10-song 7"

First Step
Take It Back
From The Inside
How You Changed
Musical Prejudice
I'm Sorry
We Are One
Get Up

First pressing:
1000 copies on black vinyl, of which 175 have an extra limited edition release-party sleeve
Second pressing:
250 copies on black vinyl
Third pressing:
250 copies on black vinyl
release-date: July, 2st, 1999



Direct Hit #1, Northern Ireland.
Another totally ballistic and essential 7" of fast sXe hardcore on Commitment Records. This is Vitamin X's 2nd 7" and it is so much better than the first (which was great too), but these have really shifted gear with this 7". These are 8 songs on this and they just fly by you like there's no tomorrow, but because these guys have such posi core lyrics there is a tomorrow and if you waken up you will see it. Vitamin X play more in that old Straight Ahead style rather than the late 80's youth crew genre - although they do have some elements of it. This is one awesome 7".

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
Still youth-crew old-school HC (so fucking nostalgic or what?!!) and try the best they can to keep it real while the vocals annoying a bit. Their first EP is really good and this is(too) as powerful as the first one(even more faster). And they have good lyrics/messages being written allover the impressive sleeve cover. OK, I'm not really into this although the music is pretty excellent.

Grobader #5, France.
Rien moins que 10 titres de hardcore old school comme il faut, c'est-à-dire avec une certaine composante punk. Pas mal de sing-alongs, de bonnes compos, de l'énergie et un bon esprit. Exemple de leur différence: ils sont straight-edge mais sont pour la légalisation des drogues (rigolez pas, c'est tout à fait sensé)...

It's Raining Truths #4, The Netherlands.
We can say a lot about this, but let's start on the outside. The layout has the concept of a soundtrack album, but they can't make us laugh and there are some shoddy details too. Next: the lyrics, they are okay and touch some subjects that deserve attention. Last but not least, the music. Well, we think it certainly has its moments of power and rocking originality but sometimes it doesn't really come out that way. The back ups sound loke a student-dispute singing along with golden oldies from the jukebox after a night of beerslamming (this is a sxe band in case you didn't know).

Maximum Rock n Roll #198, U.S.A.
With tons of breakdowns, pick slides and finger pointing choruses, VITAMIN X's second EP is a lot more solid than their debut from a couple of years back. While some songs are stronger than others, this EP is rad fast youth crew that takes its inspiration more from STRAIGHT AHEAD and UPFRONT than the slower '88 bands. There's a booming youth crew scene in Holland right now and Commitment Records is its headquarters. Write 'em and get a catalog if '80s youth crew is your thing.

Me And Mr. T. #1, Mexico.
Se me hace que en Holanda se quedaron en los ochentas!!, yo creo que me voy a ir a vivir aya. Este 7" definitivamente es de lo mejor que he escuchado (ya se que siempre digo eso pero esta vez créanme). Puro hardcore punk o como lo describen ellos "A FINGER POINTING, CIRCLE PITTING, SING ALONG HARDCORE PUNK DISASTER" yo creo esa es la mejor manera de describirlo. Letras inteligentes y al grano ideales para el sing along, además tiene muy buena presentacióm y muchas fotos de todo su crew.

Poison Free Website, Germany.
You should know Commitment Records already (the quality Old School Label from the NL) and so should you know Vitamin X from their first effort "straight edge crew" which was already good, but this is even better. OS HC with a cool songwriting, a characteristique singer, catchy fast parts and nice singalongs on this 7" which comes along in a stylish layout. In the words of their own "a fingerpointing, circlepitting singalong hardcore disaster!". Nuff said..(16 min.)

Reflections #13, The Netherlands.
I miss the shows with Vitamin X and Soberesponse. Where we would dance and sing a long. Not because they were the greatest bands in the world, but because the people involved were so nice and so punkrock. It always left me with a great feeling. Commitment Records is a great label and really sticks to its principles. Vitamin X from Holland presents its second 7" here. Raw SxE hardcore punk. Not what I'll play often, but it are the people that make the difference this time. Yeah, I like it. Oh, the layout... let's say that I offer Robert my layout skills for free if he wants me to. Just ask !

Speak My Mind #2, The Netherlands.
Wow this is a pleasant suprise. Vitamin X has progressed a lot comparing this 7" to their very first one. Right now Vitamin X sounds like a cross between the first Rancor 7" and Seven Seconds. Yeah, this record flips my switch!!! Ten songs of singalong hardcore punk with lyrics about safe sex, legalisation of drugs (I personally don't think this solves all problems around drugs), racism and many more topics. On the top of that the layout is really funny, so when you're feeling down this doctor will prescribe to take some Vitamin X.

Step Forward #3, The Philippines.
We have here the second 7" of Holland based VitaminX and the follow up to their Straightedge Crew EP. First of all, as stereotyped to all Commitment releases, the layouts and the photos in the sleeves are great. Marko's voice has changed a little. Their song 'First Step' tackles the very delicate concept of drug legalization (which they clearly support) and this is one of the best things to find in this record. They are also the first band I heard singing about condoms (specifically) which I found quite funny. Check this out 'if it's erect before you serve you got to protect, so put your raincoat on if you're ready for some fun'. Of course there are still songs about friendship, betrayal, etc. Not a bad follow up to their great debut EP.

Suspect Device #34, UK.
Second release from Amsterdam sXe crew Vitamin X, and it just gets better, I'm getting to love this band. 16 minutes of harsh old school sXe hardcore punk that makes me want to jump around like crazy. Cool lyrics covering drug decriminalisation, TV, safe sex, unity and some personal stuff too. It's all wrapped up in a beautifully produced sleeve, loads of photos and stuff. Vitamin X have a sense of humour, which is refreshing! Buy this from Commitment Records.

Tough Cookies webzine, Belgium.
Wow..what a great label.. They hit again with one of these great youthcrew bands from Holland, Vitamin X. As they say in an interview comparing this one to their first 7": "We learned how to play our instruments (this is no joke..)".. and it's true.. cool intro, followed by really fast, typical youthcrew songs..10 songs on 1 7"! Lyrics about friendship, save sex, the legalisation of drugs (note: they are a straight edge band, but support the legalisation of drugs 'cuz they think there'd be less crimes and drugdealers wouldn't rip the money of from addicted kids..). A cool layout (is this like a movie??) and nice pics.. fingerpointing is defenitely no crime on this one!!

Trust Zine #0, Spain.
Aaaaahhhh!!!! Este disco es la bomba, supera con creces el anterior. El principio ya te pone los pelos de punta, me encanta! Las letras estan muy curradas tienen mogollon de sentido (destaco First Step, sobre la legalizacion de las drogas) y el diseño es muy bueno, con muchas fotos y todo eso. Old school superbueno. Si te gusto el Straight Edge Crew, te encantara este, pero si todavia no los has escuchado ... A QUE ESPERAS??? ya tardas ....