6-song 7"

It Didn't Last Too Long
One Thousand Flyers
I Do Say Yes
There Goes My Hero
What It's Really All About

150 copies on transperant pink vinyl
850 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
250 copies on black vinyl
release-date: July, 2st, 1999

€ 6 ppd world.


Conspiracy Records Mailorder Catalog Winter 1999, Belgium.
To the point old-school from punks equipped WITH brains, no bullshit and funny. This is a cool release to remember old times.

Direct Hit #1, North Ireland.
More rip roaring youth crew influence sXe hardcore on Commitment Records, this time from One More who are from Belgium. You know the score, fast chanty songs, full of energy and lots of posi core. Again, great quality in the sound and layouts.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
This is soooo well and better than their first EP. This time they're even angrier, even more faster, noisy, crazy, ruthless and mean. These guys (from Belgium) don't learn how to play slower so they just get straight-to-the-face and sometimes very fast like their old 7" meets 97A. I love it! I love it! I love it!!!

Fitted For Life?? #1, Sweden.
This is their second release on Commitment. They really amazed me with their first release and do that with their second release too. The sound is oldschool-hc with a raging voice. This together makes the sound very powerful and raw. The lyrics are very short, but are still pretty good. They are about the hype about 88-hc, doing something to change, about how stupid war is. Then there is a explanation about what this 7" is all about. I really would like to see this band live because I have heard that they are really great. And as all other Commitment releases the layout is very nice. Go on and buy it, if this is your cup of tea.

Grobader #5, France.
Ces belges pratiquent un hardcore old school tendance gueulante (je raffole pas trop du chant), pas trop mal, mais assex générique.

It's Raining Truths #4, The Netherlands.
The feeling starts coming again, your blood rushes through your veins, you can't sit still for longer than a minute and you know what that means: you need to be in the pit of a true old school slam fest. You check your flyers and calendar, but darn!! The next show is two weekends away! You can't keep that blood pressure under control that long! Don't panic, here's the new One X More 7". 6 new, fast, blasting old school songs with a positive message. Stop making silly boycot flyers and do something positive, like buying this One X More 7" and mosh around your bedroom, mosh the streets, mosh the city, mosh!

Maximum Rock n Roll #198, U.S.A.
These Belgian straight-edge kids know how to blast out the catchy positive youth crew. Keeping it alive and meaningful. If you're down with youth crew, you know, in the Netherlands there is a gold rush !

Me And Mr. T #1, Mexico.
HC sxe oldschool, la verdad esto no me gusto mucho la voz no esta muy buena y la música no tiene nada de breakdowns y tampoco tiene muchos youth crew vocals lo que la hace un poco monótona, la única canción que vale la pena es la última del lado dos, las demás canciones parecen como si se repitieran. Lo que si puedes encontrar y que nunca va a fallar en los discos de Commitment es la buena presentación y calidad de sus discos, la verdad si me sorprende.

New Wind #2, France.
I only knew two songs by this band that I found good, the lyrics were okay, the music attractive, in a few words, I found them correct. Then I saw them live in Liege (Luik?) in Belgium, and from correct, One X More became really great in my eyes. The music I was slapped in the face with was just awesome, youth crew style with a little something : here and there, melody emerging from time to time from the fast furious old school riffs - reminding me sometimes of BATTERY - a voice that it would be not enough to call angry, and a cool attitude. In fact I find they're pretty close to NO REASON musically. After this slap in the face, I elbowed my way upstairs and get my fat sweaty French belly to the distro room to buy their 7", unfortunately I could afford only one 7" because I was broke (so I took the latest one) Man ! When I finished reading the lyrics, One X More had become one of my favourite European old school bands. Like for GCF- but without GCF's own humoristic point of view - I really appreciated their wisdom and lucid outlook on the scene; like when they say "88 has proven to be a joke" and that it's time we move forward from this "myth" and accomplish great and better things by ourselves. These guys really deserve your support, they are plain and simply great, I hope to get their first 7" soon (both 7"'s are on Commitment) and maybe to interview them for the next issue of New Wind. Belgium has maybe not that much old school bands but the few they have just rule !

Poison Free Website, Germany.
OxM's new effort is better than their first 7" on Commitment. It's better produced and the songs are better, written with a more sensitive feeling for good HC songs. They are overall really fast with a few breakdown and singalong parts and the singer is really screaming in a kinda rough way, these new songs come along really powerful. Old school as it was meant to be, the whole record seems somehow unrestrained and that is nice! A real improvement was made here...

Reflections #13, The Netherlands.
"This one goes out to the positive youth, combining awareness with fun".... It's written on the inside of the sleeve and I couldn't agree more! One X More developed their style, meaning aggressive and fast hardcore, not really being typical youthcrew or anything and they simply do what they're good at. I personally like the records a little more than the live performances because this sounds less chaotic. I guess that now it's time for a full length, don't you think?

Rif Rag Magazine, Belgium.
Wie bands als Eyeball, Spirit 84 en Ensign hoog in het vaandel voert, zal zeker iets hebben aan de geëngageerde old school van het Vlaamse One X More. Hun tweede 7" 'They Say That You Sold Out' blinkt uit in aggressieve straight forward songs. De zes nummers vliegen aan je voorbij en voor je het weet is het gedaan met de pret. Vooral 'There goes my hero', zalige oldschool met een emo-inslagje, en 'What it's really all about' imponeren. One X More slaagt er met verve in de snelheid en aggressie van old school te linken aan de passie van emo. Bovendien leggen ze best wat variatie in de nummers, getuige daarvan de veelvuldige tempowisselingen. Al wie een sprankelend potje old school weet te smaken, is verplicht dit kleinood aan te schaffen. Werkelijk topklasse !

Speak My Mind #2, The Netherlands.
I don't think I have to say more then this; check out the title track of this 7", it's going to be new anthem of straight edge kids world wide. Essential if you're into crazy fast melodic screamed sincere hardcore like Atari meets 97a.

Step Forward #3, The Philipinnes.
This is the second 7" of Belgian youth crew powerhouse Onexmore. If you thought that the first EP was excellent, wait till you hear this masterpiece. This disc starts off with the confrontational vocalist shouting in his most unruly, gruff voice 'Now where is the counter in your culture?' The music is still fast, powerful straightedge hardcore the way it was meant to be. The vocals ssound less unforced than in the first EP. Make no mistake about it, the vocals are the thing that stands out most for Onexmore. The lyrics are short and straightforward. The album cover also features their drummer instead of the vocalist or guitarist and I think that is a clear spit in the face of tradition in hardcore.

Suspect Device #34, UK.
Second single from the Belgium youth crew rockers One X More, it's got the same energy and power as the first 7", more cool, more cool sleeves, more cool youth crew backing vocals! Yeah! RAD not HARSH!

Tough Cookies webzine, Belgium.
Okay.. This is from Belgium and it's amazing.. Please not a bad word about the screamy vocals; i like it!! When you hear it for the first time, it might sound kinda weird to ya, but you'll get used to it after listening a couple of times.. This is original oldschool the way i like it..great fast guitarparts with some breaks and singalongs that'll rule your pit! Especially 'there goes my hero', 'They say that you sold out' and 'It didn't last too long' rule big time! Clear lyrics all the way, like for example about '88: "'s up to us to do better, we'll fuckin' do better ourselves.." ..yeah.. This is a must-have for everyone who likes powerfull, positive enriched xxx hardcore..

Trust Zine #0, Spain.
Old school rulez!!!! Como casi todo lo de commitment, muy guapo. Mucho sentimiento con una voz muy rasgada, es bestial. Rapidez, fuerza, buenas letras, que más se le puedo pedir a un disco de old school ? Me gusta que esten en contra del Hardline, realmente piensan estos chicos... La presentación no es una maravilla pero algo malo tendria que tener ?no ?