7-song 7"

The Beginning
Neverending Road
The Message
What You Say

150 copies on transperant red vinyl
850 copies on black vinyl
release-date: February, 28, 2000

€ 6 ppd world.


All Schools Net, e-zine, Germany
Fairfight kommen aus Holland und sind auf Commitment Records, naja…. Klingt ja schon fast wie ein perfektes Klichee, das sich hier dann auch bewahrheitet! Auf der 7" sind 7 Songs purer und straighter Old School Hardcore. Geradlinige Melodien und eine sehr typische Stimme. Vergleichen würde ich die Band mit den Landsmännern Spirit 84, aber ich bin nicht wirklich hinter dem Sound von beiden Bands. Es ist das Problem das ich mittlerweile immer mit Old School Bands habe – nach spätestens dem zweiten Song nervt mich das Ding und es kommt in den Schub und wird niemehr gehört.... ich fürchte Fairfight landen da auch bei mir. Auch wenn ich zugeben muss, das Artwork und die Texte sind sehr ansprechend! Gut designed und verarbeitet, das einzige Minus hier – die Texte sind in einem Aufwasch durchgeschrieben und das ist superstressig zu lesen... aber ok – daran soll's ja nicht scheitern. Wer auf Old School steht und sich das einfach mal geben möchte – bitte, ich denke bestimmt kein schlechtes Release!!!

Direct Hit #1, Northern Ireland
More posi-sXe hardcore on Commitment Records and as you'd come to expect it's of the highest quality. Taking that traditional Wide Awake/YOT classic sound and developing it to their own Fairfight sound. Average to slightly fast pace, cool lyrics and excellent vocals. Good lyrics, interesting packaging make it another welcome addition to your collection.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
New released from Commitment. Co-produced by Menno Bakker who're responsible for all the Seein Red records, so this got to be a top-notch production. The singer has the best English-pronunciation out of every band on Commitment + they're the best musicianship, got the best songwriting, well-thoughtful lyrics so, that quality have make this as a perfect release and this just happened to be their first record, isn't that superb? I can't say anymore better for Commitment released because everything they put out is so well-done and most bands play good music with good messages (okay, not every one of them).

Flame Still Burns webzine
Fairfight is a 'posicore' band based around the city of Utrecht and this is their first 7". If you're into the 'youth crew' type hardcore you'll surely enjoy listening to this piece of plastic. Fairfight offer you 7 songs of decent and well produced hardcore. If you are into this type of music I suggest you check this out. I am sure these guys rock the house when they play a live show and I hope they will release something new really soon.

Grobader Fanzine #6, France.
J’ai acheté ce 7" parce que le nom me disait quelque chose. Peut-être qu’il me rappelait juste celui de FAIRFUCK. Toujours est-il que, s’il n’égale pas celui de ces derniers, leur 7" est un de mes préférés chez Commitment (juste derrière KIDS LIKE US et VITAMIN X). Positive hardcore old school, assez classique mais vraiment bien foutu. Bon, la pochette est laide mais au moins elle tombe pas dans le cliché straight-edge.

Maximum Rock n Roll #205, U.S.A.
FAIRFIGHT is so posi they even have liner notes explaining fuck ups as "a good learning experience". Youth crew as pure and simple as it comes. FAIRFIGHT hammer words to live by into your little hardcore head one after the other. They also point out that grumpy straightedgers will soon fall, so with a smile on your face you can spread positive ideas and still have fun. Pass it on.

My Own Way, The Netherlands.
Fairfight is one of the newbreed bands from the Utrecht. These Youthcrew Straightedge band managed to do a nice set of recordings for their debut 7". After reading the booklet (yeah I actually can read!) I found out that these recordings were done at De Bunt studios. So then I start wondering why they're of such an average quality. I mean bands that recorded at this legendary studio used to deliver better stuff ?? But okay. Back to the music. Fairfight delivers 7 great sing a long songs with lyrics that deal with the usual straightedge youthcrew issues. Friendships, Commitments and blah blah. I love these kind of songs, so what am I complaining about. I never had chance to see them that often, but from the 3 or 4 times I saw them I was impressed and felt quite all right about what these guys do. And he I'm straightedge, so they get all my props for doing their little xxx thing. GO GO GO !!! Rating: 8.5

New Wind #3, France.
As far as I know, this is the latest release on Commitment until now. This is typical Dutch youth crew I guess I can say. If the similitudes with Vitamin X or GuidingLine can justify the 'typical Dutch' adjective. Well, cause this band evolves in the same direction as these bands and this is for the best. Yes, this 7" is a proof that the straight edge hardcore scene from Holland is not dying with GuidingLine and Product X. Robert still can find great bands, and Fairfight is one.

On Display #3, Denmark.
You know the label? It's a guarantee for sXe old-school hardcore. Youth crew inspired. What sets most bands on Commitment apart from their American counterparts is that words like positivity are actually not just words and I admire their honesty and dedication in a genre that somewhat has become its own cliché.

Spunk Zine #10, Canada.
Straight Edge Hardcore from the Netherlands. Now I can never understand how these guys find the energy to play like this. SxE is all about hardcore, and I love it. Fair Fight is something you would find in the Victory catalog, fast aggressive straight edge hard-core, from the Netherlands, it's fucking hard!!

Still Holding On #3, Belgium.
This is the latest stuff released by Commitment and I know what some people will say: "oh! youth crew hardcore like we've already heard 1000 times before!" But they're wrong! This is (at least for me) the best 7" (with the last Vitamin X) released by this Dutch label and one of the best new Dutch bands. Fairfight plays posicore in the vein of Spirit 84 but they've a little something which makes this piece of plastic really enjoyable. "Positive lifestyle, that's our goal. No one will ever stop us", yeah!!!

Street Dreams #2, The Netherlands.
Maybe it's just because I'm not that fanatic anymore and don't go to every single hardcore show in every single shit town, like I used to do, but as far as I know I have never seen this Dutch band play a show once. This seveninch makes me curious, especially because I don't have a clue how long this band has been around and wonder whether it's just another little new band that has played three shows before they already got picked up by Commitment or an experienced band that deserves to have a record out. Judging them by their first round piece of plastic, there ain't much to complain about. Melodic posi "Youth Crew" style (Oh my God, I do hate that term) old school hardcore, that sometimes reminds of SPIRIT 84. Packed in simple but neat lay-out and recorded at Bunt's with Menno Bakker behind the mixing console you can't go really wrong with this release. Personally I have kind of had enough of this sort of bands, but people who still enjoy listening to stuff like the first GuidingLine seveninch or whatever will surely appreciate this. Now let's see what their stage appearance is like.

Suspect Device #34, UK.
Latest release from this very cool label, and as ever from Commitment this is yet another dynamic slab of vinyl containing some great, fast, straight edge hardcore. The quality of the recording and packaging is first class, the message is positive and the music totally rocks. There's a hint of Battery, maybe a dash of Better Than A Thousand and a whole lot of Fairfight. This is such a good EP and I urge you all to either write to Commitment, or get it from us for £ 2.50 post paid.

Underground Punk Support #7, The Netherlands.
On Commitment, so you can guess their style. Yep, this can be labeled as '88 YouthCrew Straight Edge hardcore with big influences by Youth Of Today, Turning Point and Gorilla Biscuits. I am not really interested in checking out all those bands, but FairFight made a huge impression on me with their enthousiastic high-energy live-gig. Also on vinyl they are a high-quality band that is surely high above the average bands in this genre. With Vitamin X they are the most interesting Dutch band in that scene.

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