7-song Compilation 7"

Until Today: Fill The Mold
One Way: The Same Path
No Comply: Never Lose Step
Reinforce: Skt, Skt, Skt Rap
No Comply: Daniel Gezmer... We Love You (Skate Song)
One Way: Elite
Until Today: Beyond

1050 copies on black vinyl
release-date: October 28, 1999

€ 6 ppd world.


Backdrop #5, Belgium.
Robert pronounced it a long time ago that he would bring out a 7" with only American old school hardcore bands, and here he is, the Hit The Line Hard 7". 4 bands appear on this 7" and give the best of themselves. Until Today gives us 2 song that were already released, but I guess they are recorded again. Reinforce gives us a new song which I don't really like, One Way gives us two standard old school songs, nothing special with that and to end we have No Comply who also plays unoriginal old school. All songs have a good sound quality which mean that I can suggest this 7" to all old school lovers, but if you want something fresh, then don't buy this record cause you won't like it!!

Direct Hit #1, Northern Ireland.
Another comp from Commitment Records, but featuring 4 US bands this time. Apart from Reinforce (check out the Vanilla Ice rapping at the end of their song), all the bands give us 2 songs each. Musically it's fast old school hardcore, coming from a sXe slant. The bands are Until Today, One Way, No Comply and as I stated, Reinforce. The songs are full of energy and have good lyrics, a couple of them about skating. Some cool art by Michiel Uppercut. The record itself has swatch watches on the labels, very funny.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
A good compilation featuring all-American bands doing their own thing. Mostly play ace old-school-style but what do you expect? Reinforce has a funny song about skateboarding, One Way (cool personal/political lyrics), Until Today and No Comply (another fun skate-song). Most of them were unknown in the States so maybe that's the reason why Commitment documented them on this compilation. The drawings on the sleeve cover were pretty good or maybe even a little cliché ?

It's Raining Truths #4, The Netherlands.
Commitment decided to go and find some very worthwile youthcrew bands outside of Europe. This first catch of non-Eurocore of Commitment ain't a bad catch at all. Robert compiled a 7" with 4 US based youth crew bands, all from NC and GA. First there is Until Today who have the most melodic guitar parts of the four bands and some nice rocking moshparts. One Way from Atlanta is my favourite on the record with the most tight sounding songs, convincing vocals and sympathetic lyrics. No Comply reminds me of GuidingLine and 7 Seconds in the 'The Crew' days. Reinforce play some jolly skate anthem that is fun, but not the most outstanding thing on the record. To round it off, there is a well-done comic-style cover to please the eyes in between the 'mosh through my room' sessions. I can only say one thing: GO! (eventhough it's the most cliché thing to say here).

Keep The Faith #5.5, Germany.
I love 7 inch-compilations! And if there are 7(!) songs on it (one song for every inch, he he he!), then it is not hard to guess what kind of music the 4 bands play. Still have no idea? Then take a look at the name of the label? Still dark? The title? You still have no idea? Then skip this review now! This is old school! 101 % pure fucking youth crew! Four previously rather unknown bands from the States are on this 7inch. ONE WAY, REINFORCE, UNTIL TODAY and NO COMPLY. None of these bands can be called bad or average. All of them are awesome! The songs vary from rather punky-old school, over the classic 90s-style to even hiphop-elements ("skt, skt, skt rap" by REINFORCE). This piece of vinyl won't get boring, I promise! So go and get it!

New Wind #2, France.
Yeah, another great 7" by Commitment Recs! This alone is a clue that it's gonna be good! Four American bands appear on this. One Way, that I didn't know deliver two damn great songs, as well as No Comply, cause the weak sound of their first track won't prevent me from appreciating their stuff; Until Today are always among the best, and if you liked their 'In The Distance' 7", you'll like their songs. The only song I wasn't that much into is the Reinforce song, maybe because of that silly groovy rap part or something, but nevermind cause this band rules (check their 'One Life Thug Free' 7" on Underestimated !). Well that makes a damn cool and positive comp that'll give you your smile back !

Reflections #13, The Netherlands.
I always loved records compared with skateboarding and this is no exception. I don't know how many people in the bands Until Today, One Way, No Comply (they HAVE to, with such a name...) or Reinforce actually DO skate but the concept stays nice. Just as the label, which is like an X-Swatch is really nice. The music varies from mediocre 'till really good (Until Today) and all together they make up for a nice compilation with funny artwork.

Street Dreams #2, The Netherlands.
A compilation with four US bands playing, oh what a coincidence, old style late eighties-like hardcore. NO COMPLY is some of the worst shit I have ever heard with their singer who sound like his mom forces him to say twenty prayers in a row before he can start on the delicious McDonald's hamburger that's lying on the plate in front of him and is about to get cold. REINFORCE's song is pretty funny but has a kind of GOOD CLEAN FUN-feel that I happen to be not that fond of. UNTIL TODAY and ONE WAY (which is the band I like most of the ones on this one) are very much "okay". Wrapped up in a quite original and funny piece of very good looking artwork it's once again nothing special at all, but yet nothing you can go wrong with either.