X, BURDEN, TURNOVER, STRENGTH APPROACH or ONEXMORE may be a name to some of you. 90 percent of the songs are brandnew and unreleased. Of course it is not possible to give you so many bands that are all above average, so you may find some bands that are straight from the rehearsal room, not good produced or performed, but still likable. It is simply not the goal of this record to give you the newest, best and loudest bands around, this is to show you what size the sxe phenomen really has. Still this is as underground as it gets, I am sure this record presents sxe scenes from countries some people did not know they exist. You have the whole range of more classic hc here, classic 88 stuff, more melodic stuff (NEW WINDS) more aggressive stuff (SELF DEFENCE, CLEAN), groups consisting of only girls and so on. More names? More countries? PURPURA (uruguay), CIRCLE AGAIN (Ireland), FUERZA X (Guatemala), FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD (Chile), RED KEDGE (Singapore), CONVISION (Colombia), CROSSING POINT (South Africa), uhh, and so on. Awesome... Well, to sum it up: Even if this may be a little bit more expensive than an average record (there may be a CD soon, but this is the real deal!), every sxe kid should posses this thing, so get it and rock on!(Phil)

Reflections #14, The Netherlands.
No matter what I write about this incredible initiative will ever do justice... 41 bands from 41 countries from literally all over the world. And all these bands are Straight Edge. Robert from Commitment Records is one of the guys in this socalled hardcore scene that has an incredible dedication and every aspect of this box set shows that. Not all the bands on this compilation may be top notch, but the fact that Robert got in touch and helped bands from as far as Costa Rica, New Zealand, Chile, Guatamala, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Uruguay and many many other countries is incredible and admirable. The box looks amazing and the booklet that comes with it is a document on its own. An essential release for everyone that's even a little bit interestedd in real worldwide hardcore !