6-song 7"

Reversed Aggression
Point Of No Reason
Tomorrow Ends Today

200 copies on white vinyl
800 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
250 copies on black vinyl
release-date: July, 1st, 1999

€ 6 ppd world.


Backdrop # 4, Belgium.
The newest release on Commitmet recs. This is the band of the guy who wrote the stories for this scene and reacted on the article about homophobia. I guess I'll do an interview with them on issue 5 of Backdrop. This 7" features 6 melodic old school anthems in a quite original way. Every song has an explanation and that's great. The lyrics are throught-about ans it seems that Steinar put a lot of time in writing lyrics. If you want this on colored wax, then write Steinar, cause it is only available by him (did he told me...). Commitment did a great job by putting this out. Check it out and get in touch with Steinar, he is a really great guy and does a zine called Gorilla Boyscout Manual.

Direct Hit #1, Northern Ireland.
Kids Like Us play standard posi-core/youth cew influenced hardcore that took me a few plays to get really into, so as not to write them off as totally boring. The songs are played at an average pace and the sound quality is good. There are some interesting parts, but I just kept feeling that it could have done with an extra kick here and there. Their lyrics are full of good intentions amd that is good. Mind you I thought they were a little naïve as regards their view on depression in the explanation to the song 'Tomorrow Ends Today'. Having said that, this 7" did grow on me.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
Ohhh, yeah!!! I love this a lot. My favorite band on Commitment records. More melodic than other bands on this label, but the basic is still youth-crew HC. The best thing about them is the lyrics (with the explanation), when others try to do more straight forward (and ended up being cheesy unfortunately), KLU keep it up by being well-thoughtful and intelligent. Just get this one and then proves me if I'm wrong about it, if you can.

Fitter For Life?? #1, Sweden.
This is another great old school hardcore band from Norway. They sound a bit like a softer Turning Point and they do it well. The lyrics are written by their singer Steinar, who writes the Guerilla X Boyscout Manual zine. For those who read that zine you know that he has lots of good things to say and these lyrics are not an exception from it. The lyrics are well written and they have got great explanations to every song. The lyrics are about destroyers of the scene, always look at the bright side of life (a Monthy Pyton quote), making changes, homophobic bastards. I really think this is worth the money I spent on it, so go ahead and buy it. It also has the great lay-out like every other Commitment release.

Grobader #5, France.
Beaucoup de bien à dore sur ce groupe. Kids Like Us revient aux racines, positives, énergiques, du hardcore. Jusqu'au chant, qui est relativement mélodique, suivant les morceaux, un peu comme Supersleuth. KLU a une vision très old school du hardcore, mais sans sonner passéiste. Au contraite, Truth Alone Triumps serait plus une bouffée d'air frais dans tout ce qu'on appelle HxC ces temps-ci... En outre, j'aime aussi beaucoup leur nom (qui peut signifier des 'gosses comme nous' ou 'les gosses nous aiment bient'...)

. It's Raining Truths #4, The Netherlands.
Again Commitment found an old school sxe band that doesn't sound like the rest and gives you a good listen and the will to mosh around. Posi youth crew with enough anger to convince us that these kids mean what they say. They seem very honest and stray away from the cliché message of sxe + friendship that often comes with this musicstyle.

Maximum Rock n Roll #198, U.S.A.
KIDS LIKE US play straight-ahead melodic youth crew style hardcore a la VISION/DAG NASTY or JUSTICE LEAGUE. Lyrically, this EP deals with such topics as intolerance, staying positive, and questioning the things you do. In addition, there is a summary of what each song is about in the liner notes. I do find it sort of odd that KIDS LIKE US condemn those who preach intolerance in the name of religion, but still thank both the Oslo and Brooklyn Krishna Temple. Still, besides that, this is another excellent release from Commitment.

Me And Mr. T. #1, Mexico.
Mas y mas sxe Hardcore de Europa no se si KLU son de Holanda o de Noruega, pero bueno eso no importa, lo que importa es que si rockea y esto si rockea, hardcore oldschool con partes melódicas, letras personales y una voz que en ratos suena a Ray Cappo. Robert de Commitment Records se debería ganar un premio por sacar material tan bueno.

New Wind #3, France.
You're gonna think that Robert made me a big check, but no, I even buy most of the things I review here, so I'm sincere about it, and once again I must say that this Commitment Release kicks ass!!! It's not that new but not too old neither. Well KLU come from Norway and are definitely one of the best bands to come out on Commitment with GuidingLine, really. They remind me sometimes of my gods; that is to say 7 Seconds, but are a little more aggressive, which makes their music close to bands such as Time Flies, or Reach The Sky. This 7" is a jewel, really, I'm amazed each time I play it; be sure to check it out cause it's great melodic oldschool hardcore, needless to say that the lyrics are great too.

Poison Free Website, Germany.
Another new band on Commitment, this time from Norway, and it's another good one! KLU are playing, as if it could be any different on Commitment, fast paced HC with nice choruses and a cool voice singing well explained lyrics you easy get a hold on. The guitar gets melodic at many times but it doesn't loose it's power, it really fits into the music. A very sympathic band that remind me of BATTERY from time to time in some ways....

Reflections #13, The Netherlands.
It took quite some time to be released but it was worth the wait. Maybe the best band on Commitment (whoops, forgot about Reaching Forward ! Shameless self-promotion !) are from Norway and they play melodic Straight Edge hardcore. Unfortunately they gave up on that first part, namely Straight Edge and therefore lose some points but all right, the lyrics and explanations are good and it's an overall good record. Sometimes writing reviews really isn't that hard, is it ?

Step Forward #3, The Philippines.
Here comes the debut EP from these wonderful kids from Norway. KLU play a more melodic type of youth crew hardcore and it sounds like Insted crossed with Bad Religion. The guitar works are fantastic and could make you stage dive in your bed all night long. The lyrics are not those very typical youth crew hardcore bands. They sing about not conforming to the traditional ideas of hardcore and losing identity in the way (Speechless) and about making friends with people who hate us and change them from the inside by making them see what is wrong with what they are doing. They also write a song about suicide - 'to take life serious doesn't mean to take your life'. They are also caring enough to include explanations which is always a positive thing to find in records because they give the audience more in depth look about the band. By the way this is real positive straightedge hardcore in your face man. 'Your vision of decay will only lead away from the problems we all face you give up to be doomy and end up being dumb and gloomy'.