5-song 7"

Self Progression
Settling Scores
Who Makes The Heroes...
The Darker Side

100 copies on transperant yellow vinyl
900 copies on black vinyl
release-date: October, 28, 1999

€ 6 ppd world.


All Schools Net, e-zine, Germany.
Und weil's so schön ist gleich nochmal Old School der Marke Commitment! Die zweite 7" der holländischen Old Schooler Product X kann mich hierbei aber schon etwas mehr überzeugen! Der Sound ist auch sehr straight und typisch wie er typischer nicht sein könnte (für mich zumindest!!!) aber die kratzige, kräftige Stimme find ich ziemlich fett! Mach hier bei diesem Release auch einiges her und lässt mich nicht schlecht staunen an manchen stellen! Ich kenne die erste 7" leider nicht, daher kann ich auch schlecht einen vergleich zu dieser jenen ziehen aber ich glaube Product X haben einfach ihren eigenen Style entwickelt und sind damit auf Erfolgskurs! Das Artwork hier ist mir ein wenig zu langweilig aber es ist auf jeden Fall ok, ein bisschen schlicht eben! Die 5 Songs wurden auch in Worten festgehalten – nichts besonderes! Wer die Heroes macht weiss ich leider auch nicht, aber diese 7" kann man sich auf jeden Fall schon mal antun!!!

Backdrop #4, Belgium.
Some of you might now Product X from their debut EP on which they played the typical youthcrew style with a bit of an own input. Well, I'm here to tell you to forget about that record because these guys have progressed outrageously ! The new songs have a bit of a post-hardcore feeling and I think they sounds like the Turning Point songs on the Rebuilding compilation so you know it's still hardcore. 5 very intense songs plus intro that should be out as a 7" on Commitment Records by the time you read this.

Direct Hit #1, North Ireland.
Quite possibly my fave of the bunch of Commitment Records reviewed in this issue. Product X (which if you hadn't guess by the name) are another excellent Dutch sXe band. They play superfast hardcore, with some youthcrew influences - but they just have an extra edge (no pun intended) where their songs are just true to themselves. Excellent caring lyrics, some real neat hooks and riffs - blasted at you at full force. Awesome packaging as usual - a must.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
Oh man, I love their Hometeam EP; brutal, fast and lots of energy. Just like KLU, they make the best personal lyrics (not just a dumb 88-slogan) in which I can relate to. Somehow I think this one lacks of energy (or maybe they just have different sounds) that I heard on their previous EP, but it's still fast, brutal, yet emotional and raging old-school HC, so what more is there to ask???

Grobader #5, France.
Encor un groupe en X, un pas mauvais. Leur hardcore old school fair parfois un pas en direction des mélodies, parfois vers une certaine brutalité (moins qu'avant). C'est pas forcément très sensible, mais c'est le genre de détail qui porrait permettre à PX de passer au niveau supérieur.

It's Raining Truths #4, The Netherlands.
Holy shit, who said the youth crew was dying out for the second time? You're wrong dude! Their first 7" was okay, despite the fact that I couldn't get used to the vocals. This one is 10 steps forward, something that doesn't happen every day. PX bring us 5 new superfast youthcrew anthems with lots of melodies for the dancers among us and hyperfast drumwork that will please the trashing folks like me and my brother Pete. Gosh, that drummer knows how to sweep things up. The layout is very decent too, a bit stylish if you know what I mean, quite close to the stuff I really dig. The titletrack is the winner of the record, music and lyricwise.

Keep The Faith #5.5, Germany.
Another awesome old school band from the Netherlands that broke up lately. After the almighty Mainstrike and GuidingLine, Product X als decided not to exist in this line-up any longer. The band members will go different ways and start new things. Thinking about that and listening to the 7 inch I get really sad. On "Who Makes The Heroes..." Product X show again that they were one of Europe's leading youth crew bands. For me they have a special status due to their really really good lyrics and their rather unconventional way of interpreting early hardcore-music. Also the layout for this 7inch and the band-logo show that Product X are unique and special. Definitely a band that'll be remembered.

New Wind #2, France.
There's one thing I don't like about this 7": it's the last PX 7" ever because they called it quit. Otherwise it's another great 7"!!! The vocals are extremely better than on their previous stuff, the music is more varied, the lyrics are more thoughtful.... to sum it up, it could even more their 'Hometeam E.P.' obsolete (if you agree to forget such great anthems as No Regrets...) Well this a great farewell by this great band; on Commitment !

Reflections #13, The Netherlands.
These guys broke up not that long ago and I don't know the reasons but it couldn't be this 7". It easily blows away the first one and it shows that they surely had potential to get known more. Maybe their name somehow stood in the way or something because it surely can't be this record. Melodic, but still aggressive youthcrew hardcore with some orginal hooks and (especially) vocals parts and choirs. Pretty good lyrics too and I guess that getting this 7" is a good way to say goodbye. It's worth it.

Speak My Mind #2, The Netherlands.
Bands can progress in three ways, they can progress in a wrong way like the new Fastbreak record, they can progress by developing the sound they already had, like When Fear And Weapons Meet, or they can truly progress by changing their sound and getting better with that new sound. Judging this tape Product X has definitely progressed in the third way. I already listened to this tape more than I ever listened their previous 7". That says something because I only have this tape for two days and I have their old 7" for more than a year. Product X's new style is a mixture of By The Grace Of God and Ensign. Nice melodic parts are followed by really fast moshy shit. This easily beats all the other releases on Commitment! The sleeve design reminds me totally of the Jade Tree sleeves, you know a lot of white and arty pictures. Also a big progression in comparison with the stupid drawing on their first 7". From the big wave of Youth Crew bands from the Netherlands, I think Product X, together with Spirit 84 and Reaching Forward have the best chances to survive the decline within the scene. The new 7" is probably out by the time you read this so check it out, especially the last two songs. I guarantee you'll get shivers all over your body!

Spunk Zine #10, Canada.
Yes!!! Fucking right aggression. 5 hardcore sXe songs from one of Europe's up and coming acts in the hardcore scene. Some songs are pretty crazy. If you drink stay away from this! No let's get serious here, these 4 piece can really rip it up!
Streetdreams #1, The Netherlands.
I'm not going to turn around it, just because I happen to see the kid handling the drums for this band at shows every once in a while. Their first seveninch sucked in all its aspects. The music was of the boring and generic old style kind that's been played by way too many bands the last couple of years, their singer sounded like a barking dog, and on top of that they had put some stupid and damn ugly drawing on the cover. Sweet Jesus, it still gives me a headache to come up with some good words about that thing. But still, as sceptical as I was when someone gave me this tape, I was curious enough to give their new one a good listen and more than willing to give these fellas a fair second chance. And I have to say, I am quite impressed, as I can't come up with any of the arguments why I crushed that first dump of theirs. A damn enjoyable mix of fast hardcore and moody and melodic rocking parts that surely bring to BY THE GRACE OF GOD into mind more than once, not in the last place because of their singer sounding at times just like that Duncan dude (Rob is the singer of BTGOG, pal - ed.). The progression that's dripping off this tape is incredible, and since their biggest disadvantage on the "Hometown E.P.", their singer, proves to be able to follow the big steps forward of the other PRODUCT X kids, they really have the potential to become Commitment's favourites. My only complaints will probably be the messed up backings and the hasty overall tempo. I'd say it would've done the songs good to ease up a bit every now and then, but that's just because my personal preference goes out to a bit more slowed down hardcore. Hopefully they will pack the thing in some nice artwork, without any dull kiddie drawings on the cover this time, and I'll raise my thumbs for the overall score. Still, a damn pity they haven't decided to change that dumb name.

Suspect Device #34, UK.
A fantastic, melodic intro heralds the second EP from this great Dutch band. It isn't long before they blast off at full speed, with an attack lead by quick fire drums, but the melodic parts resurface to finish off the first song, and set the scene for the rest of the record. Blistering hardcore married perfectly with more melodic moments shows a marked progression for Product X, and it's a sound that suits them well. As ever with Commitment releases, the sleeve is as cool as the band, and this is one fine 7".